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the rest of our weekend

2012 April 17

here are so pictures i’ve been meaning to post from this past weekend. after the indie book fest mak and i hooked up with a food not bombs friend and biked over to the houston asia society‘s “first look festival” marking the grand opening of their incredible new museum. we spent a few hours watching traditional dances, dying silk handkerchiefs (we couldn’t drag mak away from that table), looking at the art collection, and day dreaming of cheep vegan food. our stomach growling eventually got the best of us so we headed to (green) Seed (vegan) and called it a day. well, by ” called it a day” i mean, mak and i had a few hours of alone time before heading out it The Mink for a FNB benefit concert + tacos a go go for a 2:30 am snack/hang out with the band. we were both in our own beds by 3 am.

Last night (monday) mak and i biked over to avant garden to watch the monday night regulars, with a few special guests. monday is avant garden improve music/dancing night (avant gardens’s a local venue in our neighborhood with a knack for putting on weird shows, the same venue we saw the 2012 lone star performance art show ) we had intentionally come to support our friend YE Torress and her belly dancin’ but had the fine treat of watching a few other improve jazz-ish bands. the highlight of the night was this super cool lady who, with only her vocal cords and a mic, was able to make an entire tonal story come to life. She made ever noise from what sounded like someone singing opera to someone being exercised and ever other sound (lots of clicking and smacking adn foriegn language references) in between. it was an experience. no pictures of her, it was too intense to look away.

the night ended with a great jam from the Free Radicals – one of mak and my favorite local bands. we had just heard them play saturday night at the benefit concert, but we never pass up a free show, so here we were again last night. mak and i invited two other friends up from the audience and turned the show into a quirky dance party.

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  1. Ivette permalink
    April 17, 2012

    WOW, that was a very nice description of my voice participation, thank you!!!!!! I’m very glad you liked it. Ivette Roman

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