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houston polish festival: dozynki 2014: wawel dance group

2014 September 18








IMG_7352some of  you may know how i have started dancing with “Wawel” a houston based polish dance group. sometimes i complain that the practices take up a lot of my weekend, but then i get to put on red lipstick and dance in front of an audience and it all seems worth it. these photos were taken last weekend at the Dozynki, the fall harvest festival, at Our Lady of Czestochowa (kind of by the Ikea off I-10).

houston events calendar: september 15 – 21, 2014

2014 September 15
by Dena and Makenzie

9 - 15-21 -2014my gosh this week’s calendar is late. like a whole day late. ya i was dancing at the polish festival all weekend, but still I could have made time. guess there’s just like someone new in my life that sometimes happens to take up my free time. let me just say that hanging out with him is slightly more fun than a date with my laptop and this wordpress post page. (did my sarcasm make it across? that was a joke. what i meant to say was that hanging out with this new guy is like one million times more fun than an internet date, hince why i chose to hang out with him last night instead of doing this dang post) ok, blah blah, so  i’m probably working on this week’s calendar as you read this,  so just give me a few more minutes and check back.  YAY! i finished it!

tuesday september 16, 2014:

wednesday september 17, 2014:

  • film screening: come hell or high water . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • lecture series: graffiti . rice university public art: herring hall room 100 . 7-8:30pm . FREE
  • open mic . avant garden . 7:30 – 10:30pm . FREE

thursday september 18, 2014:

friday september 19, 2014:

saturday september 20, 2014:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • conduit painting party #2 (a patrick renner painting party) . box 13 parking lot on cesar chavez blvd. btwn harrisburg and capitol . 10am – 2pm . FREE
  • CAMH gallery walk-through: carrie schneider . CAMH . 2pm . FREE
  • untapped fest houston: music + beer . discovery green . 2:30pm – 10:30pm . $30+ (this isn’t free, but i’m going so i thought it’d be worth posting! and robert ellis is playing so aww heck ya!)
  • silos I: houstonality & futuremind (its an art thing i think, looks kinda cool) . 490 n live oak . 7:30 – 10:30pm . FREE
  • open studios . el rincon social 3210 preston st . 8pm – 1am . FREE

sunday september 21, 2014:

on going events this week:



houston: no limits city fest

2014 September 14
by Dena and Makenzie







IMG_7315still not really sure what this was. but makenzie and i went last weekend, and we got free stuff. so ya. welovehouston!

makenzie’s 24th birthday picnic

2014 September 10
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_7331last year makenzie had a little party at double trouble. this year she was planning to have a picnic at menil park, but with all the dang rain last weekend she changed plans and just had it at her house. it was the kind of party where i had no missed texts or calls because all of my friends were in same room as me! in other words it was like so fun. we had snacks and caught up with friends and makenzie made a basil + cardamom cake that was so good and rich we all just sat silently in a circle on the floor and ate it. i pretty much told everyone there how much fun i had the night before at barbarella (hint hint you know who you are), and from there we decided we needed to have a little dance party in makenzie’s living room. we started with some “best little whorehouse in texas” songs (pretty much my favorite musical ever – although frank and i disagreed on our favorite songs) and from there began searching things like “best songs to sing in the shower” and “wedding reception hits” on spotify. and i can’t believe it but it worked, the forced dance party turned into a real one! we had a few guys vs. girls dance off and then we added on a karaoke element. and wow was it fun. at one point i caught frank recording me dancing and oh gawd, i might be seen in a “white people” gif or soemthing someday on the internet. so yep. point is, it was a really fun party, glad you were born gurl!








houston events calendar: september 8 – 14, 2014

2014 September 7
by Dena and Makenzie

9 8 14 2014

monday september 8, 2014:

  • couldn’t find a dang thing worth mentioning …

tuesday september 9, 2014:

  • cactus instore: cory branan . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • circus arts show. discovery green . 5:30 – 7pm . FREE
  • the zydeco dots . market square park . 7:30pm . FREE
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE

wednesday september 10, 2014:

  • lecture + studio visit series: dan byers . diverse works . 6:30pm . FREE
  • poetry slam . avant garden . 7:30 – 10:30pm . $5
  • this event has a long list name, so i’ll sum it up: music + video art + cool people stuff .gallery homeland 2327 commerce st . 8pm – 12am . FREE

thursday september 11, 2014:

friday september 12, 2014:

  • art opening . houston center for photography . 5:30pm . FREE
  • art opening . houston center for contemporary craft . 5:30pm . FREE
  • art opening . anya tish gallery 4411 montrose . 6pm . FREE
  • movie screening: caddyshack . market square park . 8pm . FREE
  • “bienvenido, andres” houston symphony + traditional folk dancers . 8:30pm . FREE
  • super friends opening (a record label aiming to bring the community together : art/ music/ vendors) . 3621 canal st . 9pm . FREE

saturday september 13, 2014:

  • park to port bike ride . hermann park . 7am . $35 (i’m riding this (and maybe someone i kinda might like is maybe riding too) and my friends are volunteering!)
  • farmers market (bike) ride . meet at onion creek . 8am . FREE
  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • houston arts alliance + buffalo bayou partnership host “afloat! a spectabular boat parade on buffalo bayou . buffalo bayou nature park 2300 s sgt macario garcia dr . 11am . FREE
  • lecture: a.l. steiner . CAMH . 2-3pm . FREE
  • cactus instore: bang bangz . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • art opening + reception . the jung center . 5pm . FREE
  • fat tony’s fall function . the summit 3536 navigation blvd . 10pm . $10 pre-sale
  • yes, indeed! 2014 music fest . the continental club . 5pm – 2am . $12 in advance
  • incredible india – the life of gautama buddha (a musical theatre production) . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

sunday september 14, 2014:

  • mini pops (pop shop houston craft show) . pavement/ leopard lounge parking lot . 12pm – 6pm . FREE
  • art opening + reception . vine st gallery 1113 vine st . 1pm . FREE

on going events this week:

  • polish harvest festival . out lady of czestochowa 1731 blalock . friday – sunday . $5 (maybe you know how i just started dancing with a polish dance group, well we’re performing here! come see me!)



grown up slip n’ slide party

2014 September 5
by Dena and Makenzie






IMG_7302i’m not really a party girl. like at all. i like dancing, but thats pretty much it. but, get this, i actually had a lot of fun at this grown up slip n’ slide party in david and frank’s front yard parking lot. best thing about the day (besides the pizza and baby swimming pools and such) was my new invention dum dum duuum dummmm (drum roll, duh) a lone star beer and ginger ale shandy! its my new favorite party drink. (i even had one last night at a bar. aww yea).

i remember asking david at one point: “is this what a party is? because i think i kind of like them. so, until next time … party on!



houston events calendar: september 1 – 7, 2014

2014 September 1
by Dena and Makenzie

september 1 7 2014this week looks like art opening overload! also the contemporary art fair, always a fun excuse to dress up and why not stop by discovery green while you’re downtown. not to mention a few chances to do some free yoga outside.

monday september 1, 2014:

  • free day of yoga . rothko chapel . 8am . FREE
  • last day of houston restaurant week

tuesday september 2, 2014:

wednesday september 3, 2014:

thursday september 4, 2014:

friday september 5, 2014:

saturday september 6, 2014:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • houston: no limits city fest . discovery green . 10am . FREE (music // food // art // vendors)
  • houston brazilian festival . jones plaza 610 louisiana . 2pm . $10
  • art opening: schwarzenbach’s art . bad news bar . 5-9pm . FREE
  • mary wilson + freda payne sing the legends . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

sunday september 7, 2014:

ongoing events in houston this week:

colorado road trip: guanella pass // georgetown // poudre river canyon

2014 August 30
by Dena and Makenzie












IMG_7214during my three weeks in the midwest, tony and i drove on over to fort collins, CO to visit on of his friends. (same friend we stayed with in new orleans last year). our week there was packed with hiking (and all the driving through Denver traffic it takes to get to the hiking places). eating ice cream in georgetown (tony and i shared “butter brittle” holy heck it was good) on our way to a little spur of the moment camping trip on guanella pass. we did lots of geode hunting and panning for gold. pointed out all the old mine shafts we saw on the side of mountains. saw some mountain rams, and took some pictures at the continental divide.


hannibal missouri

2014 August 28
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_7175i came home last friday from my three weeks in the midwest. i fell right back into my nonstop always running kind of lifestyle, the one i have to remind myself that i “like”. so here i am finally posting some more photos from my trip. these are from hannibal missouri, birth place of mark twain. we drove through it on our way to colorado, and i happened to be reading Gone Girl out loud to us and you know how part of it is set there, so point is we just had to stop! i’ll be going to a play at miller tomorrow and a jewelry workshop the next day so they’ll hopefully be some houston-related posts coming up soon. until then i have have lots of mountain ice cream shop and camping and geode hunting and panning for gold photos to post from our time in and around fort collins!






houston events calendar: august 25 – 31, 2014

2014 August 24
by Dena and Makenzie

august 24 31 2014


get ready for so much happening around town this week. and get ready for lots of illinois + colorado road trip pictures!

monday august 25, 2014:

  • freneticore dance presents: quench . frenetic theatre . friday and saturday at 8pm . pay-what-you-can-night!

tuesday august 26, 2014:

wednesday august 27, 2014:

thursday august 28, 2014:

  • summer nights salsa . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE
  • godspell . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE (did you know i freakin love this musical!)

friday august 29, 2014:

saturday august 30, 2014:

  • yoga . discovery green .
  • houston makers space: jewelry shop orientation & certification . HMS 100 hutcheson st . 10 – 11:30am . $25 (i just signed up for this. tony inspired me and now i want to make jewelry!)
  • mercury – the orchestra redefined presents “fandango: a night in madrid” . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

sunday august 31, 2014:

  • indian performing arts: smaskriti presents “bollywood blast: the bollywood bandwagon” . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

on going events in houston this week: