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houston events calendar: july 27 – august 2, 2015

2015 July 26
by dena

houston events calendar july 27 august 2 2015

i’ve been meeting more and more people in real life who, turns out, know about my blog and read the events calendar. since a thing i like about me + my blog is how local  it is, i think i’m going to stop holding back with the “shout-outs”. i mean, who doesn’t like being vaguely (or possibly even boldly) referred to on the internet. so here we go!

this week’s events calendar goes out to the bass player of The Trimms – y’alls show at JeffFest this past saturday was so SO freakin good. i haven’t danced that hard at a show in a long time. and thanks for playing Jolene out of order for me upon my request. lastly – keep reading my blog and let me know if you have any good shows you want me to post!

monday july 27, 2015:

  • comedy open mic . Rudyards . 8pm . FREE

tuesday july 28, 2015:

wednesday july 29, 2015:

thursday july 30, 2015:

friday july 31, 2015:

  • in-store: roxy roca . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE
  • art opening . art league . 6pm . FREE*
  • art opening . CAMH (but maybe it’s sight specific thing at the bayou?) . 6:30 – 9pm . FREE*
  • critical mass . meet at market square park . 7pm . FREE (you going kelly?)
  • fat tony dj set . the commoner . 10pm .

saturday august 1, 2015:

saunday august 2, 2015:

on going events this week:

  • houston Shakespeare festival . miller . friday // saturday // sunday . 8:30pm . FREE (this is makenzie’s dream date event – so if you like her ask her out and take her!)
  • play (theatrical performance…) the whale; or, moby-dick . buffalo bayou silos 351 n st charles st . wednesday // thursday // friday // saturday . 8pm . $24 – 35*
  • play: the university of tamarie . catastrophic theatre . wednesday // thursday // friday // saturday . 8pm . pay-what-you-can . (i’m going on wedneday!)*

(another thing i’m going to bring back, thanks for chris pollard who complained about it’s absence, is the good ol’ astericks. i’ll put a ” * ” after event listings that i’m going to try hard to make. that way you know what’s A.) what’s really worth going to and B.) where i’ll be if you know me in real life and want to hang out or don’t know me and want to meet me!)


waterballoons part 6

2015 July 25
by dena

IMG_9078i first stumbled upon this waterballoon sub-culture a month or two ago on facebook. it was a recommended event, and i thought why the heck not post it on my events calendar. (there’s hardly ever anything good happening on sunday afternoon). i stopped by the waterballoons part 5 event at menil park to kill some time before an interview i had for a new houston podcast (more on that when the editing’s done and it’s posted) and holy holy. there was literally one million people and all of them had one million waterballoons and there was music and a tarp for slip n’ sliding and it was one huge party. it was the coolest thing i’d seen in a long long time. i love things where lots of individuals get to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

this one, waterballoons part 6, hosted at ervan chew // dunlavy park onjuly 12th, was less impressive than the pervious one but still a cool thing. makenzie went with me, she didn’t realize it was a BYO-waterballons and, hence her face in the last picture, was disappointed she couldn’t participate.




houston events calendar: july 20 – 26, 2015

2015 July 19
by dena

houston events calendar july 20 -26 2-15

monday july 20, 2015:

  • just nothing?

tuesday july 21, 2015:

wednesday july 22, 2015:

thursday july 23, 2015:

friday july 24, 2015:

saturday july 25, 2015:

sunday july 26, 2015:

on going events this week:


houston continuum: full buck

2015 July 15

IMG_9077i went to continuum’s full buck (night of houston performance art) last saturday. and what can i say? it was as into the “houston performance art scene” as one could possibly get. i was honored to be on the press guest list (thanks david + evan) and excited to have an excuse to use my fancy camera. it’s funny how houston is so freakin big, but the underground/ counter community is like a small town. (i’ve probably lived with half the people who were there that night!) the night was well curated, ran smoothly, and the free eado beerworks beer was a mucho bueno treat. it also helped that i was with three good friends – and scored a free piece of pizza around midnight. (if i was with you earlier in the evening and made a joke about staying home // watching netflix // eating makenzie’s brownies – that would have been better – but this was the second best way to spend my saturday night.) YAY HOUSTON!















IMG_9073did this intrigue you? want to see more pictures half naked people and read crazy words about them? check out my past coverage of continuum performance art things: night of … // houston’s downtown tunnels // kali: a pre-valentines … // houston lone star performance explosion


houston events calendar: july 13 – 19, 2015

2015 July 12
by dena

houston events calendar july 13 19 2015

monday july 13, 2015:

  • i have jury duty I’M SO EXCITED!
  • also . it’s july 13th // 713 day . so YAY houston
  • music . avant garden . 8-10pm . $5-10

tuesday july 14, 2015:

wednesday july 15, 2015:

  • in-store: chubby knuckle choir . cactus music . 5:30pm . FREE

thursday july 16, 2015:

friday july 17, 2015:

saturday july 18, 2015:

sunday july 19, 2015:

  • come see me at black hole (8pm) while i write next weeks blog post!

on going events this week:

houston events calendar: july 6 – 12, 2015

2015 July 5
by dena


monday july 6, 2015:

tuesday july 7, 2015:

wednesday july 8, 2015:

thursday july 9, 2015:

friday july 10, 2015:

saturday july 11, 2015:

sunday july 12, 2015:

  • day of music . jones hall . 12noon . FREE (22 performances on 5 stages)
  • waterballoons part 6: the big balloonski . ervan chew park . 4pm . FREE (i went to the last one and there were so many people and so many water balloons – it was the coolest!)


on going events this week:

polish day: bremond, texas + polish pickle 5k // festival 2015: day 1

2015 July 2


Hi remember me? I’m the girl on the left, Makenzie! I used to co-write this blog with Dena – then I made Dena do it all by herself. I’m now a GUEST BLOGGER. After re-reading my previous posts on this blog, Dena asked me to write a post about polish day because we couldn’t stop laughing at my old posts!

