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looking back: dog walking

2012 January 13
by dena

Makenzie has had a zillion and one jobs in her lifetime. Ok,maybe a few less. But pretty close to a zillion and one. Before i met her she worked at: James Avery Jewlery, some random Kingwood bakery, Anthropology, UST bookstore, and a had a summer long internship at the ship channel. Since we’ve become friends she has held down a few dozen more jobs. For example: office assistant, nanny,Steinmart sales girl, and  internet marketer just to name a few. But of her many jobs, DOG WALKING was her favorite. Makenzie got paid a lump sum of money each week to walk two giant huskey dogs every other day. She walked these dogs through rain and mud, Houston summer heat, with possible future boyfriends, and of course with her best friend by her side.

These pictures were taken this time last year, notice how my hair is longer than Makenzie’s (no longer the case). We walked the dogs from their midtown condo to the Discovery Green dog park. Each and every time we walked them through neighborhood streets or busseling downtown during rush hour we would get the same question… “are those wolves”. And each time we would have to kindly inform the ignorant civillian that no, we were not walking wild WOLVES but merely tame, disciplined, Siberian Huskey dogs. 

Unfortunately the dog owners moved to the suburbs and Makenzie was left once again jobless. 

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  1. Marty A permalink
    February 10, 2013

    I have a Love for Siberian Husky’s ! I had many in my life time. My last friend was Calina! She was Siberian and she was half Wolf! Calina was the love of everyone up till the day she died. She was 14 yrs old. She looks a lot like the second photo. She was black and white and she had Red in her being her father was a red wolf. The red really came out in the summer time.
    I’m so glad you were had the chance to be with such wonderful dog’s! They will never forget you! Good luck with finding another job! Did you ever think about working with a vet or a shelter for animals!

    • Dena and Makenzie permalink*
      February 11, 2013

      thanks for the comment – yes makenzie had found other jobs since then. in fact she left this morning for an out of state work share where she’ll be living on a farm and caring for goats and horses for a month! they’re not huskys – but hey they need love too.

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