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down together radical pot luck: august 2012

2012 September 1
by dena

Well as you probably know by now, DT house opens their home for a monthly pot luck and we were there! It’s a really great way to get a yummo meal, meet some interesting people, and do other fun things like make a craft, and hear some klezmer music. Pretty cool!

Orange juice and sparkling water all around as people started preparing the meal. The main dish was vegan sloppy joes (but I put fragrant rice on mine instead because sloppy joe weirds me out, but I heard the sloppy joes were amazing). I can’t give you a full recap of the food because we ate pretty early before all the food arrived.

We have a new contest called the weirdest face contest and you can see some of the more award winning photos below:

Here’s only a smidgen of the folks in the kitchen, two of whom live at DT, and one who is going to maybe be living with Dena!

Best. Watermelon. Ever. It was so good and refreshing. Thanks David! Not pictured is everyone playing the “guess my middle name” game where you try to guess other people’s middle name based on clues like “It’s boring”, or “It’s two¬†syllables”, or “It starts with a L” or “it’s the most common middle name for people named david”

People brought old magazines and we made collages which a fun, relaxing activity, except for the shortage of scissors (which is totally fine, I know scissors are hard to come by, it just made me have to strategize on my craft). Margret remarked that she often gets so wrapped up in reading the magazines she forgets to craft!

While we crafted, some folks played folksy klezmer music which was nice.

Dena dancing with Matt. Aw! (Dena says that its not fair because all the pictures are of me, which I don’t even know why there are, and she was grumpy that the pictures were blurry)

Dena wanted to go check out her new favorite band, The Trimms, afterward. Watch out, Trimms, Dena is your new biggest fan!

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  1. David permalink
    September 1, 2012

    Oh man, I didn’t know The Trimms were playing that night. I totally would burned out to go see them again. I really enjoyed their show the other day at the Montrose Rock Revel.

  2. September 1, 2012

    so many things to comment on:
    #1 i took that weird picture of mak’s legs because i wanted y’all to know that there were some homemade stick and poke tattoos goin down – not by or on us, but we did witness
    #2 the weird face and guess my middle name game were WAY fun and are a new staple for us at parties. if anyone out there needs to know jared (who lives at ElRinconSocial)’s middle name we’ve totally got it !!!
    #3 girl y u no tell me you needed scissors – you know i always have an extra pair in my bag
    #4 totally watched margie read like ALL the articles
    #5 dancing was cute
    #6 mak was not even kidding about The Trimms – i’m freakin in love.

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