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a little treat for you blog readers

2012 August 29
by dena

so, makenzie and i -wellactuallyitwasjustmebuti’msureshe’dbedownwithittoo- had this revelation the other night, at the montrose rock revel actually. and well i found myself stopped in the middle of the dance floor thinking “my gosh, this room is filled with artists all doin their thing and getting praised for it”. there were musicians – visual artist – performance artist – and then there was us, 2 best friends that go to EVERYTHING and take pictures and dance and order tonic water with lime because its free and and sit alone on the stairs looking at people. i love myself and makenzie and our friendship and our place in houston’s counterculture. and i love how i’m able to use this blog + my photography as a creative outlet. thank you all for the support – our site statistics each day are out of this world – people coming out of the woodwork i guess.

so as a little treat for ALL the private messages + comments + daily views from our readers i thought i’d share some old photos of us. BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING I LOVE MORE ON A BLOG THAN WHEN RANDOM STRANGERS REVIEL LITTLE BITS OF THEIR EVERYDAY LIFE // OLD TIME PICTURES OF THEM IN REAL LIFE. this month, btw, marks the 3 year anniversary of us knowing eachother. although we didn’t officially become friends until the week of january 25th 2010. hope you enjoy little dena and mak:

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 29, 2012

    Ugh do you still have that flower shirt of mine? I want it back now.

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