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houston events calendar: march 13 – 19, 2017

2017 March 13
by dena

houston events calendar march 13 19 2017

HI HI HI HI HI. guess what, I’m on vacation and nick doesn’t know it yet but he is maybe going to write this week’s calendar for me. fingers crossed he says yes and does the hard work while i’m kicking up dust in nashville. thought i’d do a little nod to him and feature him in this week’s calendar picture – isn’t he a cutie !! this was us making valentines for some lucky guys and gals last year. give him some love about this week’s events and maybe you’ll be on the valentine list for next year, maybe …

(oh my gosh, dena is the freakin best and OF COURSE i agreed to do the calendar this week !! – nick)

monday march 13, 2017:

tuesday march 14, 2017:

  • pi day – go eat pie !!
  • bingo night . the secret group . 8pm . FREE

wednesday march 15, 2017:

thursday march 16, 2017:

friday march 17, 2017:

  • saint patrick’s day – go drink green beer !!
  • a true texas smorgasbord (house show) . christmas island . 8pm – 2am . $7 for the bands + BYOB (hosted by my couple crush, izzy and jonathan !!)
  • a fistful of soul . continental club . 10pm – 2am . FREE . (ashley is bartending in the tiki hut !! go say hi and tip big.)

saturday march 18, 2017:

sunday march 19, 2017:

on going events:



houston events calendar: march 6 – 12, 2017

2017 March 5
by dena

houston events calendar march 6 12 2017

i’m in houston for a few days this week, then off to the exact location pictured above for a spring break full of 2-stepping with my favorite pen-pal in real life. and randomly if you’re from ohio, here for three months, and let my mom talk your ear off while working in the japanese garden last week – way to go finding my blog. need a friend to bike around with, send me a message !!

monday march 6, 2017:

tuesday march 7, 2017:

  • ride & attend public session on bike plan . houston city hall .1-5pm . FREE
  • lecture: playing the russia or china card? (trump related) . united way of greater houston . 6:30 – 8pm . $ // ?
  • yoga . discovery green . 6:30 – 7:30pm . FREE
  • neo benshi 29 . the secret group . 8-10pm . $5

wednesday march 8, 2017:

thursday march 9, 2017:

friday march 10, 2017:

saturday march 11, 2017:

sunday march 12, 2017:

on going events this week:

  • the RODEO !!
  • rolle skating rink at discovery green !!

houston events calendar: february 27 – march 5, 2017

2017 February 26
by dena

houston events calendar 2 27 3 5 2017

good news, i did and posted the calendar on time. bad-ish news is that there isn’t too much going on this week. leave a comment with details of any events i might have missed.

monday february 27, 2017:

tuesday february 28, 2017:

wednesday march 1, 2017:

thursday march 2, 2017:

friday march 3, 2017:

saturday march 4, 2017:

  • yoga (it’s staring back up !!) . discovery green . 9-10am . FREE
  • art swap . lawndale art center . 10am – 2pm . FREE . this looks SO COOL !!
  • instore: lonestar hippie . cactus music . 1pm . FREE

sunday march 5, 2017:


defend the sacred: eco-skill share

2017 February 22

IMG_1537not last sunday but the one before i went to a skill share at japhet creek. i mostly went to support my good friend andrew cobb BUT kind of doubled up on support, seeing that it was a fundraiser for “two riversan indigenous prayerful resistance camp fighting the Trans-Pecos-Pipe-Line in the big bend region of west texas and who can protest that. except, actually that’s kind of a bad joke because turns out someone in washington with little hands and a lot of other people who spend their time making what i categorize as bad choices actually do. DUMB. anyway, i was there for the end of the rain gardens talk, compost – from a microbial perspective, wild edibles, and zen meditation. there was also a potluck  and just all around good people. i know it’s ignorant to live in this kind of bubble, where everyone has the same views on politics and also loves homemade vegan food and sitting in the grass listening to friends and friend’s of friends share their skills and not even cursing the blazing sun or mosquitos in february. BUT it just so nice. it’s such a comfortable community for me and i’m so happy to be able to take things like this for granted. i love the people i chose to surround myself with. and yes nick, the one you think is him is him.





houston events calendar: february 20 – 26, 2017

2017 February 20
by dena

houston events calendar feb 20 26 2017

i was out of town. all these exciting things happening on a sunday – i promise i’ll work on this tonight/tomorrow. i won’t let y’all down !!

okay, well at least it’s in time for the weekend !!