The first stop on any of our roadtrips is SAWN-EEY (that’s our dena/mak lingo way of saying sonic). I got a chicken tender kids meal and a cherry pineapple slush. Dena got a grilled cheese kids meal and a cranberry slush. We shared a cookie dough and brownie blast.

PINEAPPLE CHERRY SLUSH: 2 out of 5 STARS. I liked the cherry chunks


COOKIE DOUGH/BROWNIE BLAST: 5 out of 5 stars – tasted like cake batter


FRIDAY NIGHT: First part of polish day festival - setting up the night before. This is the Bremond, TX press office and the apparent center of the edgy and booming Bremond social scene. Kidding – it’s not booming or edgy but the press office was the official headquarters. It’s an office that time forgot – there’s newspaper clippings from the 80’s, old posters and flags, and I was too afraid to check the contents of the staff fridge.



Here’s Dena re-uniting with her old truck that moved to the country when it’s brakes stopped working and then door kept flying open on the highways of Houston. Dena since then got a cute VW Golf but due to forces of nature, Dena is now in the market for a new car. I guess she forgot about the non-working brakes and flying-open doors threatening to throw passengers out, because she keeps trying to convince her parents to let her bring her truck back to Houston to be her permanent car. Riding around in the truck all weekend brought back memories – like the time we tried to stuff 4 people on the bench seat and my then-bf thought he was stroking my arm but he was really stroking dena’s bf’s arm. Nice.


Dena said “TAKE A PICTURE OF ME IN FRONT OF THIS SINKHOLE” because she likes to put inside jokes in her blog. This one goes out to a special someone. After the sinkhole picture, we went to the street dance which actually turned out to be street karaoke and some drunk locals kept hogging the mic. Uncomfortable.


SATURDAY MORNING: The first part of the day is the Polish Pickle Run which Dena’s dad founded in the…90’s? Something like that. I entered the run expecting a nice, easy jog – but turns out my race number was #5, I was categorized as an “invited competitor”, and everyone expected me to do well SO THE PRESSURE WAS ON. Spoiler alert – I placed second in my age category but I think it’s only because there were 4 of us to begin with – I was something like 130th overall. My time was still pretty good considering I’ve been pretty injured/not running all spring. Thankfully I had a pain free run and I’m still feeling good!


In the long sleeve white shirt is dena’s cousin will johnson – he’s a Texans rookie and everyone’s very proud of him. Dena’s dad announced it and I think Will was mostly just very embarrased. (Also, what is my face/belly in this picture? I swear it’s only pooching out because my number thing is making it do that).


The start/finish line! It was raining and miserable but actually kept the temperatures down.



Post-race timekeeping. Are entrants allowed to place other runners? Probably not. (but it’s a small town, so anything goes)


The prizes for the race were medals, money and pickles (the pickles were made form dena’s nana’s recipe). Also a raffle for a calf and hay bales (or cash equivalent). I really wanted to win the calf – the guy who won took the calf instead of the cash which I guess is unheard of?IMG_8852

IMG_8998us! I used to only wear that black dress for work but it made a pretty good road trip dress – stretchy and comfy but still looked sharp. (get ready for a “day 2″ post later this week. lots and lots of polka dancing pictures!) and if you still can’t get enough, check out previous years PP day posts: 2014 polish day // 2012 day 1 //  2012 day 2 (the 2012 ones make us laugh like crazy. so check them out, or at last re-check them out if you like us)


houston events calendar: june 29 – july 5, 2015

2015 June 29
by dena

houston events calendar june 29 july 5 2015

monday june 29, 2015:

tuesday june 30, 2015:

wednesday july 1, 2015:

thursday july 2, 2015:

friday july 3, 2015:

saturday july 4, 2015:

sunday july 5, 2015:

on going events this week:

the unwedding of the season: the summit

2015 June 25
by dena

IMG_8787what a fun excuse to get all dressed up. this is probably the first event in years makenzie and i didn’t ride bikes to – and honestly, it was nice to arrive and then start sweating opposed to the opposite. trying to explain what this event was, to people who didn’t already know about it (which was only like people at work and semi-friends who aren’t cool enough to get invited – because it seemed like pretty much everyone got invited) was confusing, what is an “unwedding” they’d ask. it’s just the fun part of the wedding, i’d say, skip the ceremony and go straight to the reception! but in other words, it was just like a local music show, except the drinks (in tiny tiny cups) were free and everyone really was dressed up.









houston events calendar june 22 – 28, 2015:

2015 June 21
by dena

houston events calendar june 22 28 2015

(anyone know where i was sunday evening? this picture gives a hint.)

monday june 22, 2015:

tuesday june 23, 2015:

  • tiki tuesday . the nightingale room . 4pm – 2am . FREE
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30-7:30pm . FREE
  • level 1 improv . beta theatre 2420 pierce . 7pm . $

wednesday june 24, 2015:

thursday june 25, 2015:

friday june 26, 2015:

saturday june 27, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • workshop: studio lighting for portraits . houston makespace . 11am – 1pm . $
  • pride parade . houston city hall . 12noon – 11pm . FREE
  • class: leather jewelry basics . houston makerspace . 2-5pm . $
  • in-store: shinyribs . cactus music . 3pm . FREE

sunday june 28, 2015:

on going events this week: