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houston events calendar: YIKES i’m out of town, check back august 28, 2016

2016 August 13
by dena

houston events calendar out of town until august 28 2016

texas road trip : lakes and camping and east texas

2016 August 13
by dena





camp creek, tx: middle school bff’s lake house north east of college station. spent the first few days journaling in the shade and floating in the lake.





bremond, tx : family farm house. had an alone day/ night. highlight was going to the walmart in marlin for my “outing” and then a $3 breakfast taco that you know i made stretch for 2 meals.

waco, tx: had an alone day exploring. the checker-outer at CVS recommended it and what the heck – i don’t know what tv is so obviously had no clue what to expect. ate lunch at taco bell. did internet things at a cool coffee shop // bar called dichotomy. but, not like THAT cool, don’t worry double trouble.

west, tx: relived a childhood memory of going to this stop n’ go kolache store AND went to one other weird place, but i’ll share on a separate post.




kennard, tx // davy crockett nation forest : met up with a boy i like and his cousins for some camping in davy crockett national forest (north east texas). did camping things like drink cheap beers and read while the boys mess with fire, swim in a lake, and go on night hikes. also explored the caddo mounds and cute little downtown nacogdoches. IMG_0384


broaddus, tx : visited aunt sandy on lake sam rayburn (a little more north east). fed the chickens, did crafts, make pizza dough.

this was basically the first half of my trip. i’ll do another one about my time in the hill country. BUT, i’m leaving tomorrow morning before sunrise for a arizona // colorado road trip so don’t make me do a calendar. (sorry all y’all who read and care about those …) but i will be back in 10 days and will do one then. okay. BYE.

houston events calendar: august 8 – 14, 2016:

2016 August 7
by dena

HOUSTON events calendar august 8 14 2016i am oh so impressed with this week’s line up. hopefully all y’all enjoy it too because ekkkk – i’m going on an arizona/ colorado roadtrip this sunday for 10 days and miiiiiiiight not post another calendar until i get back. we’ll see. in the mean time my gosh, there are so many cool free things this week. see you out and about.

monday august 8, 2016:

tuesday august 9, 2016:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE . have been wanting a little more yoga in my life – if i say i’m going to make myself go to this maybe people in my real life will hold me accountable ehh ehh?
  • the moth “heat” in the ballroom . warehouse life . 6:30 – 10pm . $10 (oh adventure boy, you KNOW who the host is !!!)
  • live music: the paul ramirez band w/ satin hook . the nightingale room . 7pm – 12midnight . FREE
  • microWAVE with zack on washington . arlos . 10pm . FREE

wednesday august 10, 2016:

thursday august 11, 2016:

friday august 12, 2016:

saturday august 13, 2016:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • instore: craig kinsey . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • annual aztec dance ceremony . eastwood park 5000 harrisburg blvd . 3-8pm . FREE (WHAAAAAT COOL !!!)
  • BUXTON . market square park . 8pm . FREE . NICK LETS GO and we can give that give that special something i bought a few weeks ago to that special someone !!! oh shoot nick, are you already out of town?!?!?
  • comedy: paul oddo album and book release show: houston . rec room 100 jackson . 8-11pm . $10
  • show: incredible india . miller outdoor theatre . 8:30pm . FREE

sunday august 14, 2016:

  • TACOCAT RACE (part taco eating contest // part alley cat race) . lamacro 5111 washington ave . 1-7pm . $ // ?
  • el gato coffeehouse pop-up party (houston’s first cat cafe !!!) . sharespace 2201 preston . 7:30 – 10pm . FREE

on going events this week:

  • little women the musical (not sure how i feel about this …) . miller outdoor theatre . thursday // friday . 8:30pm . FREE

texas road trip: places i stayed

2016 August 5
by dena





IMG_0372i typed out a whole long thing about how sorry i was to have not posted anything non-calendar in so long and blah blah blah, but then deleted it because – that’s dumb. no need to enter more guilt into the world. so anyway, here are some pictures from last (heck, not even last – i’ve been on one since then EKKK) texas road trip. anyway, i did one of these “places i stayed” posts from my kentucky + tenessee trip last year and loved the format. so here’s another:

1 . middle school bff’s lake house “camp creek” near madisonville, tx // 2 . family house in my dad’s home town bremond, tx // 3 . camping at davy crockett nation forrest with some new and newer friends // 4 . woodward lumber hostel in san antonio, tx // 5 . aunt sandy’s house on lake sam rayburn in east texas // also, i didn’t take pictures but i stayed at my second cousin dena’s house in gruene, tx + rachel currier’s new place in austin . so yep .

houston events calendar august 1 – 7, 2016:

