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2012 January 21
by dena

Here are som photos from my last trip to Dallas. My BF and I spent the evening at the State Fair:

One Dr. Pepper can gets you in for $5. Two Dr. Pepper cans gets you and your BF in for $10.

I have always loved self-time photos. Thankfully my Nikon not only takes 10second delay pictures but is also compatible with a self timer remote.

We witnessed the State Fair Parade. Very campy – unlike your average holiday parade.

Our goal was to try any and every carnival treat foreign to us. First on the list: $2 pineapple soft serve.

Next: Fried s’mores for me and a fried Twinkie for Tony.

Then we shared fried Coco Cola balls, this was our least favorite. It pretty much just tasted like a soda flavored funnel cake. 

Then we wandered around the carnival – not in the mood to ride any rides after we spent all our money on treats.

People watching was at its prime here at the Fair. Matching wigs – your guess is as good as mine.

I’m currently here in Dallas/ Fort Worth again this weekend. Can’t wait to share more pictures from this trip.


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  1. January 28, 2012

    dude were y’all sick?

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