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All the people we know have warehouses so thats a thing.

2012 August 31
by dena

“all the people we know have warehouses so thats a thing” -makenzie

thanks makenzie for that super well thought out and yet very informative blog post title – and now i, dena, and going to finish the post from where you left off. which was the title. because you didn’t go any farther than that. meaning that you spent about 8 seconds on this post. no┬ásurprising. now lets see, these 11 photos (i scoured my iphoto for a 12th one just so i could have said “dozen” but ehhhh, couldn’t find any less blurry/more better ones than this) so 11 it is. point is, these photos are from 2 different saturday night warehouse birthday parties. 1 week apart. equally CRAZY GOOD.

is that not the best view of downtown houston? no need to respond, the answer is obviously YES BEST VIEW EVER. another cool thing about these warehouse locations is that they are literally a few feet away from the railroad tracks – so every now and then you’d look out the garage door thing and see a train going by – ilovecitylife.

they both had great vibes and just about the same people – which is good because “these” people are all my favorite people. the first one (we’ll call it “kira’s party” just to make things easier) got started sometime after Y.E.T.’s once there was, once there wasn’t closing reception – of which i still need to make a post of. kira’s was complete with a keg -anotyetemprtykegtobemoreexact- a drum circle, a little Say Girl Say interlude, and concluding DANCE PARTY. which is pretty much my favorite thing in all of life – DANCE PARTIES RULE.

party #2 happened in the same string of warehouses’ but a few doors down. this party was equally rockin’ but for a few different reasons. yes it was pretty much the same crowd -shoutouttoallmyfuture RUTHHAUS cooproommateswhowerepartin’withme- there was a keg, but it was empty by the time mak and i arrived. there was also a dance party – this one rocked a little bit more because the alternating dj’s were pickin stuff like “i like big butts” and “ignition” and someone even picked britney spear’s “toxic” so that was pretty fun to dance/sing along to. what i’m trying to say is thank you evan for being born so we could have this party.

but the other reason this party was so much fun – had nothing to do with the party itself but more to do with mak and my spirits. you see, we had just left buxton’s “talk heads” at the continental club and could not stop singing

“na na nananana na na na

na na nananananana na

there’s got to be another way ….. BURNIN DOWN THE HOUSE …”

all the “na’s” imply that we didn’t really know any of the words, but totally had the melody down. so yep, thats what brought us the most joy. dancing alone in the corner singin “burning down the house” to each other. oh, which let me just say – if you haven’t listened to that song in uhhh, lets say the past 2 1/2 days, then its been TOO long and you need to SPOFITY THE HECK OUT OF IT. just sayin.

here’s me and phil, he is def a counter culture fixture and also the genus who turn mak and i on to “tonic and lime” which is FREE at most bars, nonalcoholic, and gives off the appearance of drinking a double -if served in a pint glass- THANKS PHIL.

if you liked this post OR attended either of these parties and LIKED them, then you should totally leave us a comment. just like sayin you were there or that you liked them or something. just so we look like we have friends in real life – and so you can begin your internet-famous career right here on our blog.


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  1. August 31, 2012


  2. David permalink
    August 31, 2012

    I had fun. Great summary. We should have impromptu dance parties at the new house once it open up.

  3. August 31, 2012

    YES david. d a n c e p a r t i e s A L L t h e t i m e !!!!!

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