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sneak peek: dena’s new apartment: bedroom

2016 February 5
by dena

IMG_9928oh my gosh having my own place is LITERALLY the best thing ever. i thought i’d be, i don’t know, loney? or maybe i thought paying for my own bills would be too much? well lemme just say if you know me in real life you know how busy i am so i don’t have time to be lonely. and bills? uhh, my electricity was $12 last month, so yeah, not a problem. on top of that i get to wear whatever i want around the house and play my music as loud as i want (sorry neighbors) and decorating. holy HOLY i can’t even tell you how much fun i’m having decorating. my school teacher schedule gives me just enough time to hit up the guild shop // charity guild // bluebird circle before they close at 3:30 and i’m going, ehhh, maybe a baby bit crazy. anyway, here’s my bedroom. i’m trying a thing that’s new for me, white walls and less clutter – but don’t worry the rest of the rooms make up for it. next week i’ll post the bathroom // kitchen // living room. GET EXCITED. and then come visit it in real life – i want to be a hostess !!! IMG_9927


IMG_9930things i love about this room: all the natural light (it looks straight off pinterest in the afternoon light) // all my plant babies (although watering them, i have like 7+ in every room, takes a good 20 minutes of my day) // the bff pictures i have in frames on my night stands (and in my closet. a little treat each time i get dressed) // the fish bowl of missing-their-pair socks in my closes // the nikki lane poster + felt mountian and cactus babies // the fact that my full length mirror is on a spice rack shelf and not just hung on the wall) // my hand made rugs (i’ll have to do a whole rug post – seeing that the 3 i’m currently making are taking up all my free time) // all the quilts my great-grandma made on my bed (i basically don’t have heat in my house, so lots of blankets it is).

it’s a small room but so so perfect for me. come watch movies in bed with me !!!

houston events calendar: february 1 – 7, 2016

2016 February 1
by dena

houston events calendar february 1 7 2016yikes – i’m feeling kind of sick – sorry if i you drank after me at arlo’s or the BETA under the sea prom this weekend (my gosh that prom night was fun!!!) umm, if i saw you at am art opening and you complimented my blog THANKS so much, it seriously feels like it’s just me posting notes to my bffs and figuring out our plans for the week – so, fun to be reminded we’re not the only ones who use and appreciate this curated list. as always please PLEASE email or leave a comment about more events i have left off that you think i should add!!!

monday february 1, 2016:

  • comedy: open mic . rudyards . 7:30pm show at 8pm. FREE

tuesday february 2, 2015:

wednesday february 3, 2016:

thursday february 4, 2016:

friday february 5, 2016:

saturday february 6, 2016:

sunday february 7, 2016:



Houston Events Calendar: January 25 – 31, 2016

2016 January 24
by dena

houston events calendar january 25 31 2016monday january 25, 2016:

tuesday january 26, 2016:

wednesday january 27, 2016:

thursday january 28, 2016:

friday january 29, 2016:

saturday january 30, 2016:

sunday january 31, 2016:

  • dang. laundry? grocery shopping?

on going events this week:


houston events calendar: january 18 – 24, 2016

2016 January 18
by dena

houston events calendar january 18 24 2016monday january 18, 2016:

tuesday january 19, 2016:

wednesday january 20, 2016:

thursday january 21, 2016:

friday january 22, 2016:

  • BLM HTX-TSU: collisions, connections & intersections . TSU . 6pm . FREE + rsvp
  • art opening . lawndale . 6-8:30pm . FREE (there’s going to be three naked body casts, guess which one is nick’s!!!)
  • presentation // reception // film screening “ingrid bergman” in her own words . rice cinema . 6:30 // 7pm . FREE
  • mfah mixed media . MFAH . 8pm-12midnight . $
  • y2k presents infinite sadness with tontons djs set (asli omar // andrew henderson) // josiah gabrial // third world TV // XLO //ty tripp . satellite bar . 8:30pm . FREE

saturday january 23, 2016:

sunday january 24, 2016:

on going events this week:

houston events calendar: january 11 – 17, 2015

2016 January 10
by dena

houston events calendar january 11 117 2016(took this picture while in kauaii a long time ago. i can’t freakin’ wait for spring // summer. until then, garden club // comedy shows all around town // music at satellite bar // and cactus in-stores)

monday january 11, 2016:

tuesday january 12, 2016:

wednesday january 13, 2016:

thursday january 14, 2016:

friday january 15, 2016:

saturday january 16, 2016:

sunday january 17, 2016:

on going events this week:

houston events calendar HAPPY NEW YEAR january 4 – 10, 2015:

2016 January 4
by dena

houston events calendar january 4 10 2016monday january 4, 2016:

  • comedy: open mic . rudyards . 7:30pm . FREE (makenzie and i happened upon this last week and it was so so crowded. like in a good way.)

tuesday january 5, 2016:

wednesday january 6, 2016:

  • show: auric // glasir // funeral horse // mouthing . satellite bar . 8pm . $ // ?

thursday january 7, 2016:

friday january 8, 2016:

saturday january 9, 2016:

sunday january 10, 2016:

  • show // party : vodkah redu birthday bash . satellite bar . 8:30pm . $ // ?

on going events this week:

  • charge 2016 (three day artist conference thing. don’t really understand but it looks cool and if you’re interested click the link to find out more) . art art league . january 8-10 . ?
  • play: the 39 steps (chris skelton is in it y’all !!!) . queensbury theatre . thursdays 7:30 // friday + saturday 8 // sunday matinee 2pm . $

happy new year 2016

2016 January 1
by dena


what the what, 2016 already and so far i ate eggs benedict at brasil for brunch, took a bath with candles, figured out my new apartment internet situation and only slightly have the worst hangover i’ve had in months. off to a great start i’d say. every year seems like the best yet, i can’t wait to see how many good things i started in 2015 carry over.

my 2015 resolutions were to read a book a month (i ended up reading 15) and wink more. ehhh, still working on the winking part. for 2016 i going to continue reading (eww, i never knew it but i kinda like books) and learn all the lyrics to johnny cash’s “i’ve been everywhere”. YAY goals.



houston events calendar: december 28 – january 3, 2015

2015 December 27
by dena

houston events calendar december 28 january 3 2015

finally it’s cold outside, almost all my friends are back from the vacations, AND it’s almost new years – all the things. this will be my first NYE to spend in houston in years so bring on all the events (i’m thinkin’ swing by the b52’s thing + double trouble and/or walters) + secret house party i didn’t post here but hope to see you at …

monday december 28, 2015:

tuesday december 29, 2015:

wednesday december 30, 2015:

thursday december 31, 2015:

friday january 1, 2015:

saturday january 2, 2015:

sunday january 3, 2015:



houston events calendar: december 21 – 27, 2015

2015 December 20
by dena

houston events calendar december 21 27 2015bye forever friends – basically everyone i know is going out of town. more time for me to set up my new apartment i guess!!! also semi-sparse calendar but it is christmas so. yep.

monday december 21, 2015:

tuesday december 22, 2015:

wednesday december 23, 2015:

thursday december 24, 2015:

friday december 25, 2015:

  • critical mass . meet at market square park . 7pm . FREE

saturday december 26, 2015:

sunday december 27, 2015:


sneak peek: dena’s new apartment

2015 December 16
by dena

IMG_9875here’s a little sneak peek of my new apartment. it already has one million times more stuff in it and meh, is already feeling like my new home. INOTHERWORDSILOVEITALREADY. i’m exactly 1 mile away from the previous house i shared with 2 roommates – still close to US59 ( which is basically my fave freeway btw). it’s looking like 2016 is going to be a whole different kind of year – in good way. in a real real good way. if you’re in my life and i like you, then YAY us!