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art. borough market. church.

2012 July 13
by dena

yikes – i’m falling behind, these pictures are from yesterday. i guess ALL this vacationing in catching up with me because last night i was just too tired to make a post. (but not too tired to watch a netflix with makenzie – hehehe – i swear movies in bed on laptops are good anywhere) so ok, i have a new theory about london’s weather, each day it is going to be sunny for a little bit and rainy for a while, its just all about when and where. for example: if its rainy in the morning when you’re leaving your flat then it might be soggy but probably sunny at the park for lunch – but if its sunny when you wake up and while you’re getting dressed and as you walk to the tube station you can bet it’ll be rainy later on. needless to say we had PERFECT sunny but brisk weather while crossing the millennium bridge.

i guess i don’t even mind the unpredictable weather too much here in london because when it is actually sunny its absolutely gorgeous. take this sky line for example – WOW.

best part of the day: i walked up to this quartet and asked if they could play a waltz. he keyboardist said ” valt-sa ? ” to his mates and so it began, an eery gypsy-ish you all can imagine makenzie and i got that look in our eye and with every late night  wild west adventure and robert ellis’ whisky wednesday as practice for this very moment we began dancing – right there in front of the masses crossing millennium bridge. we got claps and pictures taken – YAY lots of attention, my favorite.

first stop of the day: the TATE MODERN. makenzie and i had both been dreaming of this moment for weeks. we LOVE modern art and couldn’t think of a better collection – 35 minutes later we were done and majorly bummed. let me give you a little run down. 1. enter building and wait for eyes to adjust to all the BLACK walls and doors and lack of windows and vast open space entry way. 2. look for a sign or map . no luck 3. keep looking for anything that might indicate where the escalators go or where the bathroom is or better yet where all the freakin’ art is kept. 4. finally find the ticket counter and are informed that the Damien Hirst exhibit is 14 pounds – that’s like 25 bucks – more than i’ve spent on anything in london thus far. 5. decide to not wait in the mile long line for a $25 ticket and just venture upstairs for the “free” stuff. 5. find that the “free” stuff is all washed out and dated – so much for radically bold modern art.

cy twombly – reminds us of houston.

makenzie and i decided that today was our last sandwich meal for a while, we’re getting a little bored of them, i’m sure you understand.

uh next: the borough market, aka super sweet and hip food market located a few blocks away from Shakespeare’s globe theatre.

most embarrassing story of my life, like so bad i don’t even want to tell it, lets just say it involved me going out of my way to talk to that tatted up hipster later in the day. oh gawd, i don’t even want to think about it !!!

so london has this thing where is buys pianos and places them around the city for people to play. makenzie and i took advantage, i played amazing grace and the first noel, the only two songs i know.

then we were treated, thanks makenzie’s mom, to goats milk gelato. i got chili-raspberry but it was too spicy for me so i traded for makenzie’s lemon-basil. can’t even describe in words how good it was. i’m sure the ambiance of the whole market added to it’s appeal.

we finished our gelato and snacked on some gooseberries while dancing in the rain to yet another pianist who was taking advantage of london’s free pianos. this is us dancing to “your song” by elton john – SO GOOD.

we then participated in “even song” at st. peter’s church wich is a fancy way of saying evening pretty-much-just-like-catholic-mass-without-the-communion service. it was really nice to sit down out of the rain and listen to the organ play. from there we stopped by H&M to get me a new umbrella – all day mine had been blowing inside out – and then to harry’s pizza for dinner. makenzie wanted to spinach + fried egg pizza most but she settled with my choice, spinach + goat cheese. WOW so good and such good company.

sorry we’re behind 1 day, but just think about it, now you have 2 blog posts to look forward too!!!


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  1. sandrada719 permalink
    July 13, 2012

    Loved your disgusting look at the pile o’ poo in the corner “art”. Did you buy a meringue? Must know all the gory details of your embarrassing conversation with the tatted hipster. Why are you holding two cones while standing in the middle of the street?

  2. July 14, 2012

    The awesomeness continues.
    It seems to be more of a shop and observe fest!! Which is great by themselves, I mean, look at all those tomatoes! Nom! I but those came straight from a farm!! Beautiful photos! The adventures continue! Dude, so jealous of yalls freaking sweet vacation!


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