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houston events calendar: january 26 – february 1, 2015

2015 January 25
by dena

houston events calendar january 26 february 1 2015monday january 26, 2015:

tuesday january 27, 2015:

wednesday january 28, 2015:

  • food not bombs . downtown public library . 8pm . FREE (i keep meaning to get back into fnb, maybe this week i will …)

thursday january 29, 2015:

friday january 30, 2015:

saturday january 31, 2015:

sunday february 1, 2015:

  • whamp whamp …

on going events to look into this week:

  • ice skating at discovery green

houston marathon: makenzie ran her first 1/2 marathon

2015 January 25

IMG_8399last sunday was the houston marthon. my roomate ran it, and makenzie ran the half! i staked out a spot and watched for them both, snagged some pictures, and got inspired. (i started a couch-t0-5k program that afternoon) i skipped church to go for a post race breakfast with makenzie and her bf at honeymoon. YAY girl, so proud of you!







houston events calendar: january 19 – 25, 2015

2015 January 19
by dena

houston events calendar january 19 25 2015monday january 19, 2015:

tuesday january 20, 2015:

wednesday january 21, 2015:

thursday january 22, 2015:

friday january 23, 2015:

saturday january 24, 2015:

sunday january 25, 2015:

on going events this week:


houston events calendar: january 12 – 18, 2015

2015 January 11
by dena

1 12 18 2015monday january 12, 2015:

  • houston urban gardeners meeting . houston multi-service center (west gray across from tj max) . 6:45pm . FREE (andrew cobb won’t be speaking, but his japhet creek landlords will!)

tuesday january 13, 2015:

wednesday january 14, 2015:

thursday january 15, 2015:

friday january 16, 2015:

saturday january 17, 2015:

sunday january 18, 2015:

  • on going events this week:

    road trip: the rest of the days: hot springs

    2015 January 10
    by dena

    IMG_8320don’t take a trip somewhere on new years day. news flash: everything you will have wanted to go do/ see will be closed. but over all this trip was way good and i like this guy a way lot and who would have known, arkansas is really pretty and if you haven’t gone there. go.











    houston events calendar: january 5 – 11, 2015

    2015 January 5
    by dena

    1 5 11 2015it’s been a few weeks. sorry about that. but this week’s events so make up for it. i am going to as many of these as possible – this week is going to be great!

    monday january 5, 2015:

    • well, just like nothing i guess …

    tuesday january 6, 2015:

    wednesday january 7, 2015:

    thursday january 8, 2015:

    friday january 9, 2015:

    saturday january 10, 2015:

    sunday january 11, 2015:

    • anyone know of anything good going on today …?

    on going events this week:


    eureka springs: day two: religion day

    2015 January 2

    IMG_8228day two in eureka springs was: religion day. which means a big jesus statue at this place called christ of the ozarks. kind of a joke, kind of not. before we left tony’s parents house, at the beginning of the trip, we found a picture of his dad in front of this statue – so this is us recreating it. after that we went to thorncrown chapel. its a glass chapel in the woods, very very cool. oh – and we went to a “magnet” spring. and lots of other springs around town. there are lots of grottos carved out of stone walls and staircases around downtown eureka springs. you’ll be walking down a mega slanted narrow street and see a house across the street, it’ll look like a one story house, until you look closer and realize it’s actually the third story of a three story house and the first floor is three stories down on a whole other street. its unlike any other town i’ve seen. oh an antiquing, like our favorite thing to do all the time. we did some of that.
















    eureka springs: day 1: museum day

    2014 December 29
    by dena

    IMG_8133its not that i forgot about the events calendar these past two weeks, more like i’ve been on vacation from school and so umm literally taking a vacation. i drove to dallas saturday to meet tony at his parents house. from there we drove north east to eureka springs arkansas. so far we freakin love it here. so so liberal and cool and pretty. and blah blah. today, day one, was MUSEUM DAY.  it was below freezing when we headed out, hence the frost. we went to crystal bridges (an american art museum funded and collected by one of the walmart kids) then we took a little break for vietnamese food. next the original “walmart” / walton museum. we drove through eureka springs as the sun set, had hard cider and chips/salsa for dinner while talking with our air b and b host. now it’s netflix time.













    houston events calendar: december 15 – 21, 2014

    2014 December 15
    by dena

    12 15 21 2014

    monday december 15, 2014:

    • cheap skate night . discovery green . $6 a person

    tuesday december 16, 2014:

    wednesday december 17, 2014:

    thursday december 18, 2014:

    friday december 19, 2014:

    saturday december 20, 2-14:

    sunday december 21, 2014:

    • anyone have anything to post for sunday?

    on going events this week:


    tiki party

    2014 December 11
    by dena

    IMG_8093if you’re friends with us in real life you know that last weekend was really really good. i went to see my girl NIKKI LANE and i think she remembered me from the cactus instore last month (of which i met her and she loved my outfit) (remember that?) (if not, read about it HERE). well, after that i went to barbs – which is always the most fun ever – but then something not fun happened. i woke up with a horrible hangover. and it lasted all the next day and the day after that. i had it during craft sales in the heights and lunch with my mom and worst of all during this way cute tiki party makenzie and i went to. let me tell ya its kind of hard to drink a mai thai when you feel like mega “bleh” but it’s harder to turn on down. and the mini grilled cheeses on hawaiian rolls. those almost made everything else ok.