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welcome to london

2012 July 7
by dena

2 flights + 2 layovers + 2 countries + 2 BEST FRIENDS IN LONDON TOGETHER, pretty much the best day ever. so yep,  makenzie’s been here in london 6 days and dena got here today. and wow, if you saw us you’d think we grew up in a cave and were introduced to reality for the first time today – but what really happened was that we had just been starved of eachother’s weirdness and LET IT ALL out when we reunited. like seriously we can’t stop making weird noises  and laughing uncontrollably and making weird faces and gawking at everything and WOW very very over stimulated.

this is just makenzie wheeling dena’s suitcase down the sidewalk, it kept tumping over. we cracked ourselves up the whole way home from the tube station pretending the suitcase was a dog … it was funnier that it sounds i swear. We even have a whole series of short films planned.

highlight of the day, well excluding lunch with some other american/british friends, flea market in parson’s green park!

it was that thing were things were so cheep that they automatically look like “must haves” and dena had to keep makenzie from making quite a few dumb purchases – pretty typical of our relationship hehe.

after the fair we walked the streets of fulham (the london suburb-town-thing where we’re staying) chatting about what we’d missed in each other’s lives this past week – we usually talk on the phone at least once a day so this week was pretty weird for us, lots of catching up to do – and sneaking pictures of stranger’s stylish outfits (one of dena’s secret stalker skills). we got brave and wandered down new streets and almost got lost, but then somehow didn’t. good story huh. well now it’s dinner time and then maybe a netflix before bed – dena’s way jet-lagging and is about to crash, so nothing too exciting.

until tomorrw, dena and makenzie

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  1. July 10, 2012

    ya’ll are doing it all – so good to see all the pics and thanks! to Maupins for hosting you

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