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austin road trip: day 3

2012 May 23

well, austin was a’right. that’s all, just all-right. as robert ellis would say, “i’ve grown tired of the folks in this town” needless to say mak and i could not wait to come home to Houston. WE LOVE HOUSTON.

we had an early breakfast at the huddle house. used some coupons and got different sides so we could share (queens of eating on the cheap) then packed up and headed home to Houston.

“its a three hour drive from where i am to where i want to be”  -robert ellis

if  you’re from the inner 610 loop Houston and know anything the Houston music scene you’re probably a robert ellis fan. in fact,if you used to frequent mangos or whisky wednesdays about at fitz you’re probably a “friend” of robert ellis. mak and i used to spend EVERY wednesday at mangos/fitz listening to robert ellis and dancing with each other. (occasionally a boy or bartender would get the courage to ask us, but we were usually left to twirl each other. hey i’m not complaining, we dance better together than any of the guys at those places, although dancing is boys is way funner)



we sang this robert ellis tune, comin home, while driving back to Houston. if you haven’t heard it. YOU MUST, especially if you’ve ever found yourself headed home “from the rollin hills of austin to the place where i belong”.

“when 71 cuts over to interstate 10 you know you’re headed east and back on track to your home again … i’m comin home, i’m comin home, well being gone is just fine honey, but i love comin home”

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