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happy birthday andrew goat roast.

2014 October 30
by Dena and Makenzie













IMG_7883last weekend was a really busy weekend of firsts for me. it was the fist time i ever went to barbarella three nights in a row. the first time i ever wore a pancho dress with a hood. first time i ever filled my pancho dress hood with little dinky things like boucy balls and vegan cookies. (boucy balls are da-best for throwing on a crowded dance floor btw). and first time i ever witnessed a goat roast. you might know that i’m a vegetarian, and have been for 11+ years, so i don’t want to talk about that last “first” anymore. point is, andrew cobb is a dear friend and it was his birthday and a band was playing and there were lots of dogs (thats always a plus for makenzie) and the whole thing was just such a joy. thank you andrew for stumbling across this here blog and letting it open the first door that opened every other door into the life you live now. (matt trimble, i’m taking all the credit for that. just so you know!) oh and for being born. you’re a great friend and human in general and i hope this year is full of mostly happiness (because total happiness is unrealistic. obviously)

the band btw is called cactus cats and they played their first real show at fitz on wednesday. whoop whoop. they’re way good and i’d recommend spending your time and money on them.

also the cheese and bread in the pictures above were made at andrew’s house by friends that day. so freakin cool.

houston events calendar: october 27 – november 2, 2014

2014 October 27
by Dena and Makenzie

10 27 11 2 2014

my goodness. its already monday? ok so i just did too much dang dancing and bike riding and going on dates and dancing and cheap drink drinking and biking and potluck birthday-ing and dancing to have the events calendar posted by this morning. so dang. just hold off until this afternoon, and after a nap i’ll get it done.

ok . YAY i got it done.

monday october 27 2014:

  • free show at voodoo queen: geoffrey + kelly doyle +  craig kinsey playing some fun cover tunes . 10pm – 12midnight . FREE

tuesday october 28, 2014:

  • oktoberfest . rice farmers market . rice university parking lot (by the football stadium) . 3:30-evening . FREE
  • 27th annual dia de los muertos musical ofrenda . lawndale art center . 5:30pm . FREE
  • shared storytelling workshop . green building resource center 1002 washington ave . 7-8:45pm . FREE
  • warehouse live comedy open mic // costume contest . warehouse live . doors at 8pm show at 9pm . FREE

wednesday october 29, 2014:

thursday october 30, 2014:

  • beetleween (dress as your favorite beatles moment/lyric/song/character) . continental club . 7-10pm . FREE
  • music at the park: the suffers . market square park . 7:30pm . FREE

friday october 31, 2014:

  • critical mass . meet at market square park . 7pm . FREE (i’m hoping to go for a little bit)
  • 8th annual montrose crawl . all along westheimer . 7pm – 2am . FREE
  • the omen halloween entertainment (an interactive and immersive halloween thing) alley kat bar & lounge. 7:30pm . $10 in advance + $20 at the door
  • halloween party // ratio closing . el rincon social . 9pm – 1am . FREE

saturday november 1, 2014:

sunday november 2, 2014:

on going events in houston this week:

  • the adams family (a HITS play) . miller outdoor . thursday // friday // saturday 7:30pm . FREE
  • houston fine art festival 2014 . discovery green . saturday 10am // sunday 11am . FREE
  • MECAs 15th annual dia de los muertos festival . MECA 1900 kane st . saturday 11am // sunday 11am . FREE



houston events calendar: october 20 – 26, 2014

2014 October 19
by Dena and Makenzie

october 20 26 2014

thanks to all the friends who sat with me + watched my fingers while i typed + made me laugh while doing this. i like you guys.

monday october 20, 2014:

  • tiny concert: julia blake . poison girl . 10pm . FREE (thanks black hole cashier + Christopher)

tuesday october 21, 2014:

wednesday october 22, 2014:

  • don’t shoot rally at HPD HQ . hpd hq corner of polk and travis downtown . 5-7pm . FREE
  • movie night: young frankenstein . market square park . 7pm . FREE

thursday october 23, 2014:

