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Co-Op HAUS party

2012 August 8
by dena

After White Linen night, we headed over to Rosalie HAUS, the parent house of the new place Dena will be living at, Ruth HAUS! They were celebrating new residents (hi blair!) and saying good bye to some old members. I think there were also some birthdays thrown in the mix? Anyway, there was a huge spread of vegan and not vegan snacks including some yum empanadas. Also a huge thing of ice tea and also watermelon juice which was nice to hydrate after sweating to death at White Linen Night! I really really don’t like this picture of me but Dena made me put it on so. Stationed next to the watermelon juice and the fish tank, what more could a girl want?

That girl is making a funny face! If I’m not mistaken, she’s the organizer of a super cool, across the country bike ride that our friend Fernanda from school went on! And Matthew and his old roommate. And I don’t know who that long hair guy is.

Basically a big blur but what we have hear is everyone enjoying some 90’s music. This was the funnest part! Everyone played their favorite old songs.

Again, you can’t really tell what is happening but everyone is standing singing songs and dancing. Funny story, Dena and I both wear pinkie rings that she bought in London because we’re best friends. Two guys were wearing pinkie rings so we made a joke about all being in a best friend club and they said “uh-huh”. Later, they asked us, “so y’all are engineers?” Uh, nooo?? Turns out pinkie rings are like an engineer thing? Okay who knew. Well, we ended up staying super late just visiting and dancing and singing until 3:30! Oh lord, I am getting too old for this. (PS MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP SOON

Giant blur again. Anyway, it was really fun and I’m glad Dena is going to have the opportunity to live with such neat people and I can’t wait to come visit all the time.




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  1. August 9, 2012

    thanks for being happy for me makenzie.
    and for all you wondering what sort of songs make up a great dance party, let me list a few we danced to: call me: blondie, ms jackson: outkast, float on: modest mouse, stacey’s mom: fountians of wayne, 500miles: the proclaimers, poker face: lady gaga, dock of the bay: otis redding, son of a preacher man: dusty springfield, i’m blue: eiffel 65, and of course like a prayer: madonna.

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