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bike fun on a sunday night

2012 May 15

makenzie and i dread sunday late-afternoons. we’ve both always dreaded them. not just because we have school/work the next morning, but just because they’e always somber and lonely. anyway, we decided to make the most out of this one. first step: get on our bikes. its funny how simply going outside (getting off the computer) can drastically change your mood for the better.

during our neighborhood ride we ran into Leah White and the magic mirrors , a local kid friendly band, that happened to be driving around recording a music video. supposedly they took a little footage of us, so maybe we’ll get it be in it.

we found a super cute and quant apartment village in the museum district. we’re not sure where we’re living next year – this could be a possibility.

rode all the way from montrose to the Target on kirby near Reliant Stadium (4.4 miles, just google mapped it) so makenzie could use her gift card. she couldn’t find anything worth it – so we settled for frozen treats at sonic with a friend (the late night photography boy) who lives in the area.

on the way back home we were riding down North Blvd and, following the sound of a Tina Turner impersonator, happened upon some old man’s 70th birthday. we circled the block and few times and i finally got the nerve to befriend one of the many HPD security personal. he told us that the home owner goes way out every 10 years and hosts a mega private birthday party for himself (10 years ago he had little richard flown in on a private helicopter to perform) so ya, its a pretty big deal. this year he hired a 1/2 dozen impersonators from vegas to entertain the guests.

by this point both makenzie and my jaw’s had dropped and we were practically drooling at the thought of being invited to a party of this magnitude. the cop said … if we biked home as fast as we could and changed into something a little fancier than jean cut offs he might be able to sneak us in. so, you know us, faster than the grandpa could blow out his 70 birthday candles we had biked back to our apartments, changed into cocktail dresses, put on some red lipstick and were back at the party. we were directed to walk confidentially past the other police officers at the valet stand and through the staff entrance, the whole time acting as if we knew what we were doing. so we did. AND IT WORKED.

the next 15 minutes were a blur of shrimp cocktails and linen napkins (of which we had none of, getting in was enough “free fun” for us) we shimmied up to the front of the dance floor and danced every song jerry lee lewis played. at one point the 70 year old birthday boy came up to the front and danced between mak and i. i smiled at every camera that pointed our way, we must have been in a dozen pictures. all was going swimmingly, until makenzie saw some ladies in the back pointing at us suspiciously. i chose not to pay them any mind, i honestly thought they were just talking about how cute we were – if you’ve never seen us tear up a dance floor you have a new item for your bucket list. turns out one of the ladies was the party planner and decided to introduce herself to us right in the middle of “great balls of fire” by grabbing our arms forcefully and sternly asking who had invited us. for 1/2 a second i was thinking about lying, saying our parents were here and that we were totally on the guest list, but then my common sense kicked in and we just said BYE and literally ran for our lives. in the moment i thought for sure that all the staff was chasing us and that i could hear police sirens in the distance. we hopped on our bikes quicker than earlier and biked a good 10 minutes back into montrose, just to make sure we weren’t being followed. my heart was beating out my ears – makenzie had obviously stolen all my energy and wasn’t scared a bit. we let our adrenaline high wear off at a local taqueria and within an hour were ready for bed.

hows that for a sunday night!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    May 15, 2012

    um which Sunday was this?…because I recently went for a visit with my friend David Legune and his lovely mother for a wonderful evening of stories, Wheel of Fortune and Chinese take out food… she told us about about a friend who throws parties like this (she talked about the Tina Turner bit and Little Richard)
    and mentioned crashers! Could it be…perhaps not, but could it be?

    • May 15, 2012

      oh my gosh – don’t give our full names PLEASE. it was may the 6th i think … not this past sunday, but the one before it. YIKES – do’t get us in trouble lisa!

  2. Lisa permalink
    May 15, 2012


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