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tour of the houston ship channel: makenzie’s 25th birthday present

2015 October 7
by dena

IMG_9726makenzie turned 25 last month and we went on a tour of the houston ship channel to celebrate. for some reason i always thought this FREE boat ride was BYOB and for years would make jokes about drinkin on the ship channel. (how did we even find out about this? from chris pollard?) why did i even think that? it was definitely NOT a thing where one would drink alcohol. and good thing because we kinda got sea sick as it was. the ride was 1 hour-ish and we floated down 7 miles of the channel. lots of ship workers waved at us from their boats – and we made jokes about seeing our friend kirby (who works on a tub boat or something). the not highlight was saying one too many words to one of the captains (nick + mak know about how just one too many words can lead a stranger to talking your ear off. graustark bridge during the blue moon. ahh haa).  anyway. this guy (hes the on in the picture below with the hat closest to the baby water bottles) started going on and on about his wedding-boat business  in clear lake where he’s the driver and preacher and the ceremony is 25 minutes and his wife is the photographer and you can invite like 5 friends and they’ll throw in a bottle of champaign on the house and blah blah blah. we just nodded our heads a lot while he blabbed. besides that. the whole thing was good. oh, free baby sodas – that was the best part. so, want to go with your bff for your birthday? reserve your spot HERE.








houston events calendar: october 5 – 11, 2015:

2015 October 4
by dena

houston events calendar oct 5 11 2015

last week went by so freakin fast. there were so many things i felt like i had to go to. and i didn’t make myself do any of them, what a foreign concept to me. not using “should”. it’s a neo benshi week – aww yea. and barbs again saturday, i don’t mind if i do. also. if you got my number sunday night – please oh please text me.

monday october 5, 2015:

tuesday october 6, 2015:

wednesday october 7, 2015:

thursday october 8, 2015:

friday october 9, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • art opening . houston center for photography . 5:30 – 8pm . FREE
  • in-store: amanda cevallos . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • movie + music: BLSHS (music) + Hanna Ranch (movie)  . discovery green .

saturday october 10, 2015:

sunday october 11, 2015:

  • the original jersey boy: frank sinatra // big band to vegas . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

on going events this week:


houston vintage festival 2015

2015 September 28

IMG_9786not this past weekend, but the one before that makenzie and i went to the houston vintage festival at the 1940 air terminal museum and it was such a cool thing! go organizers for not only getting write ups in all the major houston print media things (i would know because my mom always cuts things out of the newpapers for me to read) but, uhh, what a cool event – thanks for doing all the work and putting it on for us houston vintage folks. the theme this year was “blue hawaii” and you know i’m into surf rock, so it was like le perfect for me! and the space – what a cool thing i didn’t even know about. also so SO many good pictures of me + mak together. that never happens. so yay. all around good. see you next year houston vintage fest!









houston events calendar: september 28 – october 4, 2015

2015 September 28
by dena

houston events calendar 11 28 10 4 2015i’m sure i’m missing out on all kinds of events this week – i ditched my sunday night black hole work date early last night (thanks for the coffee popcorn head!!!) to go back to my dance home for the fat tony dj set. quick shout out to all my black hole buddies last night – glad i missed the grape fight – and lets get there early next week so we don’t have to do a boy table // girl table – i missed you yan! ok – back to barbs party:  pretty much every guy who works at cactus music was there + all my fave barbs bar backs and door guys.  any of y’all go out? if so, maybe you noticed when FT got on the mic from the dj booth and said i was his hero? well me + nick were his heros – i’m sure thats what he REALLY meant. guess he liked our dance moves! (being houston famous is pretty much like my dream!) (so thanks for that anthony!) also. super moon // blood moon // eclipse last night anyone? i caught a few glimpses but not much . also . hope i see you again next week cutie guy i met on the graustark bridge while looking for la luna! (sorry nick – i forgot to tell you about him!)

monday september 28, 2015:

  • cutthroat social (apparel release) . 2203 washington . 6-9pm . FREE (fat tony is maybe even gonna be there doing a set/DJ – says a reputable source + a guy who’s baseball hat is FT’s fave!)
  • matilda movie screening . sundance cinema . 7pm . FREE (first come first serve seats)
  • comedy open night . rudyards .

tuesday september 29, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE

wednesday september 30, 2015:

  • anything …?