  • music at the park: t birds and the breaks + mikey and the drags . 6:30pm . FREE

friday october 24, 2014:

saturday october 25, 2014:

  • project row houses’ third ward community market & talent showcase . project row houses 2521 holman st . 2pm . FREE
  • pop-up shop . mam’s snoballs 1040 w cavalcade . 3-9pm . FREE
  • prairie walking tour along buffalo bayou park . lee and joe jamail skate park . 5:30pm . FREE (remember how chris and i are certified for this)
  • association manifest presents point of view on the street corner: the american corner (modern dance thing?) . market square park . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening + reception . mcmurtery gallery . 2508 lake st . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening + reception . moody gallery . 2815 colquitt . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening + reception: ratio photography exhibit . 7pm . FREE
  • the bootown bash . the summit 3536 navigation . 8pm . $25 (includes lots of food and drinkies)
  • wicked things halloween party 2014 . houston maker space . 9pm . $40 (its makerspace so i’m sure it’ll be good!)

sunday october 26, 2014:

  • volenteer houston’s 40th birthday celebration and volunteer fair . discovery green . 11:30 . FREE (what is this all about? it’s free so …. humm)
  • 2nd annual freaky tiki zombie party . double trouble . 7-11pm . FREE

on going events this week:

  • HITS presents (a play) the adams family . thursday // friday // saturday . 7:30pm . FREE (this looks like a thing to go to!)
  • film screening: jules and jim . MFAH . friday 7:30 / sunday 5pm . $9 (how do i know about this movie? makenzie?)


nikki lane: cactus instore

2014 October 16

IMG_7493so a thing about me is that when i fall for a new band/artist, i fall hard. like obsessively. i listen to them, and only them, and all of them on spotify nonstop all the time until i know all the words to all of their songs. most recently i’ve done this with trampled by turtles, but right before them i was all about nikki lane. when i saw she was coming to houston to do a free show i made a little noise out loud (i was alone in my room making my events calendar at the time, just to put things in perspective for ya). the show was like the best thing ever.






IMG_7491i have a little problem exaggerating sometimes so, just for you tony, i’ll try to tell this part of the story honestly. ok, so i was front center during the show and singing along/ tapping my foot the whole time. right after her set ,nikki kinda skipped (this is where it’s hard for me to remember exactly what happened, so…) point is she got off the stage and walked right up to me and hugged me and then asked, “have we met?” and i said, “no, but i dressed like you today on purpose and love your music” and she said, “ya girl i love your outfit – it seems like we’d be friends or like we’ve already met or something!” them she talked to a few other people and when i saw her later in the autograph line she wrote “to dena my friend and twin” on the LP i bought and drew a little heart tattoo with my name inside it on the picture of her arm on a poster. and WOW the whole thing was very very exciting for me! so if you don’t already like nikki lane, go listen to her and maybe she can be your role model too!


houston events calendar: october 13 – 19, 2014

2014 October 12
by Dena and Makenzie

october 13 19 2014

monday october 13, 2014:

tuesday october 14, 2014:

wednesday october 15, 2014:

  • poetry slam . avant garden . 7:30pm . $5

thursday october 16, 2014:

  • architecture center houston walking tour: downtown geology tour . phoenicia . 10am . $10
  • blanket bingo . market square park . 6pm . $10
  • houston artist talk: debra barrera in conversation with bill arning and toby kamps . CAMH . 6:30pm . FREE
  • sounds like houston: rodney crowell + grand old grizzly . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • fierce films by carolee schneemann . aurora picture show . 7pm . $10

friday october 17, 2014:

saturday october 18, 2014:

sunday october 19, 2014:



zine fest houston: 2014

2014 October 11
by Dena and Makenzie

IMG_7433makenzie and i volunteered at this year’s zine fest. we were the front desk // information girls. makenzie did the little clicker to count how many people attended (some crazy number like 700 people or something!) and we shared the job of “spiel-giving”. the spiel went something like: welcome to zine fest // would you like a map of then vendors + list of events //here is a sign up email list if your interested // you like my outfit, why thank you! (just kidding that didn’t really happend, although i did look good) yes the event is free but we’re taking donations // umm humm maria and stacy are around here somewhere // and a blah blah blah. i practiced taking a deep breath, not getting stressed out, and speaking really really slow and clear which if you know me in real life is really hard for me to do when i’m excited.