2016 August 1
by dena

houston events calendar august 1 - 7 2016

i can’t believe it’s already august. luckily it’s houston, so we don’t have to say goodbye to biking or swimming or sweating anytime soon. there’s not all that much going on this week – although looks like art league is hosting some cool things. side note: anyone have any good korean food recipes?

monday august 1, 2016:

  • my so-called mondays: ep. 3 (non traditional staged reading of the 90’s tv show “my so called life”) . rec room 100 jackson st . 8pm . $10

tuesday august 2, 2016:

wednesday august 3, 2016:

  • anyone want to invite me over to their gym and have a workout date? ehh ehh?

thursday august 4, 2016:

friday august 5, 2016:

saturday august 6, 2016:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • workshop: tall-tale postcards . art league . 11am – 12:30 . FREE (this looks so weird cool !!! if only i had someone i liked to mail the postcard too …)
  • queer zine workshop . art league houston . 1-3pm . FREE
  • instore: the valery trails . cactus music . 1pm . FREE
  • instore: mutant rock got soul: a celebration of randy “biscuit” turner . cactus music . 3-5pm . FREE
  • WHITE LINEN NIGHT IN THE HEIGHTS – makenzie // nick remember last year’s WLN ?
  • date night w/ sad cats presents . rec room . 7-9pm . $8-12

sunday august 7, 2016:

  • call your mom

on going this week:

  • Shakespeare at miller: much ado about nothing tuesday // thursday // saturday // henry V wednesday // friday // sunday . miller outdoor theatre . 8:15pm . FREE



houston events calendar july 25 – 31, 2016:

2016 July 25
by dena

houston events calendar july 25 31 2016I’M BACK IN HOUSTON. sorry it’s a little bit late, but here’s this week’s events calendar AND get ready for texas road trip + NOLA road trip (surprise i went there + mississippi too) posts this week !!!

monday july 25, 2016:

tuesday july 26, 2016:

wednesday july 27, 2016:

  • lice music: roologic presents . the nightingale room . 7pm . FREE
  • dollar punk night . barbarella . 8pm . $1 (nick … you wanna go after the baseball game?)

thursday july 28, 2016:

friday july 29, 2016:

saturday july 30, 2016:

sunday july 31, 2016:

on going events:

texas road trip : see you in 2 1/2 weeks houston

2016 July 5
by dena


hi hi. just a little btw to all y’all who haven’t talked to me in real life in a while. i’m headed on a texas road trip, like in 4 minutes (i was supposed to leave an hour ago GAHHH). anyway. you kids will have you fin for yourselves for the next few weeks in regards to houston events. don’t make me post all the fun stuff i’ll be missing while on my vacation!!!

as for my road trip, i’ll be listening to nothing by song with “texas” in the title + podcasts . using only a paper map BYE SMART PHONE . dancing at dance halls . touring texas breweries . swimming in lakes and swimming holes . visiting few friends and family . camping . going antiquing + festival-ing . probably sleeping in walmart parkinglots . and YAY so excited !!!

houston events calendar: july 4 – 10, 2016

2016 July 3
by dena

houston events calendar july 4 10 2016

what the heck – there are almost TOO many good cheap/free things going on this week. real real exciting. and wouldn’t you know i’m leaving tuesday morning for a 2 week texas road trip. oh well, y’all go to all the good things and tell me about them when i get home. speaking of – i’m NOT going to be post a calendar from the road so y’all will be on your own for the next 21 days. eeeeeee!!!

monday july 4, 2016:

tuesday july 5, 2016:

wednesday july 6, 2016:

thursday july 7, 2016:

friday july 8, 2016:

saturday july 9, 2016:

sunday july 10, 2016:

on going this week:



houston events calendar: june 27 – july 3, 2016

2016 June 27
by dena

houston events calendar june 27 july 3 2016my gosh sorry. this weekend was polish pickle + polka dancing fun and – not that you really care but then a friend from the dominican republic came into town last night and then the fun just kept going. so anyway blah blah here is this week’s calendar. not all that much going on – just maybe just hang out by the pool or read or something.

monday june 27, 2016:

tuesday june 28, 2916:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE

wednesday june 29, 2016:

  • well huh …

thursday june 30, 2016:

friday july 1, 2016:

saturday july 2, 2016:

sunday july 3, 2016:



houston events calendar: june 20 – 26, 2016

2016 June 19
by dena

houston events calendar june 20 26 2016well i never saw so many events on a monday. and it’s a full moon AND the solstice, all the YAYs.

monday june 20, 2016:

tuesday june 21, 2016:

wednesday june 22, 2016:

thursday june 23, 2016:

friday june 24, 2016:

saturday june 25, 2016:

sunday june 26, 2016:

on going events this week: