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sneak peak: dena’s purse UNEDITED

2012 April 4

As you may remember from my first “sneak peak” last week, these posts are an opportunity for me to share a few some-what boring collection of pictures for the hopes that there are viewers out there, somewhere, who (just like me) are interested in random strangers private lives. For this post I am recreating a cutsie, crafty blog classic go-to post: Whats in my bag. But mine differs a bit from that of MuchoMuchoBuenoBueno’s, Delightfully-Tacky, The Dainty Squid, this post is RAW and UNEDITED (seriously, nothing was added or discarded, i literally dumped my purse upside down and took some pictures)

1. I got this purse (my winter bag) from buffalo exchange, its brand-less.   2. Thats my 365day journal (my aunt started it in 1968 but never finished it) i’ve been writing in in for the past 3 years.   3. I always keep extra plastic silverware in my purse, ALWAYS.   4. Found that necklace in a dumpster.   5. That metal tin is from an ex-bf, i keep bobby pins, movie stubs and knickknacks in it. best part about breaking up with a bf, keeping all the cool stuff they gave you. (thanks boy, you know who you are)   6. free YELP Chapstick, sounds better than it is   7. those are my keys (i covered them in felt and made a yarn pom pom for a key chain)   8. a comb for last minute bump-it up hair teasing.   9. scissors.   10. nail polish for long traffic lights and parking lot waiting.  11. one of my two pairs of glasses. I originally fibbed my eye exam a few years ago, turns out i need them for real now.   12. mini tape dispenser, why the heck not.   13. cheese stick wrapper, not sure where i got this from. maybe snagged it from the kids i babysit ?

Check out makenzie’s purse HERE. feel free to leave a link to you toally honest “whats in my bag” post


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  1. April 10, 2012

    HAHAHAHA FORK! You never know when you will need one!

  2. April 12, 2012

    i love having silverware on me, and i’m sorta a pat rat – does it show much ?

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