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hi hi, i’m dena. i started this blog 4ish years ago with my best friend makenzie. we love houston. we’re both from here and have lived here our whole lives. (i probably should branch out and live somewhere else in the world someday, but not any time soon. please don’t make me). this little baby has since become “my” little baby, which might account for the confusion of “where did her best friend go?” let me just tell you that makenzie is still around and we’re still best friends – but my passion for posting ran a little deeper and i am now the sole creator//editor of panchoandleftey.

more about me: i’m a pre-school teacher at the best nature centered//child directed//play based school i’ve ever been to. it’s called blossom heights child development center and it’s literally my dream job. (sometimes when it’s the weekend and i wish it was monday so i could be back at school with my favorite people doing my favorite thing). my other favorite thing is dancing. i love dancing and you can find me pretty much every weekend in the middle of some dance floor. and there’s a good chance, if it’s late at night and i’m out dancing – i probably rode my bike there and i’m probably drinking a lone star. i spend a lot of time on my apartment floor watching netflix and crafting (i have sold my houston inspired felt crafts at pop shop houston and craftidote in the past. come to my booth and buy something next december) i also got into jewelry making a few years ago. i learned to solder with a torch at houston makerspace (there’s still a little hole in my heart after hearing they were going to close there doors in august of 2016). someday i’ll get there energy to take classes somewhere else, or get my own torch set up – who knows.  besides that i try to read a book a month (whoop whoop to my feminist book club girls) and am a plant mom to literally 30+ plants that all seam to live happily in my museum district apartment. my favorite season is summer when it’s everything coconut flavored, bikes, swimming pools, jean cut offs and tanlines although for some reason i’m having warm feelings about fall // winter.

did you hear my little interview on kpft//npr//88.7? if not, jump on the band wagon and listen HERE. oh and what the what? i was also asked to be on houston’s podcast: heaven, hell, or houston. listen to that one HERE.

if you have any ideas // connections //  suggestions // or like think we should be friends, don’t be scared, just email me:


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