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Netflix Reviews: The Baby (1973)

2012 June 23
by dena

(Dena and I are always trying to find weird/good movies to watch on netflix. We’re going to start reviewing our favorites!)

THE BABY (1973)

 This movie is: Offbeat, Weird, and Cult-y

Do you know about adult babies? Dena and I first learned about adult babies by watching the history channel series called “Taboo” and I continued to learn more by reading about them on Reddit and visiting the tumblrs and blogs of people living the lifestyle. Adult babies are people who live their life like infants or toddlers: they wear diapers, use a bottle, sleep in a crib, and sometimes even hire a nanny to take care of them! Every person living this lifestyle is different. Some live it very elaborately and build their own cribs or might live as a baby 24/7. Others lead typical lives during the day and save their other lifestyle for after work or school etc. For some people, it’s a fetish and for others it’s just a lifestyle.

When we saw, “The Baby” as a recommended movie, we HAD to watch it! “The Baby” is not really about adult babies. It is a tongue-in-cheek suspense movie about a strange family who lives in the middle of nowhere. One of the kids (Baby) has developmental disabilities and is treated like a baby, but he is 21 years old! He wears a diaper, has play time, and can’t walk or talk. The plot centers around the case manager for the family who is trying to find out what’s going on in the family and why Baby has so many developmental issues. There’s a weird plot twist at the end!!

The film is pretty hokey and the “suspense” is more laughable than nail-biting. Some of the more sensitive issues like developmental disability, welfare, and protective services are not addressed very realistically or sensitively, so if you’re looking for meaningful commentary on these issues, look somewhere else.

Irregardless, the film is still very unusual and worthwhile to watch. It’s relatively short as well so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much time!

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