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portabello road market

2012 July 15
by dena

so i’m still 1 day behind here in blog world, ITS JUST BECAUSE WE’RE HAVING JAM PACKED DAYS and i’m often too tired to blog when we get back ANYWAY what i’m trying to say is that yesterday mak and family and i headed to Portabello Road. let me give you a little run down of the weather: 56 deegrees F // rain // wind. wow, we were ALL grumpy upon arrival but after shopping for 10 or so minutes the rain slowed down to a slight mist – that combined with the blocks and blocks of street vendors and stalls brightened our day. and by brightened our day what i mean is that we were doin a lot of: “oh my gawd girl” and “get over here” and of course “that is so freakin’ cute” (if you know us in real life you KNOW how true it is)

the long and winding road (did you see what i did there: beatles reference) was broken down into 3 sections. antiques // food // vintage clothes. there were a few actual store front shops and some covered plaza areas – but our favorites were the actual street vendor stands.

hot nutella crepe girls – of which we smelled but didn’t actually get treated too (and by “hot”, “smelled”, and “treated” i’m referencing the crepes themselves, not the girls) picture below: lots of vintage type, reminds me of someone back home, you know who you are.

ok, let me tell you about these little pugglets. so while we were waiting for “the family” mak and i stopped in a little hole in the wall pub for a cup of coffee and chips (and by chips i mean french fries, wow i’m starting to sound like a true brit … NOT…). these pugs and their owner were hanging out in there too. i’m thinking the owner was a little crazy or something because he kept walking down the street to this flat and back to the pub, mumbling to himself the whole time. anyway the jolly little pugs would follow him to and from his house – giving us something to gawk about over and over again.

they are just SO FREAKIN’ CUTE i had to post all the pictures. btw, i’m sure you were wondering, so let me just say that makenzie “picked” the camo-jumper (that’s the british word for sweater) one and i “want” the pea-green sweater one. so yep.

i bought myself a new rollie suitcase and here is makenzie modeling it.

we found out later that these women we performance artists supporting the women’s sufferage movement – totally gave us emily sloan a.k.a. Carrie Nation Hatitation vibes. new halloween costume idea: THESE LADIES.

dinner = Fulham indian food, wow didn’t out do our favorite houston “Shiva” but was pretty good. and looks, my new clogs !!!

if you thought those market pictures were exciting wait for the next post, today (sunday) was makenzie and my BEST day in london and possibly one of the best days of our lives (if you know us in real life you KNOW how dramatic we can get when we’re together, so take that statement with a grain of salt) so all i can say is GET READY for the best blog post yet.

ok bye


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  1. sandrada719 permalink
    July 15, 2012

    Love, love, love the puggletts walking themselves. 🙂 Glad to see y’all are eating something besides Pretwiches for a change. No food not bombs on this vacay?

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