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down together radical pot luck: June 2012

2012 June 30

my latest excuse for hangin out with the houston counter culture scene had to have been the june 2012 down together radical pot luck. as you know makenzie and i LOVE this monthly souiree (check out the APRIL and MAY ones) and this month was a real treat becuase makenzie came out of her kingwood hiding place to join me in the fun before she leaves for london.

we got there fashionably late (i ALWAYS underestimate how long it takes to cut up watermelon / drive in trafic) and so the party had already started a.k.a. the food was almost gone.

the down together house FINALY decided to turn on their air conditioning this year which is nice, but doesn’t really make a difference when there are 15+ people gathered in the kitchen.

this month was a real treat thanks to the many newbie guests, some of which include the traveling bike gang “ride for the future” which consists of a bunch of bikers riding from New Orleans to Dallas relaying the message “fossil fuels are bad”. you KNOW they fit in perfect with the radical pot luck crowd, and the dt house in particular of which, out of the 6 people that live there, shares only 1 car.

this dang cat can be found: in the food, toilet, at your feet, sink, or cabinet. oh how the dt house loves their kitties.

makenzie, sway, andrew, and myself took turns making art with the scrap paper and crayons we found on the floor. looking back i really should have taken pictures of our masterpieces, but i didn’t want to take any more attention away from ben or adam’s musical acts.(wondering who andrew is ? well he’s a pretty cool guy who, just a few months ago, didn’t know about any of the houston counter culture goings on but thanks to our blog is now totally in the know. want to be as cool as andrew? take a risk and email/meet makenzie and me in person and we’ll totally hook you up with all of houston’s best hang outs! )

the night ended with lots of acoustic playing, singing, and dancing (which from afar looks like a bunch of barefoot people shouting with full glasses bouncing around trying not to slosh too much). thanks to adam we got our dance (a.k.a. sweat) on and thanks to the dt house’s ongoing british accent joke makenzie and i couldn’t stop “talking like the queen”. makenzie and i were, not surprisingly, some of the last to leave thursday night. oh ho we just LOVE the down together house. yes, the skanky downstairs bathroom; lack of decent cool air in any room; unlighted refrigerator and constant people you don’t know too well trudging around does go noticed, but heck thats what makes it so great. thanks for yet another unrivaled radical pot luck !!!


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    June 30, 2012


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