IMG_7441by the end of the third hour we were kinda tired of using our mouths. i thought i had taken better pictures of the actual event, but dang looks like this is all i have. oh well, if you’re cool you were there in real life – so you don’t even need my stinkin pictures anyway.

also, that night (after i ordered the sweetest-most-not-tasting-like-alcohol drink at voodoo queen and got a little more humm, we’ll say fun and after makenzie and i requested and danced to one million songs on the jukebox) we biked on over (with all our friends) to zine prom (which i accidentally kept calling “bike prom”)(remember when i went to that and wrote about it HERE) point is the party was way fun. and the decorations. wow. so freakin cute! (i can say that because makenzie and i helped make a lot of them. then it was house party time and the night just kept going and going. i freakin love houston!


houston events calendar: october 6 – 12, 2014

2014 October 6
by Dena and Makenzie


monday october 6, 2014:

  • cactus instore: nikki lane . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE music + beer . (this is my GIRL, am so excited to see her free this evening!)

tuesday october 7, 2014:

wednesday october 8, 2014:

thursday october 9, 2014:

friday october 10, 2014:

  • art opening + reception . anya tish gallery 4411 montrose . 6pm . FREE
  • lunada: houston symphony .miller outdoor theatre . 7:30pm . FREE

saturday october 11, 2014:

sunday october 12, 2014:

  • sunday streets houston: the heights . along 19th from heights to shepherd . 12noon – 4pm . FREE . GO TO THIS!
  • mini pops! pavement clothing 1657 westheimer rd . 12noon – 6pm . FREE
  • dia de la hispanidad ft. siudy – between worlds (flamenco dancing + drumming) . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

on going events this week:

houston maker space: beginning jewelry making class

2014 October 1

IMG_7417just on a whim, i took an intro to jewelry class at houston makerspace last month. i like it so much i signed up for the next series class “beginning jewelry making” the following week. so this is where and how i’ve spent my last three monday evenings: cutting // filing // drilling // grinding // and learning to use an oxy/acetylene torch. the first class was just an intro to tools and techniques, from there we came up with a project and claire webb (our instructor) helped us out.





IMG_7423i made a half a dozen rings, the most exciting of which uses a piece of fluorite i bought from the rock shop in marfa, tx a few years ago. (there is a close up below) the rest are just simple bands or adjustable brass ones. point is, i loved this class and  i’m excited to either take the next one in the series, or at least get a houston makerspace membership and come back on my own. if i like you in real life, get ready to get some brass stacking rings for christmas!



houston events calendar: september 29 – october 5, 2014

2014 September 28
by Dena and Makenzie

september 29 october 5

monday september 29, 2014:

tuesday september 30, 2014:

  • circus arts . discovery green . 5:30 – 7pm . FREE (its a workshop, so wear yoga kind of clothes)
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE
  • the intergalactic nemesis . miller outdoor theatre . 7:30pm . FREE

wednesday october 1, 2014:

  • third coast dance film festival . diverse works 4102 fannin . 6-8pm . FREE (?) it’s been a while since i’ve been to a “modern dance” thing – any of my modern dance fan friends want to go to this

thursday october 2, 2014:

friday october 3, 2014:

saturday october 4, 2014:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • afloat! a parade on water . allens landing – buffalo bayou . 11am – 1pm . FREE
  • hands-on houston family festival . houston center for contemporary craft . 11am . FREE
  • zine fest houston 2014 . the museum of printing history 1324 w clays st . 2-8pm . FREE + makenzie and i will be volunteering at the information table – come see us and ask us questions!
  • houston city dance presents “october mixed bag” . city dance studio 1307 w clay (do this and zine fest – they’re on the same street!) . 4pm . $8
  • the fab 40 performs the beatles’ “revolver” . discovery green . 8pm . FREE
  • zine fest houston: zine prom . the summit 3536 navigation . 9pm . FREE . YES PLEASE! sounds like a dress up dance party!

