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heaven hell or houston: local podcast

2015 November 25
by dena


a few months ago i was asked by one of the bootown girls, emily, if i wanted to be interviewed for a new houston podcast. i was so honored, seeing that i look up to her and here she was asking to interview me. what the what! i said yes of course and then did the thing (and somehow don’t even sound too dinky) and now it’s edited and posted. heaven hell or houston episode 3 it’s a little repetitive to post it on my blog, seeing that it’s basically advertisement for this site and it looks like you already found yourself here. BUT if you only know me through the internet and am curious what my voice sounds like (or you’re one of my bff’s who keep making excuses not to listen to this) or want to know about my life outside of panchoandleftey OR need a new thing to listen to while driving or cooking or crafting check it out, or at least listen to the previous episodes. thank you H+H+H guys so much and YAY HOUSTON!

houston events calendar: november 23 – 29, 2015

2015 November 22
by dena

houston events calendar november 23 29 2015monday november 23, 2015:

tuesday november 24, 2015:

  • frostival . discovery green . 6-10pm . FREE (i initially thought it was a kid thing but turns out paul wall is performing at 9pm. so yep.)
  • performance art night . notsuoh . 9pm . FREE (?) (nick. OF COURSE you’re already rsvp-ed to this on the fb)(eye roll)

wednesday november 25, 2015:

  • buxton + deep cuts + birthday club . continental club . 9pm . $ (i don’t usually post $ shows but i just really like (and by like i mean “am familiar” with) all three of these bands) (nick – wish we could go but i have to work. dang)

thursday november 26, 2015:

friday november 27, 2015:

saturday november 28, 2015:

sunday november 29, 2015:

  • humm … anything?

on going events this week:

  • pop shop 2015 . 2000 edwards . friday // saturday 12noon – 8pm + sunday 12noon – 6pm . FREE (i’m not participating this year – but go support all the other local makers)
  • yart sale . blue orange gallery . saturday // sunday . FREE


houston events calendar: november 16 – 22, 2015:

2015 November 17
by dena

houston events calendar nov 16 22 2015if i saw you at grand prize and or barbarellas and or the backyard of that calumet house it was fun and you gave me + nick + makenzie things to talk about for dayssssssss.

monday november 16, 2015:

tuesday november 17, 2015:

wednesday november 18, 2015:

thursday november 19, 2015:

friday november 20, 2015:

saturday november 21, 2015:

sunday november 22, 2015:

on going events this week:

houston events calendar: november 9 – 15, 2015

2015 November 9
by dena

houston events calendar november 9 through 15 2015remember when it was last night and i went to all those parties and bars with a guy + my bffs and it was so fun. i love love LOVE my life.

monday november 9, 2015:

tuesday november 10, 2015:

wednesday november 11, 2015:

thursday november 12, 2015:

friday november 13, 2015:

saturday november 14, 2015:

sunday november 15, 2015:

on going events this week:


houston events calendar: november 2 – 8, 2015

2015 November 2
by dena

houston events calender november 2 through 8 2015

dang. i finished this last night and everything – guess i just forgot to post it. probably had something to do with that really REALY loud talker at black hole. my gosh that guy and his practically one sided conversation. thanks barista boy behind the counter who turned the music up in attempts to drowned him out and thanks bff halie for reminding me to post!

monday november 2, 2015:

tuesday november 3, 2015:

wednesday november 4, 2015:

thursday november 5, 2015:

friday november 6, 2015:

saturday november 7, 2015:

  • yoga . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • htx bikefest . 10am – 6pm . market square park . FREE
  • historic arts and cultural tour east end (bike houston members only ride) . market square park . 10am – 12noon . FREE
  • class: woodworking basics: simple table . houston makespace . 11am – 1pm . $$
  • first saturdays montrose . royal oak . 12noon – 6pm . FREE (there are so many good musicians + vendors lines up – i’ve never been and think maybe this will be the month!)
  • class: jewelry basics: soldered brass stacking rings . houston makerspace . 1-3pm . $$
  • movie: screen on the green: cinderella . discovery green . 7pm . FREE
  • creeperfest 2015 . house of creeps . 9pm . $ (???) (if i ever was to go to a show at the HofC this would be the one – so many good bands – and by good ones i mean i’ve heard of three of them) (bff’s what do you think? should be go and make that creepers dreams come true?)
  • 2015 moonlight ramble . meet at 1316 chenevert st . 10:45pm . $

sunday november 8, 2015:

on going events this week:

