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last few years ago, i decided to do something that scared me, apply for the 2013 pop show houston craft show. a few weeks later i found out i had been accepted as a vendor and from that day until the morning of the event, i was in crazy-craft-girl mode. the fair was MEGA successful – way more than i expected. i’ve blown a kiss goodbye to popshop but am now committed to craftidote – so come see me in the antidote coffee shop parking lot this december 2016.

during the show i was commissioned by james glassman, of the, to create a custom felt astrodome pillow (read the post here). since finishing the original, i was written up in (thanks john lomax) and am currently taking custom orders. (well i’m actually way busy with all the other things in my life – but if you need one so so bad i could make it happen). I also was, most recently, highlighted as one of three artists participating in the Houston Chronicle regarding the november pop shop show.

(if i wasn’t apparent, click on those yellow underline links above to read + see pictures of me!)

please email with questions // orders // houston inspiration: panchoandleftey (at) gmail (dot) com


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