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Tacos A Go Go Lunch + What the Heck is Makenzie Doing This Summer

2012 June 19

Hello friends. I feel like Dena and I talk about me working and being in Kingwood a lot right not but no one really knows what’s going on. One of the most popular questions people ask me is “Now where are you working again?” (get it? it’s a joke. i don’t really know that many people). So let me update you on what I’m doing this summer.

I have two main jobs: I am a City Council intern and I work as an assistant for a doctor. These two jobs pretty much account for what I do with my daytime hours. Because I’m staying with my family right now (see more below), I have a helluva comute. I guess I love to work because I’ve always had a job since I was old enough to do so. I spent my elementary school years watering peoples plants and walking dogs when they were out of town as well as trying to run a lemonade stand or candy stand as often as I could. I started babysitting when I was 11 or 12, and when I was 15 I had my first part time, payroll job.

I spent the month of May with my immediate family in Kingwood. They moved to London at the end of May so I was helping them pack and spending some quality time before they made the big move.

I’m spending June living with my grandparents in Kingwood.

July 2nd I go to Europe for a month to be with my family in London + travel!

In August, Dena and I will be trying to find an apartment and starting school so if you know of anyone trying to sell a place…


I called Dena and asked her if she wanted to meet at Tacos a Go Go during my lunchbreak. I hopped on the rail and met her around 12:15. I was jamming to the New Radicals (not to be confused with the free radicals) and little did I know she was snapping pics.

Dena biked all the way there, she was tired and hot!

Check out her neato crochet bike lock. She made it herself!

Here’s the interior of Tacos a Go Go for those who have never been. (And, frankly, if you’ve never been, what is wrong with you?? He he)

I got my “regular”: 2 breakfast tacos, egg cheese and spinach. Sorry vegans, you can’t have any. Also, I believe adding spinach to anything makes it instantly heathy so…

Also pictured is a massive brownie and my very sad cell phone because I had to keep checking the time.

Dena’s “regular”: a verde taco (beans, carrot, and other veggies) and a veggie tamale.

Also pictured: Dena’s glasses and lens cap. Did you know Dena’s a nikon girl? Most people we know tend to have canons but Dena rocks the nikon.

Chips and queso which I DEVOURED, I was starving and running late.

Here’s the outside of tacos a go go for all you heathens who have never been.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 19, 2012

    I haven’t been because I’ve never been invited…

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