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Nail Art: Texas Flag Nails

2012 March 14

It’s Rodeo season in Houston right now. I’m stuck at home on spring break so I decided to spend a little time today trying out some new nail art ideas! I wanted to do some Texas inspired nail art. I did this flag on myself and some bluebonnets on my little sister (look for those next week!). I was intimidated to try the flag but it turend out easier than expected! Yay! I love it so much. Too bad I’m in Kingwood and none of my Wild West friends will see my nails.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate difficulty, as long as you have a steady hand


– Red Nail Polish (I actually ended up using my new Essie nailpolish, which I bought as a present for myself when my boyfriend and I were having a fight. Best “retail therapy” purchase ever)

– White Nail Polish

– Blue Nail Polish

YOU WILL ALSO NEED: Some kind of stencil for the flag, if you are not good at freehand painting. You can use a small star sticker or a special manicure stencil (get them in the kids section at CVS or at Sally’s). I used a stencil on one finger and freehanded the other (more pictures below)

This is what the stencils look like:


STEP 1: Paint a small square in the bottom right corner of your nail. If you are nervous about messing up, you can use some tape. I found it to be quite easy to make the square (and I’m a sloppy person!)

STEP 2: Add a blue stripe on the left half of your nail.

STEP 3: Add the final square in the upper right hand corner in white.

STEP 4: Paint the rest of your nails red while you wait for the Texas flag nail to dry!

STEP 5: Use the nail stencil! Press it on the flag where the star goes. Then, paint over the stencil (see below) After it dries, peel the stencil off.


If you have trouble using a stencil, you can just freehand it. Here’s my freehand star (pretty messy, huh?):

Are you feelin’ country yet? If not, here’s a country song I really like. It’s pretty cheesy but come on ladies, we’ve all been there.


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  1. March 14, 2012

    she is on One Tree Hill!!! and I love your Texas nails!!!!

    • March 14, 2012

      Thanks! I was thinking I should get really good at nail art and upload pictures on facebook and tell people I will paint their nails for like 10 or 15 bucks

  2. March 14, 2012

    HA. makenzie and i make fun of this song all the time (i can’t believe she posted it) and YAY texas girls

    • gloria atkins permalink
      October 22, 2012

      Well Thank U, havent been called a girl in a very long time…LOL JK, i’m a 46yr old girl w/10 grandkids & they will tell u, my Grandma still likes to play with us. I can still keep up with the 4yr olds, its my 13 & 9 yr old granddaughters that wear me down!! why i need 2 learn nail art so i can keep them busy 🙂

  3. March 15, 2012

    This is adorable!

  4. gloria atkins permalink
    October 22, 2012

    Thanks, it was very easy for me except for the star. I still have no star! i don’t have a stencil & i can’t freehand it because I have no idea where to start…can u help me please?

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