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2012 April 11

(photo credit: Katharine Schilcutt:

If you thought ALL this “keep sharing free” stuff is over – think again. Mak and I are more involved and actively participating than ever! In fact Mak has taken over a semi-leadership role in this whole thing. (although i’m super competitive and jealous of her at times, i’m also so proud of her responsibilities in this group effort, she’s really found her calling) Here’s a brief recap of what currently going on. Last Wednesday the Houston City Council passed, 11 to 6 votes, an amendment to chapter 20 of the code of ordinance a law that criminalizes the act of sharing food.

As it currently stands, as of July 1st 2012, it will be illegal to share food on private or public property within the Houston city limits with more than 5 people without having prior permission from the city. sound ridiculous ? yes, it is true, and just as crazy as it sounds.

I was invited to talk on the Houston KPFT 90.1 radio show” Eco-Ology at 6 am this morning. I was super nervous, but had to keep reminding myself that having talked in front of Houston City Council (it’s like speaking in a freakin’ court room) I can talk to anyone anywhere. If you missed the show this morning, like why wouldn’t you be up at 6 am listening to Pacificia radio ? You can download/play via the link below. BTW, my interview starts around 34:30 and if you’ve ever wondered if Mak and I are “real” people here’s a chance to hear me talking on live radio!  : Eco-Ology April 11, 2012 6:01 am

here’s our facebook page too:

stay tuned for more ways to get involved with this issue. and yes, thats me in the middle of the photo holding a carrot in my hand.


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