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houston events calendar october 17 – 23, 2016:

2016 October 17
by dena

houston-events-calendar-october-23-30 houston-events-calendar-october-17-23-2016

hey y’all! dena is in italy for two weeks, and who even KNOWS what she is doing over there because i have received zero snaps. (dena, are you seeing this spooky hunter la luna tonight from italy?) hmm. i bet a certain muscular and adventurous boy has received some news, and maybe he can update us in the comments? (please oh please!) anyway, here’s what is happening this week!

monday october 17, 2016:

tuesday october 18, 2016:

  • HUE at the waughford . the waughford . 5:30pm – 9pm . $ // ?
  • grown-up storytime 95 . rudyards . 8pm // 10pm . $5
  • i’m gonna do the crossword at double trouble and be wishing dena was there. come buy our favorite bar boys danny and edward a shot.

wednesday october 19, 2016:

thursday october 20, 2016:

friday october 21, 2016:

saturday october 22, 2016:

sunday october 23, 2016:

on going events this week:

houston events calendar: october 10 – 16, 2016

2016 October 9
by dena


so sorry about last week. i was out of town and then just kind of uhh, got busy or at least distracted i guess. and YIKES don’t get mad but i’m actually leaving for Italy on friday. yay me. so, i’m not going to be publishing while i’m out of town BUT i have a best best friend who said he’s always wanted to take over my events calendar so … nick? you up for it next week?

monday october 10, 2016:

tuesday october 11, 2016:

wednesday october 12, 2016:

thursday october 13, 2016:

friday october 14, 2016:

saturday october 15, 2016:

sunday october 16, 2016:

  • art market . discovery green . 10am – 5pm . FREE


texas through new mexico to arizona to utah and finally colorado

2016 September 28
by dena








my gosh. finally the end of all the road trip pictures. i’m headed to colorado this weekend again to see this guy one more time before he comes back to houston, and then i’m headed to ITAY with my mama !!! i am seriously so so lucky, i have just the life i’ve always wanted. the pictures above are from a 10 day road trip. we drove through 5 states. explored 2 nation parks and 1 national “landmark”. stayed in one roach motel, a few chain hotels, some KOA’s / campsites in our tent. we hiked so so much. seriously all the hiking. floated in SLC salt lake. we made a point to see the stars every night. ate more than a few del taco burritos. oh duh, almost forgot, totaled our car in a tire blow out on I-10. (the crash seemed to happen in slow motion and i really thought i was about to die – but thanks to the rental car and insurance pay out it was almost a good thing) anyway. point is. super fun trip, and can’t wait for more camping this fall !!!

houston events calendar: september 26 – october 2, 2016

2016 September 25
by dena

houston-events-calendar-september-26-october-6-2016monday september 26, 2016:

tuesday september 27, 2016:

wednesday september 28, 2016:

  • what the heck wednesdays . get your act together .

thursday september 29, 2016:

friday september 30, 2016:

saturday october 1, 2016:

sunday october 2, 2016:


houston events calendar: september 19 – 25, 2016

2016 September 18
by dena


monday september 19, 2016:

tuesday september 20, 2016:

  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 pm . FREE . (when you come back to houston say you’ll go with me !!!)
  • discovery discussions: dynamic conversations . discovery green . 7pm . FREE (this is such a cool thing they’re doing)
  • grown up storytime 94 . rudyards . 8 + 10pm . $5 – who want to go with me?
  • performance art night . notsuoh . 9pm . $5

wednesday september 21, 2016:

thursday september 22, 2016:

friday september 23, 2016:

saturday september 24, 2016:

sunday september 25, 2016:

on going events this week:

  • FREE LIVE music at the nightingale room basically every night this week

houston events calendar: september 12 – 18, 2016

2016 September 12
by dena

houston-events-calendar-september-12-18-2016sorry y’all – it was the barbarella 3 year anniversary last night. so guess you know what my priorities are! anyway here are the monday events and i’ll do the rest when i get home after school today.

