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bremond road trip: day 2

2012 June 28
by dena

First things first, Dena did NOT tell me we would be working OR waking up early. So bright and early at 6:30 her mom came in and woke us up. It wasn’t that bad. We went up to the press office and helped run packets, register runners, and hand out t-shirts. There were so many runners we ran out of shirts!

Dena at the starting point. See those bales of hay? They were one of the prizes for the raffle winners. One of our responsibilities was clipping the “chips” off the runners shoes as they crossed the finish line. The chips recorded each runners time so the results would be accurate.

Here’s me passing out t-shirts. Check out all the ‘Mericuh around me! The press office is way cool and looks like something out of a movie. As you can see in the picture, there were barely any shirts left, only hot pink and neon yellow!

Here’s a picture of me with a giant dog. It was laying in the middle of the starting line (see below) blocking the runners. The old man said “That’s such and such’s dog form the other side of town!” It had no collar and he said I had to hold it! Despite my face, I liked the dog. I miss my dog because she died so I try to hang out with other animals as much as I can.

All the runners + the dog. There were over 700 runner!

Woah good shot Dena. This gives you an idea of how many runners were there.

Here’s all the finishers milling about for their free BBQ and Beer. I really wanted some polish sausage but it was all gone by the time i made my way over there.

Dena’s dad + Dena. They are announcing the winners of each category and passing out prizes. The prizes were money, pickles, and posters. There was also a raffle and the main prize was a heifer or hay. I REALLY wanted to win a heifer. FACT ABOUT ME: I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE IN 4H. I wanted to raise a steer.

Here’s the parade. If that don’t scream ‘Mericuh I don’t know what does!

More pictures of the parade. What’s going on here? I’m not real sure. I was sitting on the steps during the parade eating Pierogi (see below)

This is me at a really cool warehouse/store that is trying to be turned into the biggest dance hall! While in Bremond Dena and I practiced our Polski. We only know a few words: Dupa, Piwo, PIerogi, Kielbasa, and Busca. (Butt, Beer, Pierogi, Sausage, and Grandma). What else would you need to talk about?

This is pierogi and as you can see it is very boring so Dena likes it! Bland potato inside a more bland dumpling shell with sour cream. Hmm.

Everyone made fun of me in this picture because my arms are crossed?

THE BEST PART: HORSES. If you didn’t know, I was a “horse girl” growing up (i.e. I wore horse t-shirts, had a million breyer horses, and took riding lessons every week) I still wish I rode but it’s very expensive. I keep having dreams about riding again so maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? The point is, if anyone is connected to anyone with horses hook me up. I can clean stalls and everything.

Here’s us dancing at the before mentioned warehouse/shop whatever. I made a joke that true friendship is going to a four hour polish music show. HEHE just kidding it was fun but before we went we took a nap and when it was time to wake up I was so grumpy and didn’t even want to go. Good thing they forced me!

Here’s more of the show. Check out Dena standing next to the owner! And me behind her hehe.

Do do do just me dancing with one of the polish musicians. It was fun to get my polka on, I haven’t gone dancing in a long time.

Dena dancing with this mucho old guy who looks like her Uncle Speck. He was actually pretty cool and even got up on stage to sing! He looked like a character from a movie and he was not even a bad dancer.

COWS the second best part of the trip. As I mentioned above my dog died recently so cows or rabbits or horses or cats are the next best thing. I fed the cows by hand and their noses were slimy but it was cool.

HEHEHEHE best part of the trip. Also they had a horse that was hanging around and I liked to pet it as well.

Aw, look at those cuties. Doesn’t the cow look so peaceful?

Here’s when we tried to take some jumping pictures. Obviously they worked out really well. NOT. I’m wearing a shirt that Dena’s dad found on the track at Rice.

Hehe she looks goofy.

Time for the street dance! SO many people asked us to dance except they were all in high school hehe! They kept asking what grade I was in. Do I really look that young? This only confirmed Dena and I’s belief that there is no one in the world our age.

Dena just hanging out.

(must give some photo credit to: for a few of the fab inside dancing pics of dena and i )


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  1. June 28, 2012

    Ok, I love pierogis. My dad always used to make them when I was little.

  2. July 2, 2012

    Nice post Dena and Makenzie, I’m glad y’all enjoyed yourself in Bremond. I sure wish I had as much energy as you two. It was a great pleasure having two very photogenic young ladies at the dance since it made my job as a photographer easy.

    James photographer and editor

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