thursday october 1, 2015:

friday october 2, 2015:

saturday october 3, 2015:

sunday october 4, 2015:

on going events this week:

  • TX CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR . george r brown . thursday – sunday . WHO WANTS TO DRESS UP AND GO PEOPLE WATCH WITH ME?!?!? (makenzie, can this be part of your plan for the weekend) (the CAMH will be there)



stark naked theatre company: small mouth sounds

2015 September 24

IMG_9839 i’ve been doing this blog since spring of 2012 and for the most part have loved it the whole 3 1/2 years. it started as a bff college lifestyle blog and when the bff moved on to her own corner of the internet, i stuck around and continued to post pictures of me in houston and blah blah. one summer, i saved up the cash to get my hair cut and styled by muchomuchobuenobueno‘s brandi. yes i wanted a haircut, but mostly wanted an excuse to hang out with her – she’s so cool and hip y’all! the whole dynamic got turned around when we started talking about blogging and she complimented makenzie and me, saying it seemed like we somehow know all the cool things to do and she wished we’d post them in a weekly calendar. what the what! our internet role model thought we were the cool ones – ok i said, and thus the panchoandleftey weekly houston events calendar was born. since then i’ve been posting things i’d personally find myself attending – and even if no one else cares – i check it almost daily just to see what my plans are for the evening. so lets just say it gets some traffic. i love it when people leave comments // email me events i’m not aware of (and when they send me compliments! those are lit-trally the best) but it wasn’t until last week that a real perk happened. a thing about me is that i love live music + performing + visual art and most of what i do outside of work is attending artsy things. (eating breakfast tacos and dancing at barbs is kind of considered an art form, right?) well anyway the coolest thing happened! STARK NAKED THEATRE COMPANY emailed me asking if i’d post their upcoming show: small mouth sounds on my calendar. (i would have done it anyway – i’ve been to a few of their shows in the past and have a place for them + local houston theatre troupes in general in my heart) but they did an even cooler thing – which was GIVE ME 2 FREE TICKETS! you know i LOVE free things! so yay for me! i went to the show with a real gem of a friend (now that was a shout out if there ever was a shout out!) and what the heck. the show was about six people of a silent retreat – you know i have opinions about silent retreats after just getting back from one myself – and even outside of that it was so SO good. all the good things that could happen in a play (outside of singing. i LOVE musicals. this was not one.) all the good things you’d want in a show – this had them. laugh out loud moments, eyebrow raises (cool fact – i met fat tony at a bar last week and he complimented my eyebrows!) parts where you might almost tear up, characters you can relate to, cheap drinks at the bar, and the like. if you need a date idea, or something to do with your mom, or even a thing to do by yourself so later when people ask what you did last weekend you can sound brave and cool for having done something alone GO TO THIS SHOW! and if you’re hosting an event and want this kind of positive press, email me and i’ll probably give it to you – even if you don’t give me free admittance – although, free things are always nice. (side note: how cool are those “press reserved” signs that were on our chairs? my blog is legit!)IMG_9837

houston events calendar: september 21 – 27, 2015

2015 September 20
by dena

houston events calendar september 21 27 2015

not to be dramatic, but there’s not that many events i’m excited about this week. there are a few good ones, just not like tons and tons. albeit, that’s probably a good thing because i’ve been having almost too much fun these past two weeks. (i can hear you saying “really” in your heads right now makenzie + nick!!!)

i had such a good time on saturday at the houston vintage festival (get ready for a follow up post) (just think, me + makenzie in front of vintage cars drinking free drinks. aww yeah.) also, it was the last wednesday western swing night at rudyards. what the heck – it was the perfect way to get my old country + two-step fix – such a bummer it’s over. but what wasn’t a bummer was all the dancing i did get to do last wednesday + the signed screenprint + the new friend in a band who gave me some ilovehouston merch. being a blogger sometimes means FREE STUFF. thanks, you know who you are! speaking of free stuff, stark naked theatre reached out to little ole me a few weeks ago regarding free tickets to their current show “small mouth sounds”. i went on saturday and wow was it good. if you’re into supporting local theatre // plays this is def one to hit up. GO TO THE SHOW!

monday september 21, 2015:

  • not even open mic night at rudyards or a lector at Rice or ANYTHING. dang.

tuesday september 22, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE
  • live music: dollie barnes + adam bricks + ryan sambol show . rudyards . 8pm . $8 (this was such a good show! if you missed it promise yourself you’ll go to the next one!)

wednesday september 23, 2015

  • instore: defeater . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • music at twilight . mandell park . 7-8pm . FREE

thursday september 24, 2015:

  • happy birthday houston tomorrow . okra . 6pm . FREE
  • sounds like houston concert series: dale watson + the lonestars + rosie flores . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • live music: emily wolfe + sara van buskirk . the nightingale room . 7pm . FREE
  • comedy show: flirt reynolds . beta theatre . 8pm . $6
  • comedy show: tasteless . ladybirds . 8:30pm . FREE

friday september 25, 2015:

  • bike to shop ride (from bikehouston office to montrose whole foods) . meet at bikehouston 3610 fannin st . 12:45pm . FREE
  • art opening: black panther party power . fresh arts 2101 winter st . 6-8pm . FREE
  • art opening: i’m not tellin’ by amy blackemore // the greatest of all is love . art league . 6-9pm . FREE + artist talk at 6:30
  • gulf coast reading series . rudyards . 7-9pm . FREE
  • comedy: triple header . beta theatre . 7pm . $
  • met dance celebrating 20! miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE
  • comedy: beta bracket round 2.1 . mkt bar . 10pm . FREE (i floated down the bayou with one of these guys! go support him!)

saturday september 26, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • national public park lands day . hermann park’s bayou park land . 9-12noon . FREE (now nick, which park is this…?)
  • the alley theatre public open house . the alley . 10am . FREE (they’ve been doing construction forever – now they’re open for a sneakpeak!)
  • volunteer work day . houston makerspace . 12noon – 6pm . FREE
  • class: basics: hammered brass earrings . houston makerspace . 12noon – 3pm . $$
  • meet the author: julia beverly “sweet jones: pimp c’s trill life story” . cactus music . 1pm . FREE
  • ready houston: preparedness kit – chef’s challenge (can’t really tell what this is about …) . market square park . 1-3pm . FREE
  • artist talk . CAMH . 2-3pm . FREE
  • BYOM: bring your own sewing machine . houston makerspace . 2:30 – 5pm . $$
  • instore: dead man’s mail . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • blockpartyyyyyy . high end and lo-fi 1629 westheimer . 6pm – 12midnight . FREE + freefood + beer from 8th wonder (looks like all the cool kids are going to this)
  • art opening . box 13 . 7pm . FREE
  • cirque noir presents bazaar noir . 4601 clinton dr .  7pm . $10-20
  • gospel on the green . discovery green . 7:30 – 10pm . FREE
  • kose // cake ranger // pitter patter // the complication . notsuoh . 8pm . $6
  • salsa y salud . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE
  • teh fab 40 takes on the who: TOMMY . discovery green . 8pm . FREE (if you know me in real life you know this is one of three fave plays of all times!!!)
  • micro satan zine release party pt. 2 . beta theatre . 11pm . $6

sunday september 27, 2015:

  • duo scordatura . she works felxible (next to cafe brasil) . 6pm . FREE
  • getcha groove on! miller outdoor theatre . 7:30pm . FREE
  • yardifact baraar . la playa 2719 alabama . all the day . FREE

on going events this week:

  • play: small mouth sounds . stark naked theatre . monday 7:30pm // thursday 7:30pm // friday 8pm . $$ (i went last saturday and had such a SUCH A good time. if you need to do a “play” date with someone. go here with them!)
  • houston fringe festival . around houston . $$
  • HCC student photographer annual collective exhibit . HCC sam houston parkway .
  • 62nd annual gem, mineral, jewelry, fossil show . humble civic center . friday – sunday . FREE +$ (ahhhh go and buy all the rocks and then take a class at houston makerspace and make jewelry!)


houston events calendar: september 14 – 20, 2015

2015 September 13
by dena

houston events calendar september 14 20 2015i know i say “wow, there are so many good things happening this week” a lot. but umm, this week there are LITERALLY so many FREAKIN good things happening. i am so pumped for the houston vintage fair this weekend – and all the tiki things leading up to it. you KNOW i’m so into surf rock right now, so this is like whoa for me. click on the link to see all the pre-party events they’re doing. and umm, so much comedy and so many plays. i’m way into “performing” arts right now – if you’re wanting a good date night, go see stark naked’s show “small mouth noises”. (they like my blog so much they’re giving me free tickets to go see the show!) if you’re someone in houston who is reading this + putting on a show, please reach out to me. if i’m into your event and you give me FREE tickets i’ll do a little shout out to ya no problem!

