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museum overload in london + another rainy day

2012 July 10
by dena

so, yesterday makenzie and i were on our own in the big city. today it was only fair to balance it out and you know – hang out with her family. that, in a nutshell mean: lots of sister-camera-time (evidence below), lots of repeating things like which tube stop we’re getting off at and which direction the bathroom is and like what the plan is and WOW lets just say i never got bored.

this is makenzie’s family, if you were wondering, and this is what they look like crossing the street. i’ve figured how to use the tube pretty well but crossing the street is still a challenge. sometimes makenzie and i just run and hope for the best. ok, now for weirdo-face-overload. enjoy. not that these need any justification but just in case you’re wondering why we seem to have too much time on our hands at the parson’s green district tube station let me say that makenzie’s mom thought she left the coffee maker on and so left us at the station while she rushed home.




we got off at the westminster stop and headed “that” way towards the nation portrait gallery. it was such a good and FREE museum. the mom + sisters were into the old stuff and i must admit i appreciated it but my favorites were in the modern section. makenzie splurged and got a 8 1/2 x 11 moleskine-y journal for only 10 pounds – and then we discussed wether or not it was a good decision for the next 2 hours – ahhh, i like to think my obsessiveness has rubbed off on her in the course of our friendship. but maybe she’s just been crazy all along.


then it was time to do something tourist-y (random fact, i FEAR saying this word out loud because i’m scared i’ll accidentally say “terrorist” and get in trouble) anyway we thought we’d attempt to get on the lion statues in trafalger square. success – sorta.


i say success “sorta” because the sad-looking-bald-man in the picture above was talking to himself the whole time i carefully shimmied up that lion’s behind and then continued to “talk out loud” to the police who in turn yelled at me and, you know me, i jumped down as fast as i could – i’m no bad ass-

if you’re lucky enough to get a hand-drawn-and-water-colored post card in the mail from me theres a good chance i got my inspiration from the buildings pictured here. as you can see the sky looks ominous, pretty much what it looks like 80% of the time in london. another 17% of the time its raining. and the last 3% there is the foreign yellow orb in the sky and its like shining … ya its hardly ever sunny here – in other words i didn’t even bother packing a pair of shorts on this trip.

we walked to st. james’ park for lunch. lunch = homemade + pret sandwiches +  crisps (potato chips). this was our view was we SQUEEZED onto a 4ft long bench and had quite a nice time enjoying the silence while everyone ate until uhhh, it started raining.

a george washington statue. USA USA USA. oh ya.

makenzie and i HAD to take a photo next to a british guard. you know, we just HAD too, kinda like we NEEDED matching tube-skirts from H&M on sunday. anyway as i smiled for the picture i whispered “i’m so sorry” to the guard and under his breath he answered “its ok” that make me feel a little less like i was “using” him.

while walking towards to tube station we passed white hall where king charles the 1st was beheaded, hince makenzie’s hand motion. then it started raining for like the 6th time that day which ment we got weird for like the millionth time and you know, turned our scarfs into turbins – might want to perfect mine in the mirror before i try it again.

ok bye.



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  1. sandrada719 permalink
    July 10, 2012

    Y’all are sure eating a lot of sandywiches, excuse me, Pretwiches. Have you eaten any bangers & mash, hold the bangers, please?

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