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Counter Crawl IV

2012 April 30

as promised, here are my pictures from Counter Crawl IV. don’t know what i mean by CCIV? here is a quote from their website (the video is dated, but you get the idea)

“The concept of Countercrawl is that local, up and coming artists of limited means within this vibrant community (Houston: downtown/ east side) are able to meet and have a dialogue with their peers in an effort to organically grow into a community of self-sustaining artists.”

Mak and I didn’t ride the whole route, but did party it up at Down Together.

lovin’ all the signage. in particular the one from “over protective plant parents”

great smile makenzie, looks like we don’t even like each other.

Y.E.T.’s super cool and shady nap tent. we totally took advantage of this as a way to beat the heat.

boys training in aikido. love the way matt’s face got framed in that pennant.

Food Not Bombs provided the food. I made cilantro rice, watermelon + mint. while make made pasta + red sauce. Proud to say that we got all those ingredients at our neighborhood Fiesta for $5.05

super cute SmileBooth. can’t wait until the pics show up online. Mak and I took a million, are you surprised ?

Sway’s performance art piece: potting soil + onions

new friends all coming together and sharing the experience

my 3 favorite pictures. how many goofy things can you find in the one above ? my favorite is dan’s face (far left)

after a ful afternoon of napping, dancing, performaning, watching, photoboothing, eating, and small talking the group was off to the next stop. Mak and I had prior commitments (another friend’s pool party, dinner date, and babysitting job) so we skipped out on Super Happy Fun Land and notsouH’s. but we did catch up with the gang for the CCIV after party at House of Creep where i some how got left in charge of a 6ft plastic spear. we also mashed in the mash pit of 3 loud screaming bands – so exhilarating. One of counter crawl’s co-founders, john, told mak and i that CC never “ends” in fact it goes on forever. we smiled and nodded.

The next Counter Crawl (1 year anniversary party) is going down in june, you can bet we’ve already started counting down!

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  1. maria h. permalink
    April 30, 2012

    Countercrawl 5 will be in July, actually! Thank you guys for these great photos. We’re super glad y’all had fun at CCIV!!

    • April 30, 2012

      thanks for the updated info maria – and thanks for the comment (we love comments and everyone is always scared to leave them) and yes we had the freakin’ best saturday thanks to CCIV !!!

  2. May 1, 2012

    1. This looks like the coolest thing ever. So siked to live in a city with so many cool opportunities again!
    2. Super cute smilebooth pictures.
    3. I just noticed you don’t have any rings OR bracelets on! Whaaaat.

    • May 1, 2012

      1. it was the coolest thing ever, can’t wait until we get to drag you along to all of this sort of stuff
      2. thanks, and btw there were some unattractive ones but … we didn’t need to post those.
      3. correction: i am wearing 3 rings (the only one you can see in these pics is the gold band on my pointer finger, it was my grandpas wedding band) and as for bracelets i now wear that jade bangle everyday, i never take it off

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