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english skylines

2012 September 9
by dena

contrary to popular belief i do take pictures of things other than cool people at cool parties in houston. although THOSE type are probably my favorite. in fact this summer i don’t think i ever went more than 8.6 minutes without turning on my camera to snap a shot of something. ireallylovemynikon.I’ve always liked buildings and, besides the people, the tops of buildings up against the foreign sky are one of my favorite things to capture while traveling. here are some pictures i never showed after my month in the UK. the first few are from london proper, and the last couple are from edinburgh, scotland. i hope they inspire some of you to, if not grab your camera and run outside (fellow houstonians do you realize what a beautiful day it is today – i’m thinkin its officially FALL) at least take this idea of thetopsofbuildingsagainstthesky into consideration next time you’re using your eyeballs in the world.


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  1. September 9, 2012

    Cool photos! I assume you are taking more now…

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