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recap: dena’s 21st birthday

2012 March 22

wow, what a birthday. it was jam packed with friends and and fun. unfortunately i didn’t get pictures of ALL the events, but here are a few (starting at midnight Wednesday morning through 2am Thursday)

1. starting Tuesday night, Mak and i joined some fellow Food Not Bombs friends at The Darmah Cafe to celebrate our sorta of “victory” at city council that day in regards to the amendment to chapter 20 of the ordinance. we were so busy listening to the jazz band and chatting over dessert we didn’t even notice it was past midnight, meaning i was officially 21. Nick bought me a “screwdriver” my fist drink as a legal adult. and so the night continued. Mak and i stopped by Avant Garden for their Tuesday open mic. we stayed until “last call” catching up with old friends from our Robert Ellis Whiskey Wednesday days and dancing to the numerous singer-song writers who performed.

2./3. starting wednesday morning i headed over to U of H to meet up with an old friend for a birthday breakfast, but was posponed by a freak car accident. i don’t really remember what happened, but some how the car in front of me on 45 south spun out of control and caused a chain reaction pile up. no one was hurt, but three cars were totalled. my truck was not involved. i was the one who called 911 so i needed to stay for the entirety of the police report – thus birthday breakfast fell through.

4./5. after class, mak and i met some kiddos at menil park. we relaxed in the afternoon sun while talking about the past year and plans for 2012

6./7. i headed home to do some celebrating with my parents. my mom has the tradition of ALWAYS putting a sign and streamers in the front yard. this year – no exception. I also went to Michael’s with Halie to pick up some gold pipe cleaners for my nifty little homemade birthday crown. btw, thats my mom and dog (pixy)

8./9./10. in preparation for Food Not Bombs i made some indian curried rice salad (sounds weird, but was a huge hit at FNB) i picked up mak from our apartment, headed out to the downtown library, and served.

11./12./13. after serving, the FNB gang went out to Lone Star Saloon (a little hole in the wall dive bar on the edge of downtown) for a quick drink. i don’t think the staff there gets many “21st birthday girls” and therefore spoiled me with cheers and free drinks.

14. we were now running behind schedule. mak and i rushed back to our apartments, changed, and headed straight to Wild West. we were greeted by a bunch of  friends (most were fellow UST education majors) (we made a few “teachers gone wild” jokes. ha.) we danced the night away and by 2 am we had all shuffled out of the dance hall – completely exhausted.

15. mak and i carpooled over to Taco Bell (turns out the drive through is open until 4:30am), got some burritos to go, and headed back to bed.

what a CRAZY day filled with so much fun. i am so greatful for all the friends in my life, i appreciate all of you !


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  1. Suki permalink
    March 22, 2012

    YAY you – Happy 21st!

  2. sandrada719 permalink
    March 22, 2012

    So exactly how many alcoholic beverages did you consume in celebration of turning 21? When you’re ready to try your hand at gambling, c’mon up here and we’ll make a run for the border. Louisiana, that is. Rudy’s got plenty money for the one-armed bandits!

    • March 23, 2012

      i didn’t drink much at all. within the 26 hours i probably had 5 drinks. and i hadn’t even through about gambling – wow – i don’t have to walk on the little carpet pathway in casinos any more!

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