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morning medmob at menil. august 2012

2012 August 27
by dena

its been days and days (days n’ daze shout out !!!) since our last post – don’t worry we didn’t die we’ve just been so so SO busy. and by “so so SO busy” i mean non stop denamakenzie hang out time. like literally non-freakin-stop. we’ve been going to art openings, free shows, school started back up – so a few classes here and there, house sitting jobs, pool partin’, and attending an exceptionally uncanny amount of warehouse birthday parties. (post by makenzie soon to come) point is we’ve been doing so many real life things we haven’t had time to post about any of them so this week is going to be OVERLOADLIKECRAZY. if you’ve seen either us this week at any event, theres a chance we took your picture and you should probably keep up with panchoandleftey juuuussssttttt in case we mention you in a post. i am well known for doing the whole “you know who you are out there” shout out.

ok, what i’m tryin to say is: i went to the august MedMob last saturday and it was great. like, so great. if you’ve never been to a mediation mob event before let me tell you about it. keeping in mind this is what i “think” it is, so don’t quote me. ok, there are over 300 cities around the world that participate in this monthly meditation-for-peace event. we sync the times so we’re all participating in 1 hour of silent meditation at the same time. we’re really luck to have this opportunity in houston – so you should really take advantage of it. they’re once a month, remember when i went to the july one?

we gathered at menil park and sat around this tree -pictured above- if you’re familiar with the park you know which one  i’m talking about. it’s the one on the north side, by the statue, its really low and sorta prickly. anyway, there were about a dozen of us; we sat cross legged, put our right hand on the knee of the person on our right and held our other neighbors hand with the other one. i was sitting by a good GOOD friend and holding his hand for 1 hour straight was really meaningful. hope you’re reading this – you know you are – boy.

after our 1 hour we all joined in an 11 minute sound bath where we simultaneously “om”ed, hummed, and used a singing bowl. i had a great view of another co-op boy named matt (not implying the other boy’s name was matt or anything …) – we couldn’t stop smiling at each other through the tree braches – it made the 11 minutes of nonstop om-ing just fly by.

if you’re interested in meditation and want to make a whole weekend out of it – one of the medmod guys was passing out Fall Equinox Retreat flyers. from what i’ve gathered, it sounds like a weekend long event september 21-23 in woodville, east of livingston. its $20 for the whole weekend and includes a communal dinner on saturday and lots of workshops. some of the workshops include activities like singing, dancing, drumming, meditating, laughing, drinking, art making, yoga, star gazing, and being one with other like minded individuals. sounds like fun to me, maybe i can rope makenzie into going with me … or anyone else out there who’s interested. seriously, anyone up for this?



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