also want to say an extra thank you for the folks this weekend who came to shows i recommended on the blog and even came up and talked to me in person + to the guy who emailed me after hearing me on the radio. that was SO exciting for me! if you see me around and don’t know me in real life please oh PLEASE come introduce yourself. (and then i’ll give YOU a shout out on the internet). also if you’re my friend and i hung out with you this weekend! YAY i probably like you a lot thanks for being in my life!

monday september 14, 2015:

  • HoustonUrbanGardeners meeting: growing coffee in ecuador . mood park community center . 6:30pm . FREE (i’ll be there!)
  • RDA presents: seriously cute (architecture lecture) . MFAH . 7pm . $7+ (thanks really REALLY good friend who sent me an email about this event!) (if anyone else has an event you want me to post – let me know!)
  • lecture: apparitions + curatorial adventures . the menil collection . 7:30pm . FREE
  • houston vintage week: free wine . joybird furniture 1735 westheimer . 7pm . FREE (anyone follow me on snapchat and see those tiny dogs in the window – it’s that place) (nick – i have to go to garden club – so you’ll have to enjoy the mini-husky dogs without me!)

tuesday september 15, 2015:

  • UST alumni social hour . st. arnolds brewery . 6-8pm . FREE (whoop whoop st. thomas alumni!)
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • ballet folklorico . miller outdoor theatre . 7:30pm . FREE
  • grown up storytime 82 . rudyards . 8 + 10pm . $5 (i’ll be at the 8pm show!)

wednesday september 16, 2015:

  • bike houston mini-courses (bike maintenance class) + ride . tour de hood 2305 wheeler . 5-11pm . FREE
  • houston green film series: the human scale . rice media center . 6:30 – 9pm . $5 donation + doors // dinner at 6:30 movie at 7pm (hey there chris – remember when we used to always go to this …)
  • houston vintage week: film screening: blue hawaii . double trouble . 8pm . FREE (get your outfit inspiration for the houston vintage fair this weekend!)
  • western swing wednesday . rudyards . 8pm (but actually i usually come at like 10…) . FREE + its going to be the LAST one! i’ll be there. come dance with me!

thursday september 17, 2015:

  • my houston 2040: idle threat (happy hour + lecture + film screening) . rudyards . 5-7pm . FREE
  • AIA houston urban design committee presents: i get around: houston transportation panel . architecture center houston 315 capital . 5:30pm . FREE
  • third thursday hullabaloo: bike houston + free snacks // socializing . whole foods voss . 6-8pm . FREE
  • art opening . project row houses 2521 holman st . 6:30pm . FREE
  • sounds like houston: carolyn wonderland with the bluebonnets . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • houston maker meet-up . houston makerspace . 7-9pm . FREE + FREE beer
  • yes, indeed! 2015 music festival kickoff party . 8th wonder brewery . 7-10pm . FREE (brewery opens at 3, dy music 7-10pm)
  • houston mayoral candidate forum: growth and climate change . trini mendedhall sosa community center . 7pm . FREE
  • live music: say girl say + kose . the nightingale room . 7-9pm . FREE
  • comedy: the stacks . heights vinyl . 8pm . FREE (there is this real funny guy i know who’s in this … so …)
  • comedy: tasteless: mills mccoin + brian zeolla + guests (like everyone’s fave conner clifton! not being sarcastic, i really like him.) . ladybirds . 8:30pm . FREE (1/2 glasses of wine!)

friday september 18, 2015:

  • art opening . houston center for contemporary craft . 5:30pm . FREE
  • music + film: folk family revival (houston band) // more than honey (movie) . discovery green . 7pm . FREE (i just saw // met FFR at a cactus in-store and they were so good and cool – go see them!)
  • contemporary dance + music: life interrupted . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE
  • film screening: the hunger games . greenstreet . 8pm . FREE
  • a fistful of soul . continental club . 10pm . FREE
  • comedy: beta bracket redemption round 2 . mkt bar . 10pm . FREE

saturday september 19, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • yellow rose distilling 1st year anniversary . 1224 n post oak suite 100 . 11am . FREE (“yellow rose of texas” is one of my favorite songs – so this might just be a good event)
  • maker market and open house . houston makerspace 3605 texas . 12noon – 6pm . FREE
  • family day + local music . CAMH . 12noon – 4pm . FREE
  • yes, indeed! 2015 music festival . the continental club . 5pm . $12 (so SO many good local bands!)
  • mini murals: beyond the box (art show) . silver street . 7:30pm . FREE
  • OKRA charity bar  benefits: HAUS (houston access to sustainability co-op // where i used to live!) . OKRA . 9pm . FREE

sunday september 20, 2015:

  • (if you went to all the good things this week, you’re probably pretty tired. so jus like hang out or do laundry or something today)

on going events this week:

  • houston vintage market & festival: blue hawaii . friday 7pm + saturday 11am . 1940 air terminal museum 8325 travelair blvd . $5 (this sounds so SO cool. i am DEF going. and what the what! the theme is “blue hawaii”, if you know me in real life you know i’m really into “surf rock” right now. super stoked) (real life friend – go with me!)
  • play: stark naked theatre company presents: small mouth noises . studio 101 spring st. studios 1824 spring st . thursday 7:30pm // friday 8pm // saturday 8pm // sunday 3pm . $15-29 (this play is about six strangers that meet on a silent retreat, and you know how i just got back from my own silent retreat. so yay. i’m going to check it out this week – who wants to be my date?)
  • play: honky tonk angels . stages . lots of days // times . $21+ (i saw it last week and still have all the songs stuck in my head!)
  • play: RENT (put on my highschoolers) . hobby center . friday // satuday . $$ (rent is one of my top three musicals. so just sayin. ask me and i’ll sing you a song from it)
  • dock dogs . discovery green . friday – sunday . FREE


nashville tennessee: east side + all the hipster things

2015 September 10
by dena

IMG_9401more about nashville! here we go. a thing i like about myself is that i’m not into gps-ing. that may or may not be related to growing up between a north + south street and being very directionally oriented // having an affinity for maps, and not so much for “directions” // always using up my phone’s data and so not really having the option to look things up. sad-form. so point is, unless i had to be somewhere at a specific time, i’d look up some places on my phone before i left the house and then wouldn’t look at a map again. this made me have to talk to people. rely on brain things, like remembering addresses, and let me explore. if you have the time, i really think this is the best way to see a city. on my first full day driving around somewhat aimsly, i saw a baby camper in someone’s driveway (a long term goal of mine is to buy a little scamp or shasta trailer, fix it up, and explore the US in it. or at least park it in my driveway and take mini-stay-cations in it). then i stumbled upon a little-free-library that had a book about mountains in it. (you know how pretty much this whole trip was based around “mountains” in general). ok now nashville. i liked you ever since my first online order where i had to type “T” into a drop down thing and tennessee came up before Texas and forced me to abandon the tab key and use my mouse. but now , in real life, you’ve really got me! bad things about the city: literally only two hip coffee shops (see the barista parlor pictures below) and barely ANY real country dancing. houston, you’re still my #1 don’t worry!

it only took me a one evening of exploring nashville to find out about the “other side of the river”. the one guy from the band the first night told me about a place called “the 5 spot”. so, after my date-with-my-self to the grand ole opry for bill anderson // jamey johnson // chris janson //the secret sisters // crystal gale, i (cheated my own game, turned on my data, and looked it up) and drove over. it was one of those really scary things, going to a hipster bar in a new city alone, but lots of things about this trip were scary. so i just did it. and what the freakin heck! turns out it was their once a month “western wednesday” night. (if you’re familiar with the good ole robert ellis and the boy’s whisky wednesdays at mango // fitz) (it was LITERALLY that. sans all my fave houston folks). so umm. imagine all the cute PBR drinking // cowboy boot wearin good looking people my age playing, listening, dancing, and singing along to 1960s+ country. it was the best – probably the highlight of my trip thus far – and maybe would have been the best part if i hadn’t met the dreamiest cowboy on the dance floor. i met a boy. we danced for the last few songs. exchanged numbers. made plans. i saw him the next few night and the next time and we danced even more. cheek to cheek all the nights to all the live country music in nashville + surrounding towns. vacation romance is the best thing. a trip is the best of the best of real life and meeting a hottie while traveling is like out of this world.











