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suchu dance: beginner modern class

2014 July 23
by Dena and Makenzie










IMG_6971come to suchu dance studio (partick swayzes mom’s studio) on saturday mornings and this is what you can do: dance, modernly. makenzie and i have been to one suchu performance and since then 2 classes. we’re hooked. it’s just our level and a work out and way fun, so like, if you’ve always wanted to be a modern dancer (seriously one of my dreams. not even kidding) then come dance with us.

houston events calendar: july 21 – 27, 2014

2014 July 21
by Dena and Makenzie

july 21 27 2014

monday july 21, 2014:

tuesday july 22, 2014:

wednesday july 23, 2014:

thursday july 24, 2014:

friday july 25, 2014:

saturday july 26, 2014:

sunday july 27, 2014:

on going events this week:

  • play: a very tamarie christmas . july 18 – august 30 . catastrophic theatre . $pay what you can$ but do it online and SOON some nights in the future are already sold out . also, rachel rubin is in this. so GO!
  • play: equus . frenetic theatre 5102 navigation . thursday // friday // saturday at 7:30pm . $15


funnel tunnel painting party: II

2014 July 18
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_6741after modern dance class last saturday, halie and i headed over to patrick renner’s second funnel tunnel painting party .less friends than the one last year, but still, i got to catch up with a few i hadn’t seen in a while. and free pink’s pizza – aww freain’ ya. just as we were packing and stacking everything up a big ol’ bike gang rolled on up. (which meant halie, peter, and i slunk away – we headed on over to lawndale where peter broz had a few pieces up in the BIG show. go check them out + drive past the funnel tunnel on montrose as many chances as you can!)





houston events calendar: july 14 – 20, 2014

2014 July 13

july 14 20 2014

i’m going out of town next month, of which i’m very excited about but let me just say i am so SO glad i’ll be in town this week because there is at least one event everyday that i’m totally stoked about. so, there’s vegfest and a party at the rice farmers market and grownup story time and blanket bingo and roller derby and fist full of soul and whatever the yee-saw carnival is and THE BEST LITTLE WHORE HOUSE IN TEXAS! (i’m already planning my outfits and learning the musical lyrics so i can go and sign along every night!) this is going to be the best week ever. get ready friends, we’re going out every single night! ilovehouston!

monday july 14, 2014:

tuesday july 15, 2014:

  • rice university farmer’s market summerfest 2014 . south of the stadium . 3:30pm . FREE (kyle, depending on our schedules – want to bike over to this?)
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE (i went last week and it was so SO nice)
  • yoga connection . resurrection metropolitan community church 2025 w 11th st . 7-8pm . FREE
  • gown-up story time 68 . rudyards . 8pm . $5 (i’ll be there!)

wednesday july 16, 2014:

  • film screening: victor lundy: sculpture of space . architecture center . 5:30pm . FREE
  • zumba . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • poetry . avant garden . 7:30 – 10:30pm . $5
  • movie screening: hungry for a change . lonestar fitness studio 6218 s rice ave . 7:30pm . FREE

thursday july 17, 2014:

  • instore: robyn ludwick . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • summer nights salsa . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • blanket bingo . market square park . 6pm + bingo starts at 7pm . $10 to play (i want to go to this but it’s at the best little whore house in texas musical at miller, so that might trump this)
  • lecture: behind the scenes of print maker research collection at the museum of texas tech . museum of printing history . 6:30pm . FREE

friday july 18, 2014:

  • instore: meet and greet dj session gary floyd . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • art opening + open studios #summerseries . winter street studios . 6pm . FREE + free snacks and drinks!
  • prairie walking tour along buffalo bayou . jamail skatepark . 6pm . FREE + rsvp (click on the link and see me – i’m the head on the left in the blue and white striped sunhat!) (also, btw, chris and i are certified to do this. ya, we’re cool)
  • art opening: summer party . hello project gallery 3508 lake st . 6:30 – 9:30 . FREE + free beer
  • a fistful of soul . 3715 main st . 9:30pm – 2am . FREE (makenzie, want to hit this up? maybe after TBLWH musical, if we go again friday night)

saturday july 19, 2014:

  • beginner modern dance . suchu dance 3480 ella blvd . 9- 10:30am . $1 (makenzie and i went last week, it was so GOOD we’ll be at this class too)
  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • 4th annual veg fest . pershing middle school . 10am – 5pm . FREE
  • rosalie HAUS house party . rosalie co-op 1505 rosalie st . 12noon – 8pm . $5 donation
  • instore: quinn deveaux . cactus music . 1pm . FREE
  • the prison show backyard party benefiting KPFT . KPFT 90.1 419 lovett blvd . 3pm . FREE
  • houston roller derby game 6 . bayou city music center . 6-10pm . $15 (went to the last one and it was so fun – lesson learned: next time, bring a pillow or folding chair to sit on)
  • community market & talent showcase . project row houses 2521 holman st . 6pm . FREE
  • juludoscope (dance + film screening: twenty feet from stardom) . discovery green . 7pm . FREE
  • bizarro blockbuster: lady terminator . alabama song . 8:30- 10:30pm . FREE

sunday july 20, 2014:

  • family day YEESAW carnival . independence art studios 419 janisch rd . 12:15pm – 6pm . FREE . (this looks like the weirdest and coolest thing ever. can’t wrap my head around it. i’ll be there!)

on going events this week in houston:

  • THE BEST LITTLE WHORE HOUSE IN TEXAS musical . miller outdoor theatre . tuesday / wednesday / thursday / friday / saturday / sunday . 8:15pm . FREE (I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED ABOUT THIS – will be at as many shows as i can! listening to the album on spodify right now so i can know all the words!)
  • the YEE – SAW carnival . independence art studios 419 janisch rd . july 18 – 20 . FREE (check out the link. how cool does that sound! i will for sure be there!)
  • play: a very tamarie christmas . catastrophic theatre 1119 east fwy . friday / saturday at 8pm . $pay-what-you-can$ BUT ITS ALMOST SOLD OUT FOR THIS WEEK – so go fast. also, rachel rubin is in this play y’all !
  • play: all in the timing . the alley kat bar & lounge . thursday / friday / saturday / sunday at 7pm . $15

4th of july camping trip: nature + austin

2014 July 12
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_6671so remember when i swore we really did go camping. like in the woods. far away and alone. well, here is proof. we parked in the hike-in parking lot and then had a 2+ mile hike to our spot. didn’t get too many pictures of the tent (you’ll just have to belieeeeeeve me) but there is a shot of the prayer flags i hung up. ahh priorities, whilepackingfora2milehike.

highlights: we saw an armadillo. we went swimming in a creek, and another one the next day (i wanted to take pictures, but decided to be in the moment instead, go me!) (the deep water was very scary and it there wouldn’t have been crazy daredevil family there too we would have been too wimpy) (also one creek had these big slippery flat rocks and if you were to walk on then you’ll slip so we just slid down them and i got the biggest wedgie + makenzie’s little toe got stuck in one of the cracks and almost got pulled off). we ate a whole foods almost vegan picnic. read our books with headlamps. wore pretty much only sports bras, it was just a l-eee-ttle bit hot, you know, camping in july in texas and all. on saturday we got turned away from hamilton pool (too many people) so went to zilker park // barton springs which was huge-er and colder than i would have ever guess. then it was donut time, gordough’s donut time. we waited in line and had the strawberry shortcake one (not the best thing in the world, but pretty good) then bought a beer and a soad-ie and hiked back home. the second night was hotter and less comfortable than the first. the car ride home meant library books-on-tape time. temple grandin: animals in translation (a book about autism and animal genius) and an NPR comedian interviewee thing with the beavis and butthead creator (we listened to this on the ride up, cue B and BH annoying laughter the whole trip. and an almost home to houston sonic or as we call it (son-iee) treat, a road trip must have.













IMG_6725until next time texas hill country. we like you alright, but houston’s better.

(need more of us and our trips to austin, check out THIS post (austin last year day 1) and THIS one (a.l.y.d.2) and THIS one (in san antonio with jackie) maybe even THIS one (with everyone’s favorite TONY!)

4th of july camping trip: all the non-nature parts

2014 July 9
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_6646you can’t tell from this post, but we really did go camping over the 4th of july. like, real camping. 2 mile hike in, no water / electricity / bathrooms real camping! (i literally had to dig a little hole and poop in nature) but anyway, all these pictures are from the non -nature parts. like the eating pie and shopping and seeing old friends (like how my head is just a little blip in the middle of that last picture).

we had most of our meals in the east-downtown area. and by most i mean two: quicky picky and (not pictured) hillside pharmacy (of which we never found our leftovers from that place) (hummm…weird) we did hit up a donut food truck, you’ll see those pictures in a few days!

probably my highlight of this day was going to the original whole foods and, not wanting to use the sunscreen i packed, just looked for samples. we were laughing so hard and that thing happened to us where we become invisible and there was dark chocolate samples and i now have no sunburn thanks to all that. we pretty much just did lots of things.










houston events calendar: july 7 – 13, 2014

2014 July 6
by Dena and Makenzie

houston events calendar

so, looks like this week is pretty much all poetry events and film screenings. two of my not totally favorite things, but they’re all cool and not FREE but cheap enough – so go on a date night with someone you like. also, thanks you 2 guys who complimented me and the blog at black hole sunday evening – compliments keep me going. hope your guys have good karma for those kind words and keep reading and talking to strangers  it’s the best way to make friends.

monday july 7, 2014:

  • dang. nothing?

tuesday july 8, 2014:

  • film screening: the galapagos affair: satan came to eden . 14 pews . 7:30pm . $10

wednesday july 9, 2014:

thursday july 10, 2014:

  • improve comedy: structure presents “the crash atlas” . station theatre . 7:30pm . $6

friday july 11, 2014:

  • instore: the mastersons . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE music + beer
  • art opening + reception . anya tish gallery . 6pm . FREE
  • lawndale art center’s “the big show 2014″ . lawndale art center . 6:30pm . FREE
  • music: sandy ewen, marcus rubio, chris schlarb, squires . alabama song 2521 oakdale st . 7pm . FREE
  • film screening: a place at the table + the suffers . discovery green . 8pm . FREE + bring some can goods to donate
  • film screening: the princess bride . market square park . 8:30pm . FREE

saturday july 12, 2014:

sunday july 13, 2014:

  • anything? …anyone?


polish pickle festival 2014: bremond, tx

2014 July 2

IMG_6572this past weekend was the bremond texas polski dzien: polish day pickle 5k run and festival. my dad helped start it and i think i’ve been there 22 out of my 23 years. this was the biggest run (842ish people) and the first time we’ve welcomed the Wawel polish folk dancers and Polonia restaurant from houston. the yanowski (that’s me!) family was honored in the town museum and parade this year too – so that was pretty cool.

all and all ,lots of sweaty people, starches and carbs (fried dough // sauerkraut // sausage // potatoes // beer), and my favorite polka dancing!














IMG_6584remember when makenzie came with me to the festival? take a look back to 2012 bremond road trip day 1 // day 2.

houston events calendar: june 30 – july 6, 2014

2014 June 30
by Dena and Makenzie

houston events calendar

monday june 30, 2014:

tuesday july 1, 2014:

wednesday july 2, 2014:

thursday july 3, 2014:

friday july 4, 2014:

  • 4th of july celebration . bayou bend . 1pm . FREE
  • 1st friday 4th o’ july potluck BBQ . 2215 commerce st . 5pm – 2am . FREE + bring something to share
  • MARAVILLOSO contemporary circus . discovery green . 7pm . FREE
  • houston symphony: a star spangled salute + FIREWORKS . miller outdoor theatre . 8:30pm . FREE

saturday july 5, 2014:

  • cactus instore: the wheel workers . 1pm . FREE
  • first saturday art market . 548 w 19th st . 6pm . FREE
  • frozen sing-a-long . miller outdoor theatre . 8:30pm . FREE

sunday july 6, 2014:

  • bayou bikers . market square park . 8am . FREE + BYOB mountain bike
  • cactus instore: hearts of animals . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • noche caliente featuring candido . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

ongoing events in houston this week:

  • film screening: a hard days night . friday at 1pm // saturday at 7pm // sunday at 5pm . $9


the dairy ashford roller rink

2014 June 26

IMG_6509this is my second roller skating themed thing in one week and let me just say that driving way out to dairy ashford for this place on k-pop night was pretty much worth the gasoline + $10 skate rental.








IMG_6546my college friends (well, all 2 of them) like to hear/find/come up with weird words and just like put them in our everyday vernacular. when i’m with them, at least one word in each sentence doesn’t sound like english. a few years ago makenzie and i watched the SNL J-POP WOW video (watch it le here) and every now and then we’ll say some random thing from it. POINT IS when we saw “k-pop night at the roller rink” we were like. what? umm, yesssehhh! and it was everything we hoped for. everyone was nice. check. we heard more korean pop music than we will ever hear in one place at one time again. check. we now know that we can literally survive on skates. check. it was actually a work out (as i’m writing this in bed the next morning my legs are literally sore.) and most importantly – we’re one step closer to becoming roller derby girl – one of our millions of DREAMS!


IMG_6508(lastly, we were totally playing off stereotypical korean culture, wouldn’t usually do peace signs in a picture. get it?) (also, like our self timer fail up there. very very embarrassing.)