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white linen night. houston. 2012

2012 August 7
by dena

dena + makenzie reunion !!!!! wow, it was so freakin’ werid to see makenzie in real life after so long. we usually see each other at least once a day (if we’re in the same city) and def talkonthephone/text/skype at least every 3 hours so – not seeing each other while i was in scottland/ makenzie was in barcelona/ i was in rockport was way WAY hard for us.but whateves, we lived.

random fact about us: we get this werid thing where we want to talk nonstop to each other when we first see each other, not surprising – we are usually talk nonstop when we hang out, BUT when we haven’t seen each other in a while we get weird about looking at each other in the eyes so sometimes we have to stand across the room, turn away from each other and tell our stories. pretty weird, but so are we so it makes sense.

ok, white linen night. if you’re from houston i hope you know about this – if not – get ready for another reason why houston is da best city ever. ok, so my friend frank described it: “white linen night: a night where houston heights people show off how much they love their quante little neighborhood while complaining about how crowded it is, seeing that all these non-heights people are hanging out in their hood, never mind the fact that they invited them in the first place.” makenzie and my defination: ” a way hot and humid night in early august where everyone hangs out on 19th street, dancing and people watching, and an excuse to dress up in white and sweat A LOT.” both definitions hold pretty true.

first stop beatniks, too bad the band hadn’t started yet. up next: buchanans. cute country band. we couldn’t polka too much in our flatforms/clogs – but we smiled and looked pretty.

makenzie and me in front of Mam’s ice house. we got a mega sweet parking spot btdubs. you might be wondering, if you actually read the paragraph above: “dena, how can you talk to makenzie SO much and still manage to find a super sweet parking spot 2 blocks off 19th street?” well, let me tell you. random fact of the post #2: i am a very experienced parallel parker and an even better multitask-er. so, yep.

anyone else know christian from The Hates. well, i don’t know him personally would recognize that mo-hawk anywhere. right next to blair’s classical theatre company booth was the Nia Moves hoola hoop tarp. thanks random hoola hooper for volunteering to take these pictures for us – i LOVE when other photographers go out of their way to help other DSLR-ers out.

dinner: BLT sandwich while dancing to Picture Book our fav houston british invasion band. funny story, i didn’t want my bacon – for very obvious vegetarian reasons – and was approached by 2 random guys, also dancing in the front row – go figure – who told me they’d trade us beer for that bacon. turns out they were 1/2 kidding 1/2 not. they didn’t have any extra beer but did want to eat that bacon – so we gave it to them and went on our way. wow, sorry for prepping that as a “funny” story – in retrospect i should have said “typical kind of thing that pretty much happens to us everyday and doesn’t happen to be that funny but is a story non the less”.

from there we headed west down 19th street for the 8pm houston new arts movement: In C. i can’t really do this performance justice via explanation but i’ll try. imagine lots of BIG instruments, ex: piano, harp, brass and strings all walking or being “pulled” around while performing. add to this 3 modern dancers swarming around them and a few artists spray painting a canvas that happens to be taped onto the back side of the piano. it was surreal. ilovehouston. (pictured above: makenzie and paige – i run into that girl EVERYWHERE)

new record shop on 19th – well, new to us at least.

here is our buddy chase hamblin playing in picture book. they played ALL my favorites and you know makenzie and i loved the attention of dancing in the front row. photo below: makenzie and blair walking back to our cars – only to reunite a few minutes later at the co-op HAUS party !!!

missed the HAUS party? don’t worry, i’ll update ya via tomorrow’s blog post.



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