thursday february 23, 2017:

friday february 24, 2017:

saturday february 25, 2017:

  • poe co garage sale . poe elementary . 8am . !!!
  • me + andrew cobb will be doing fermentation demonstrations at the Urban Harvest Eastside farmers market (the one off kirby and Eastside st.) come see us !!
  • houston creole heritage festival & parade . discovery green . 9am – 9pm . FREE // ?
  • levy park grand opening event . levy park 3801 eastside . 10am – 7:30pm . FREE . this is where i learnd to swim !!
  • rights are rad – a party with the ACLU . axelrad . 12noon – 10pm . FREE + probably kind of a fundraiser
  • instore: charlie and the regrets . cactus music . 1pm . FREE
  • instore: bandulus + steady 45’s + dj sesssion . cactus music . 3-5pm . FREE
  • dusan tynek dance theatre . turrell skyspace . 6-7pm . $ // ?
  • midnight at the moody (dance party !!) . moody center for the arts at rice university . 10pm – 2am . FREE // it says it’s for rice students … but …

sunday february 26, 2017:

hon going events this weekend:

houston events calendar: february 13 – 19, 2017

2017 February 13
by dena

houston events calendar feb 13 19 2017

sorry i flaked out last week, and extra sorry to say it was kind of because of the superbowl. i don’t care at all about football, but free snacks and the fact that it was in houston go me into it. anyway happy valentines and doesn’t look like there’s too TOO much going on in town this week, but hey sometimes having less options is nice.

monday february 13, 2017:

tuesday february 14, 2017:

  • valentines phermonel party . double trouble . 7pm . FREE + bring your ziplock bag / t-shirt (look on their instagram for more info)

wednesday february 15, 2017:

  • instore: the lemon twigs . cactus music . 4:30pm . FREE
  • instore: buzz cason & robert cline jr. . cactus music . 7pm . FREE

thursday february 16, 2017:

friday february 17, 2017:

saturday february 18, 2017:

  • instore: dollie barnes . cactus music . 3pm . FREE
  • so like, basically a mothly comedy show hosted by kathryn way . rec room . 8 – 9:30pm . $ pay what you can$

sunday february 19, 2017:

  • instore: eric johnson . cactus music . 12:30pm . FREE


houston events calendar: january 30 – february 5, 2017

2017 January 29
by dena

houston events january 30 february 5 2017HOLY heck i can’t even wrap my head around all the free things happening this week. i was trying to type out all the free shows at discovery green, but gave up and decided to just copy and paste them below.

monday january 30, 2017:

  • free shows at discovery green *see list below

tuesday january 31, 2017:

  • free shows at discovery green * see list below

wednesday february 1, 2017:

thursday february 2, 2017:

  • discovery green free shows * see list below
  • menil neighborhood night . menil . 5 – 9pm . FREE + open a few hours later + food trucks and live jazz for the superbowl

friday february 3, 2017

  • free shows at market square park : 11am charlee brown // 12:15 mind shrine // 1:15pm young girls // 2:15 dollie barnes
  • free shows at discovery green * see list below
  • cheap date 3: a $20 art show & market . hardy & nance studios . 7 – 11pm . $3 // $5 a couple (get there on time !!)
  • winter dance party! buddy holly tribute! . continental club  9:30pm – 2am . $ // ? NICK !! wish you were in town for this !!

saturday february 4, 2017:

sunday february 5, 2017:

on going events // superbowl week things :

FREE shows at discovery green // the order is kind of mixed up because there are 2 stages and i just copy and pasted them on top of each other

Monday, January 30

3:00 pm John Egan
4:15 pm The Mighty Orq
5:30 pm Folk Family Revival
5:30 walker lukens
6:30 sarah jaffe
7:45 nick gaitan
Tuesday, January 31
3:00 pm  Glass the Sky
4:15 pm Another Run
5:30 pm thelastplaceyoulook
5:45 teo chew association: unicorn dragon and lion dance team
6:30 sam lao
7:45 bright light social hour

Wednesday, February 1

3:00 pm Little Outfit
4:15 pm Max FLinn
5:30 pm Second Lovers
4:00 pm Feel Rich Fitness Concert
6:15 pm Buxton
7:45 pm Hayes Carll
9:15 pm Ryan Bingham

Thursday, February 2

3:00 pm Julia Cole
4:15 pm Children of Pop
5:30 pm Bang Bangz
5:45 pm Ingrid
6:45 pm Lizzo 
8:00 pm Robert Glasper Experiment 
9:30 pm Solange

