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austin road trip: day 2

2012 May 21

day two of the road trip, makenzie and i drove up to Austin from Lockhart. we exited Ben White and came into town via South Congress. we headed straight to the palmer event center for the austin renegade craft fair!

(a little secret: i mistakenly grabbed my camera that morning but forgot my SD card. so after we had walked the whole fair we drove around until we found a CVS -this took for freakin’ ever- and bought a new SD card. then we went back to the renegade craft fair and retook all these pictures. thats dedication folks)

here is makenzie in front of Lisa Chow’s booth. we got all excited and hand-flappy when we saw a fellow Houstonian and talked to her for a good while. you may recognize her and her work from that darling little store Space (next to cafe brasil) she was so sweet, not to mention talented.

mak and i have always dreamed of interviewing accomplished local Houstonian’s here on the blog. ms. chow seems like the perfect candidate – so, stay tuned.

check out her blog HERE, and her etsy store HERE.

we couldn’t resist taking 1, or 2, or 3 photobooth pictures. you know how we feel about FREE STUFF

i’ve only been to Austin a few times and for half of those trips i’ve eaten lunch at this place. our lunch was ok, the cute wait staff and cabana seating made up for it though.

mak really wanted to go into this store, but since we were illegally parking in some random pre-school drive through across the street. i made the executive decision NO.

we couldn’t leave Austin without checking out the austin-food-not-bombs scene. we got to the park early, should have known FNB volunteers would be running late. i made friends with this guy who had just gotten out of jail, my sort of friend. he showed me all his prison tattoos (one included a pair of crossing switch blades on this throat) and told me stories about his time there, he turned out to be a real nice guy.

there were only 2 volunteers but they brought 8 hot pots of vegetarian home cooked goodness. good thing mak and i were there to help serve. needless to say we were very VERY impressed, and so were all the hungry people we served.

we drove back to Lockhart that night and after showering, played a fun game of “pass the pigs”. then we ate some ice cream and watched Joe Dirt (our new FAVORITE movie) until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

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