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houston downtown scene: 3 festivals in 3 hours

2012 May 6

what a busy saturday, three free festivals all within biking distance from each other down town. up first: Houston Dragon Boat Festival. i knew my dad was paddling in one of the boats so i got there around 10:45am. i guess it would have been helpful to know what he was wearing/what team he was on because there were people EVERYWHERE. to put the location into perspective for you, the dragon boating took place at Allen’s Landing in downtown Houston, the same place Makenzie and I ended up after our canoe trip .(look at that post here) my dad has always been a big athlete, so we ran into tons of old friends.

my dad and i after his team won 2nd place. his whole team got a pair of those pink glasses – totally stealing them after the festival.

while walking along the bayou i ran into the UST dragon boat team, turns out the placed really well. go st. thomas!

after i had exhausted the festivities at the dragon boat fest, i biked over the Market Square Park for the Sustainable Living Fest.

signed a petition to get Texas on the list for aluminium/glass/plastics glass deposits. sign the petition HERE

some of my belly dance class friends selling so rad crochet and recycled wet suit art

up next: East End Street Fest. this big ol’ block party was partly to celebrate the east-side metro rail expansion and partly to have an excuse to bring everyone out to this exciting new developing part of houston (inner 610 loop, can’t beat that)

this little lady couldn’t have been older than 7. her dance moves and BIG voice were surreal, sort of like one of those babies that looks like a grown up. you know what i’m talking about ?

macy my henna friend. remember her from the yoga party post ?

me a “my little pony”. and no i’m not a horse person, but i could pass this little guy up. he was so hot, hope his owners were giving him water …

Makenzie and I are always thinking of ways to jazz up our blog. we’ve been getting suggestions from other bloggers, more specifically Brandi from muchomuchobuenobueno, and a few comments here and there about how we’re so involved in our community and ALWAYS doing cool stuff. what can i say, we’re fun girls who would much rather be out making friends than at home sittin’ on the sofa. so, i was thinking that it would be super cool if i started posting a weekly calendar of all the cool/cheap stuff happening in houston. what do ya’ll think about that ? a one stop list of events to hit up with links and details attached. i think it’s going to be my summer goal. any suggestions? please feel free to comment.

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  1. May 6, 2012

    Hey girl! Wow, you were busy this weekend!

  2. bbw permalink
    May 7, 2012

    I say yes. I would hit up your calendar for sure! i like the idea of it being weekly so if you dont have plans you can check it and make some.

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