  • i went to food not bombs for a friends birthday last week and what the heck – i used to go weekly for years but then dropped it after college – anyway it was so nice to go back and be a part of something so positive and charitable. i def recommend going, no need to even bring anything (there was way way more than enough food when i went last monday) just show up and help serve/ clean-up. monday // wednesday // friday at 8pm sunday 7pm . downtown public library . FREE


houston zine fest 2015

2015 October 29
by dena

IMG_9853who made it out to zine fest 2015? probably all ya’ll because it seemed like all the cool kids were there.  it was so a super bueno turn out and so freakin fun. not a surprise – makenzie and i have been going for years and every year it’s the BEST. a thing i like most about my friends in houston is that we’re all creative in our own way and we all have ideas for cool things AND (the best part) we actually MAKE them happen. i love this community !!!

makenzie signed me up to be a volunteer for zine fest while i was on my tennessee roadtip. isn’t that what best friends are for – signing you up for stuff without asking  but knowing that they’ll thank you later – well thanks girl. i volunteered as a “floater” which meant i checked on vendors // did a last minute run to copydotcom for stacy + maria // and got to hang out with my fave bb’s mak + nick. i was basically a waitress – which is my dream job – so . yep.  and if you think ZF was the best – holy HOLY we rallied big time ( the three of us did that thing where we separated and took naps at 9pm) and because we were just so excited we woke up put on cute outifts and went to the after party. thats commitment. but it was oh so worth it: free beer + a new favorite band (son of bitch) + the cutest pictures in the photo booth + the secret back room bathroom + all the dance moves. so so good.  see you next year zine fest houston!!!







houston events calendar: october 26 – november 1, 2015

2015 October 25
by dena

houston events calendar october 26 to november 1 2015


it’s halloween week and i just thought of lit-trally the BEST costume. think recent music video that everyones talking about where it’s a guy and maybe he loves houston because of the location / sweatshirt and yep and the songs good and the artist is way cute and yep, i’m gonna be that guy. get READY for my dancemoves !!!

monday october 26, 2015:

tuesday october 27, 2015:

wednesday october 28, 2015:

thursday october 29, 2015:

friday october 30, 2015:

saturday october 31, 2015:

sunday november 1, 2015:

  • sunday streets . along caroline (from wentworth to binz) and then along binz from caroline to chenevert . 12noon – 4pm . FREE
  • dia de los muertos festival . national museum of funeral history . 12noon . $

on going events this week:

houston events calendar: october 19 – 25, 2015

2015 October 18
by dena

houston events calendar october 19 25 2015


it’s a grownup storytime week AND it’s the freakin bootown bash! so excited to go to both of these glorious things!!!

monday october 19, 2015:

tuesday october 20, 2015:

wednesday october 21, 2015:

thursday october 22, 2015:

friday october 23, 2015:

saturday october 24, 2015:

sunday october 25, 2015:

  • whamp whamp … and nick is out of town and everything! sad sunday.

on going events this week:

  • fall gypsy market . 7500 fm2920 spring tx (far away – but it looks cool) . thursday – saturday . lots of days lots of times . $5



houston events calendar: october 12 – 18, 2015

2015 October 12
by dena

houstoneventscalendar1012182015gosh. sorry. it’s like i was on a date last night or something. anyway this week is going to be good, i mean NICK comes back home – so how could it not! also it’s zine fest + zine fest after party so come dance with me there. also the conner + billy show that i never miss. if you hurt your arm last week and then sent me funny texts about ditching black hole last night – this is your shout out!

monday october 12, 2015:

tuesday october 13, 2015:

wednesday october 14, 2015:

thursday october 15, 2015:

friday october 16, 2015:

saturday october 17, 2015:

sunday october 18, 2015:

on going events this week:

  • splendid china . miller outdoor theatre . friday // saturday . 7:30pm . FREE

tour of the houston ship channel: makenzie’s 25th birthday present

2015 October 7
by dena

IMG_9726makenzie turned 25 last month and we went on a tour of the houston ship channel to celebrate. for some reason i always thought this FREE boat ride was BYOB and for years would make jokes about drinkin on the ship channel. (how did we even find out about this? from chris pollard?) why did i even think that? it was definitely NOT a thing where one would drink alcohol. and good thing because we kinda got sea sick as it was. the ride was 1 hour-ish and we floated down 7 miles of the channel. lots of ship workers waved at us from their boats – and we made jokes about seeing our friend kirby (who works on a tub boat or something). the not highlight was saying one too many words to one of the captains (nick + mak know about how just one too many words can lead a stranger to talking your ear off. graustark bridge during the blue moon. ahh haa).  anyway. this guy (hes the on in the picture below with the hat closest to the baby water bottles) started going on and on about his wedding-boat business  in clear lake where he’s the driver and preacher and the ceremony is 25 minutes and his wife is the photographer and you can invite like 5 friends and they’ll throw in a bottle of champaign on the house and blah blah blah. we just nodded our heads a lot while he blabbed. besides that. the whole thing was good. oh, free baby sodas – that was the best part. so, want to go with your bff for your birthday? reserve your spot HERE.