places i went:

OMG : “old made good” shop. filled with the coolest vintage and repurposed items. def DEF shop here and buy all the things! (look at those zines + loretta lynn art print i bought!)

barista parlor : one of the two hip coffee shops. all the boy baristas i saw working there (3, over two visits) had side nose rings. so that was like a joke. but i liked the place + the vanilla bourbon latte.

little octopus: i didn’t actually eat there. ( i ate all my meals at whole foods) (oh, one night a boy bought me dinner, but besides that. all grocery stores all the time!) i just liked the sign and like saying “little octopus” in my head. so yep.

crema coffee: the only other hip coffee shop i could find. i’d probably have liked it more except, when i asked the wifi password the girl said “creamacreama” and for some reason i couldn’t understand what she said (or that it was just the name of the place) it all happened too fast for me to ask her again, so i sat grumpy and alone for a while until i overheard someone else repeat it. i went after dinner one night, to kill time before going dancing and didn’t realize the dang place closed at 7pm. so i only got to stay like 45 minutes (and you know how being on a trip is kinda like being homeless – and so – i had been, in my head, planning to stay there for a few hours). oh well. still worth a trip i’d say.

hail dark aesthetics:  i asked the girl working at OMG for more shopping recommendations, she told me about this place. i thought it’d be “demonic” in like a joke way. but umm. nope. they seemed pretty serious about their devil worshiping. i got makenzie some cool “middle finger flicking you off” stud earrings. so yep.

bar 308: i parked at the sherwin williams next door just to take a picture of this place. i love love LOVE nikki lane and she sings about this place in one of her songs. listen HERE.

a few of my fave bloggers moved // are moving to nashville (abeautiflmess + bleubirdblog + kellygarcia from muchomuchobuenobucno) and luckly have been pretty good at giving nashville suggestions. so i can’t take credit for finding all these places on my own, but uhh turns out nashville’s not all the big (compared to houston at least) so. so, umm. what am i saying. those are some good places, so go if you’re headed to nashville. and, if you are going to nashville – take me with you!!!!!

houston events calendar: september 8 – 13, 2015

2015 September 7
by dena

houston events calendar september 8 13 2015my dang macbookpro trackpad is on the fritz. so highlighting more than one word is like, not an option. so for links this week, click on the the “FREE”. in the mean time what do i do? pay to have my trackpad replaced? i’ve had my laptop since 2010, is it worth it to repair? also, who was at the barbs anniversary party? what the WHAT! was that the best party ever or what. serioulsy, so SO fun. i love barbs and i love my friends and i love dancing and if i danced with you a lot at the end when all my other friends left me. i liked that.

tuesday september 8, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE

wednesday september 9, 2015:

  • western swing (maybe …) . rudyards (upstairs) . 10pm-ish . FREE (sometimes it doesn’t happen, but if it is i’ll be there!)

thursday september 10, 2015:

  • blanket bingo . market square park . 6-9pm . $10  (get there SO early!)
  • art opening . diverse works . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening . the menil . 7pm . FREE
  • live music: khris royal + jordan chili sauce donald . the nightingale room . 7pm . FREE
  • the stacks (comedy show // podcast) . heights vinyl . 8-10pm . FREE
  • MAX! (improv comedy show) . beta theatre . 9-10pm . $6 (BYOB)

friday september 11, 2015:

  • art opening . samara gallery 3911 main st . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening . anya tish gallery 4411 montrose . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening: sorry so sloppy . catabomb 2315 commerce . 7-11pm . FREE
  • elton john tribute band . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE
  • microsatan presents: good evening with conner and billy (but actually it’s conner + ned!) . beta theatre . 9pm . $6 + BYOB (it’s gonna be so good – i’ll be there FOR SURE!)
  • BETA bracket round 1.4 . mkt bar . 10pm . FREE

saturday september 12, 2015:

  • farmers market bike ride . meet at onion creek . 8am . FREE
  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • saturday morning cartoons . aurora picture show . 10am . $10
  • in-store: kyle hubbard . cactus music . 1pm . FREE + free beer!
  • duran duran listening party “paper gods” . cactus music . 2-4pm . FREE
  • houston untapped fest . discovery green . $$
  • instore-the bob lanza blues band . cactus music . 5pm . FREE + free beer!
  • art opening: connect five (i think it’s a houston graffitti artist thing)  . the mariago center . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening . deborah colton gallery (down the street from my parent’s house!) . 7pm . FREE
  • bollywood blast . miller outdoor . 8pm . FREE
  • comedy show: neighbors with attitude: straight outta katy . beta theatre . 9pm . FREE (?)