Friday, February 3
12:00 pm Vodi
3:00 pm Us
4:15 pm Catch Fever
5:30 pm Wrestlers
12:30 pm The Suspects
4:00 pm Feel Rich Fitness Concert
6:15 pm Robert Ellis
7:45 pm Shakey Graves
9:15 pm Leon Bridges
Saturday, February 4
12:00 pm Soul Dig
3:00 pm Mind Shrine
4:15 pm Say Girl Say
5:30 pm Dollie Barnes
6:00 pm ZZ Top
7:30 pm Gary Clark Jr.
9:00 pm ZZ Top
Sunday, February 5
1:15 pm Mango Punch
2:15 pm The Allen Oldies Band
11:00 am Feel Rich Fitness Concert
12:30 pm Grupo Fantasma
2:00 pm Los Skarnales

houston women’s march

2017 January 26
by dena

IMG_1534i had been excited about the march all week but had no idea it was going to be THIS big of a deal. i didn’t make a sign, but did paint a venus tit tee (sorry otherwild for swiping that idea) (and yes, they’re also responsible for those rad “the future is female” shirts) (and sorry blog followers for not having a picture of it. there’s a little sneak peak of it on my instagram thumbnails) but i did go with my mom and we were part of something much MUCH bigger than ourselves.




IMG_1514we started at the sabine st bridge and “marched” to houston city hall for the BIG women’s rally. i saw all kinds of people, all in solidarity and support of women – and heck of humans in general. it was a huge inspiration and the surge of energy has been with me all week.

houston events calendar: january 23 – 29, 2017

2017 January 22
by dena

houston events calendar january 23 29 2107

excited i have basically something to do every night this week ( i like being busy and i like week days better than weekends . just btw ) but oh so sad nick is headed off to italy !! i’ll miss you bb !!

monday january 23, 2017:

  • last monday of cheap skate night at discovery green !!
  • comedy open mic . rudyards . doors open at 7:30pm . FREE

tuesday january 24, 2017:

wednesday january 25, 2017:

  • houston maker meetup . station houston . 7 – 10pm . FREE (dang, i have another commitment – wish i could go !! )

thursday january 26, 2017:

friday january 27, 2017:

saturday january 28, 2017:

sunday january 29, 2017:

on going events this week:

the life changing magic of tidying up : clothes

2017 January 18

IMG_1502i’ve had the plan to read the life changing magic of tidying up: the japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo for quite a while. i’d been putting it off, letting the excitement come to a rolling boil. sometimes it’s fun to want something real bad and put it off just long enough so that your want for it grows to it’s fullest and THEN jump in head first. i spent car rides listening to random podcasts on the topic, talking to friends about it, and watched youtube videos before i even checked if the library had it in stock. i promised myself i’d finished the novel i started over christmas break first and that was punishment in itself. anyway, i finished the novel. checked out the book i’d been literally dreaming about, and started reading. i carried it around with me all week, so pleased with it’s petite size and cover.

I read it in a few days, and thought it was almost over hyped. although that’s probably because i’d been hearing so much about it over the past few weeks and felt like i already had a good understanding of the concept. the concept being: your house should be filled with things that bring you joy, and ONLY items that bring you joy. as for getting to that state of equilibrium, choose what in your house literally sparks joy while holding it – and choose to keep it. (opposed to “choosing” what to give away). donate the rest. (although she says “depose” or “throw away” a lot in her book which made me cringe every time) (she also talked about ripping out your favorite pages in books you only sort of like, gluing them into a notebook, and throwing away the rest of the book. my gosh. that’s horrible advice and made me not like her a little more than a little bit)


IMG_1496anyway this past monday i did the first step: clothes. i woke up early, took a shower and even did my hair – just so that i would be in a good state of mind to do a scary thing. then i took out everything clothes realated i owned and dumped them on the floor. i picked up each one, felt for the joy, and ended up giving away half of my closet. (some to goodwill, some to my mom so she can deal with it, and some i sold at buffalo exchange) it felt great !! half way through i forgot i was supposed to be personally thanking each item i was choosing not to keep, thanking them for the time we spent together and what they taught me. upon realizing i almost tumped over the bag and started again, but decided blowing a general kiss in the bag’s direction would be good enough. blah blah. up next books + knickknacks + papers + sentimental mementos.



anyone else read this little cutie and put the methods into practice? anyone inspired yet? side note, anyone have any good podcasts to listen to now that i’ve literally listened to every one with “tidying up” in the title on itunes. HA !!