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night of continuum performance art

2012 June 27

monday night, after the autonomous playhouse put on their super sweet puppet show for us, the same gang (roughly) headed out to notsuoHs for a night of performance art put on by Continuum. continuun is a houston performance art group, remember THIS post and THIS post, well pretty much the same people. we biked up there and upon entering knew we were in the right place. not only did we pretty much know everyone on stage and in the audeince, but where else could you see someone dressed up in a white sheet on the sidewalk and feel at home!

this guy did a perfectly synced-with-the-music balloon popping performance. he even threw some neon paint filled balloons into the audience – who doesn’t LOVE audience participation. (except me, i cringe at the idea of popping a balloon)

sway and evan were next. both pieces left the audience speechless – until it was time for applauds and then we went CRAZY.

i don’t even know how to put johatan’s piece into words, except that it was amazing. first he stripped down to his underwear. then he began ripping up a magazines and stuffing the pages into his mouth/shirt/boxers. what could come next but … rubbing honey ALL over himself, sticking on more magazine cut outs and finally dousing himself with flour. it was INCREDIBLE.

here’s the lady from outside, she captivated the audience, people were literally fainting in her presence.

we all headed outside to watch Al eat a piece of pie very very slowly. let me just mention that the rest of the pie became community-pie later in the night!

unna bettie performed here grotesque performance in the notsuoHs window. i didn’t have a very good view but could head the audience groaning and “ewwww-ing” as she squeezed what looked like raw ground meat from sacks attached to her legs and arms. i would say it was a success.

here is koomah using a hot glue gun to literally glue body-to-laptop. you know we were wincing at this one.

finally julia lead us in an interactive traveling performance piece. we literally played follow the leader around the block – dancing silly and eventually playing leap-frog (thanks margee). i must add that we picked up a few homeless people along the way, they thought we were crazed, but not too wacko to join in themselves.

finally, the most exciting performance of the night. sway herself was the “judge” of the newest olympic sport “kissing”. to be judged you could either kiss sway herself or pick yourself a partner. i didn’t get pictures of ALL the kisses, and don’t worry i won’t name names, but here are some of the winners and runners up.

just a note, these pictures don’t do justice to the live performances and i wasn’t albe to get good shots of everyone so you’ll just have to take my word that it was a freakin’ great show and if you missed out you’ll have to come out to the next one. anyone have deets regarding the next one? please comment


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  1. June 27, 2012

    What?! Why aren’t my nights like this? This looks awesome.

  2. June 27, 2012

    thanks andrew, i am often surprised myself how much fun my weekday evenings are. what can i say but that inner 610-loop houston is the best city. EVER.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    June 27, 2012

    Next Continuum performances: 7/12/12 Cultured Cocktails at Boheme on Fairview 7-9? (not sure about the time); We are discussing creating performances for 7/14/12CounterCrawl – location and time tbd.

    I’m always so glad to run into you, Dena. You’re the best. And I love your blog.

    • June 27, 2012

      thanks “someone” whose name goes unknown. i’m sure i love you too, i mean if you’re a part of continuum whats NOT to love about you. and THANKS for the info. i’ll be in london, but hopefully it will be a success.

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