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Netflix Review: Etienne! (The Hamster Movie)

2012 July 12
by dena


This movie is: Quirky, Heartwarming, Understated and Hip

Basically this is a movie about boys with mustaches on bikes, furry animals, and love so I’m not really sure why you wouldn’t want to see this. The main character, Richard, has a hamster named Etienne that is his only friend. Something happens (that I’m not going to tell you) and Richard decides it’s time for him and Etienne to go on a bike road trip. Richard faces some of his old problems and meets some new friends as he come to terms with something (which I’m also not going to tell you about)

Included in the movie is information about banana slugs, how to build incredible hamster houses, and featured the indie band Great Northern. So if you’re painfully hip or want to be so, check out this movie.

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