monday september 12, 2016:

tuesday september 13, 2016:

wednesday september 14, 2016:

  • scrabble in the city literacy advance fundraiser for me and nick !!!

thursday september 15, 2016:

friday september 16, 2016:

saturday september 17, 2016:

sunday september 18, 2016:

on going events this week:




texas road trip : second half // hill country

2016 September 2
by dena

i was hoping to finish posting this solo-texas-road-trip before sharing pictures of the NOLA//MISSISSIPPI one and the ARIOZONA//UTAH//COLORAO one after that but what the heck – i’m going to okalhoma this weekend so. guess you’ll have to wait a few more days. basically all the trips.



carthage, tx : visited the texas country music hall of fame in north-east tx before heading to the hill country.


bastrop, tx: stopped for a latte and a photo-op





san antonio, tx : such a cool cool city. visited the old pearl + lone star brewery buildings and went to a country dance in the old pearl “stables” – i was the youngest by 45+ years HA.


middle of no where central texas river . i swam in more lakes in rivers during this trip than like EVER . 




snake farm (basically just so i could sing the song in my head) // luckenbach (also another excuse to sing the song) // fredericksburg (so i could eat the peaches) 

not pictures : more lakes and more rivers // went to a show at gruene hall // visited friends in austin // a boy i really liked waiting at home for me.

probably no events calendar until next monday night or tuesday . wish me luck camping in oklahoma this labor day !!!

houston events calendar: august 29 – september 4, 2016

2016 August 29
by dena

houston events calendar august 29 september 4 2016monday august 29, 2016:

tuesday august 30, 2016:

wednesday august 31, 2016:

thursday september 1, 2016:

friday september 2, 2016:

  • los skarnales labor day kick off . market square park . 7 – 10pm . FREE (go mom go !!!)
  • something about a rode: music inspired by shakespeare . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE

saturday september 3, 2016:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • instore: giant kitty . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • young girls and dj chido machine . axelrad . 7-10pm . FREE
  • extreme baroque! . miller outdoor theatre . 8pm . FREE
  • pachanga con bombon + brukout . fox hollow . 9pm – 2am . FREE if you RSVP on fb 24+ hours before // $5

sunday september 4, 2016:

on going events this week:


houston events calendar: YIKES i’m out of town, check back august 28, 2016

2016 August 13
by dena

houston events calendar out of town until august 28 2016

texas road trip : lakes and camping and east texas

2016 August 13
by dena





camp creek, tx: middle school bff’s lake house north east of college station. spent the first few days journaling in the shade and floating in the lake.





bremond, tx : family farm house. had an alone day/ night. highlight was going to the walmart in marlin for my “outing” and then a $3 breakfast taco that you know i made stretch for 2 meals.

waco, tx: had an alone day exploring. the checker-outer at CVS recommended it and what the heck – i don’t know what tv is so obviously had no clue what to expect. ate lunch at taco bell. did internet things at a cool coffee shop // bar called dichotomy. but, not like THAT cool, don’t worry double trouble.

west, tx: relived a childhood memory of going to this stop n’ go kolache store AND went to one other weird place, but i’ll share on a separate post.




kennard, tx // davy crockett nation forest : met up with a boy i like and his cousins for some camping in davy crockett national forest (north east texas). did camping things like drink cheap beers and read while the boys mess with fire, swim in a lake, and go on night hikes. also explored the caddo mounds and cute little downtown nacogdoches. IMG_0384


broaddus, tx : visited aunt sandy on lake sam rayburn (a little more north east). fed the chickens, did crafts, make pizza dough.

this was basically the first half of my trip. i’ll do another one about my time in the hill country. BUT, i’m leaving tomorrow morning before sunrise for a arizona // colorado road trip so don’t make me do a calendar. (sorry all y’all who read and care about those …) but i will be back in 10 days and will do one then. okay. BYE.