sunday september 13, 2015:

  • intermediate jewelry + metal smithing + tube setting w/ claire webb . houston makerspace . 1-4pm . $$ (i just signed up – take it with MEEEEE!)
  • public service bar’s 1st anniversary party . public service bar 202 travis st . 4pm . FREE

on going events this week:

  • bootown shadow puppet show: white raven
  • houston fine arts fair !!!

lastly. want to know what happening with the deconstruction of the glassell building? read THIS article.

nashville tennessee: all the touristy things

2015 September 5

IMG_9309ok nashville. here we go. i’m going to break this part of my trip up into a few different posts. this one will be about the touristy things i did. but don’t judge me on this alone, come back in a few days to read about the rest of my trip. (the next one’s going to be something about nashville and it’s hipster scene). ok so. all the touristy things: i drove into nashville mid afternoon and was on a little bit of a time crunch to pick up my keys from the front office of the apartment i’d be staying in. (there wen’t too many “i have to be there at a certain time” things in trip, this was one of the few) i reached out to a bunch of couch surfing people before arriving, but ended up with an even better situation. lemme try to explain. so i’m a preschool teacher, and my boss hired some interns this summer to work part time with us. one of them was the boss’s daughter’s good friend, and i worked with her most of june/july and we got along quite well. i told her about my trip and she was like “oh, my bff lives there – but is in texas for the summer – so you could stay in her place for a few days”. i wasn’t going to actually take her up on it, but then nothing better fell into my lap, so i did. turns out my intern friend’s friend was planning to move in with a mutual friend of hers. a girl she’d never met. so when i met the roommate who already lives there – she was like – oh, how do you know emma. and i was like, i don’t – i know her bff who was in houston interning at my school. how do you know emma? and she was like – oh, i don’t know her either – we have mutual friends but she is home for the summer and hasn’t been back to nashville since i moved in. what the WHAT? it so was weird // convenient and actually worked out so SO well. she worked all the time, so once i had the spare key i could come and go as i pleased. eat breakfast on the granite countertops // sleep under the down comforter // take naps + tan + read my david sedaris books at the posh pool. blah blah.



IMG_9387driving down lower broadway st was, humm, not what i expected. it was kinda like a mini time square, except everything was country. i LOVE city life and i LOVE country music + dancing. so it was sorta like a dream for me. (the pictures don’t do it justice. i swear) (lemme just say that i had to roll down my windows every time i drove down it, just to take in all the sights and sounds) too bad i’m cheap and wasn’t about to settle for the $15+ parking lots. one night i found free street parking 7 blocks off the main drag and walked (at night alone – don’t tell my parents) into town for a show at ACME Feed and Seed. it was a “cool” bar. but a little “too cool for school” for me to really like. and although i’m glad i went – it reminded me too much of some place you’d find in the new hip part of Austin (aka lots of white late-twenties transplants). i liked the band (blackfoot gypsies) that was playing and made friends with them afterwards. and for a tuesday night, i’m glad i went. actually, the lead singer from the band (while riding in his band’s tour van across the nashville bridge – what WHAT?) told me about east nashville and this venue called the 5 spot. that one recommendation literally “made” the rest of my trip. so for that alone – ACME, thank you.

IMG_9396i did the thing i was supposed to do: mail post cards. sorry halie – i wrote yours but yan never got back to me with your apartment number – so i never sent it. also – see how i wrote one to my fave dance home !!!

IMG_9361my dad’s one request was that i see this full scale parthenon at a park in nashville. so i did it. got a picture and left.

IMG_9364i walked over that little bridge on the left. drank a shot of bourbon on it and rode the elevator.


IMG_9370can’t really read the neon, but the second to last picture is from “nashville palace” a good ole country dance hall (but actually it was a real touristy place) that i went to with this dreamy cowboy who had just moved to nashville from austin. i spent more hours slow dancing cheek to cheek on that dance floor than any other establishment in nashville. swoon. and the last picture “melrose” that was the sign for my fancy high-rise apartments. mega swank! neon signs, touristy, right?