sunday october 5, 2014:

on going events this week in houston:

houston events calendar: september 22 – 28, 2014

2014 September 21
by Dena and Makenzie

9 22 28 2014

holy heck – what even was last weekend? pretty much just like the most fun jam packed few days ever. if you were a part of it then you know what i’m talkin about. i guess bike polo is alright and meh, will probably go back someday and i’m so excited to know about cirque de vie and hope to see them again soon. i loved biking everywhere and dancing at every venue and now it’s a new week and there are so many art opening things and movies and free shows and i’m excited all over again. if i like you please come out and lets do it all over again.

monday september 22, 2014:

  • instore: luke sweeney . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • i’m be at my second out of three jewelry making + soldering workshop at houston makerspace . be jealous
  • rudyards open mic comedy night . rudyards . doors at 7:30pm . FREE

tuesday september 23, 2014:

wednesday september 24, 2014:

thursday september 25, 2014:

  • art opening + recpetion . gremillion & co 2501 sunset blvd . 6pm . FREE
  • sounds like houston concert series: paul thorn + craig kinsey . discovery green . 6:30pm . FREE
  • performance + conversation: nathaniel donnett . CAMH . 6:30pm . FREE

friday september 26, 2014:

  • art opening + reception . houston center for contemporary craft . 5:30pm . FREE . someone bike with me here!
  • art opening + reception . sojourn montrose 1834 1/2 westheimer . 6pm . FREE
  • art opening // reception // performance: autumn knight’s GYN . fresh arts 2101 winter st . 6-8pm . FREE
  • critical mass . market square park . 7pm . FREE . maybe i’m doing this with a guy i like ….
  • film series: GMO OMG . discovery green . 8pm . FREE
  • MAKENZIE GUESS WHAT! film screening: romy and michele’s high school reunion . greenstreet 1201 fannin st . 8pm . FREE . MAKENZIE IT’S OUR FAVORITE MOVIE – anyone else want to come and make it a girls night out?!?!

saturday september 27, 2014:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9am . FREE
  • cassette store day . cactus music . ALL DAY . FREE
  • the museum experience 2014” children’s // health museum //HMNS // zoo // rice university art gallery . FREE – $
  • architecture center walking tour: museum district . meet at the miro sculpture insdie the sculpture garden . 10am . $10
  • instore: def perception . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • zine fest houston ZINE PROM decorating party . houston makerspace 100 hutcheson .4-8pm . FREE . girl? are you really going to this – sounds like crafts and dancing, our favorites!
  • the visual stimulus package 6” (an art show with all pieces for sale at either $50 or $100)
  • film screening: the bill chill . market square park . 7:30pm . FREE
  • fall bi-annual art opening: 3 buildings + 180 artists . spring st studios . 6-10pm . FREE + FREE ALCOHOL and SNACKS . this is like the ultimate art opening : can all my friends bike with me here, PLEASE!

sunday september 28, 2014:

  • so far not much …

on going events in houston this week:

  • houston fringe festival . september 24 – 28 . around east end . $10 a show
  • dog days at discovery green . friday // saturday // sunday at 8am . FREE . halie + kyle, you guys like pets …
  • splendid china IX . miller outdoor theatre . friday // saturday . 8pm . FREE
  • modern dance: nebria . suchu dance 3480 ella blvd . the weekend . 8pm . $20
  • is anyone else wanting to go to a haunted house this fall? i haven’t been since high school when i got pushed down some stairs in the dark and trampled on (remember that halie!), and well, i think it’s time to try again