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Houston Events: weekly calendar august 13 – august 19 2012

2012 August 13
by dena

holy smokes. i am so freakin’ excited for this week to happen. i mean 45+ events !!!! i don’t think we’ve ever had so many FREE things in houston go down in a 7 day span. a few things to expect this week: a half dozen art openings a.k.a. an excuse to dress up and sample free cheese and wine, FNB taking it down to city council to talk in front of annise parker, free music at Cactus -another free alcohol event, movie night, free poetry all over town, performance art, musicals, and, although it fits into the art opening category, it deserves to have it’s own shout out: Y.E.Torres + lisa chow’s closing reception at spacetaker. i’m the official “stage manager” and let me just say, from what i’ve head so far its going to be the show of the year !!!

makenzie and//0r myself will be making an appearance at the events in purple. and as always send an email ( for any other events you would like highlighted.

monday august 13, 2012

tuesday august 14, 2012

wednesday august 15, 2012

thursday august 16, 2012

friday august 17, 2012

saturday august 18, 2o12

sunday august 19, 2012

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