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Blue Bell Flavor: summer strawberry pie

2012 August 5
by dena

rated: 8.8/10

benefits: well if 3 of your 4 favorite things in regards to dessert are frozen strawberries, chunks of pie crust, and blue bell ice cream then you will fall in love with this “new” flavor: summer strawberry pie. these 3 things happen to be at the very top of my list rightnexttosquirtingwhipcreamandchocolatesyrupinmymouth, hence my high rating of this flavor.

disadvantages: on the other hand, unless your 4th favorite thing is extremely artificially and slightly darker than pepto bismol pink food dye, then it would be hard for anyone to give this a full 10 out of 10 rating. although i LOVE this color for wall paint and nail polish, i feel sort of weird consuming it. so dang you blue bell, y u no make this ice cream light pink or something more appetizing?

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