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houston gets sick: review

2012 September 18
by dena

this past friday makenzie and i showed up to super happy fun land to be a part of: houston gets sick. the evening was put on my the montrose rock revel guy (thanks jeff) remember when i did THIS post about it? anyway, cover was $7 and i’m usually only into free shows BUT this was sorta davids hayes “birthday party” AND you know i’m not going to miss the Trimms. so we went and we paid. turns out it was totally worth it. pictured above are mak, david h, and phil. 3 people i like and continued to see over and over all weekend long. and pictured below, BUBBLES !

if you’ve never been to something a super happy fun land, i say “something” because the last time i was at this venue was for one of the naked bike rides … so point is its a super weird surreal place. pictures to prove it. and just saying, you should totally take a straight edge first date date there, it’d weird them out for sure.

The Trimms were the opening act. which ment makenzie and i were in the front row. dancing. at one point mak commented that i was the only person “moving” in the whole venue. well whatever, i knew all the lyrics and wanted to sing along. so i did. i was slightly embarrassed that i’ve only seen these guys play a few times and already knew all the words to all the songs, so i pretended to mess up a few times while singing along, just so the other fans didn’t think i was trying to show off or anything.

the next band was adrian and the sickness. of which i literally, while googling them 1 second ago, just realized they’re from austin and not houston. hummmmm, you KNOW how i feel about austin. houstonistheoneandonlyBESTcity. well that aside let me just say they were SO GOOD. once again we were in the front row. until the blue hair people started slam dancing. i’m way scared of mosh pit stuff so i stepped back for that part.

and now, the photos and commentary you’re all waiting for. 8eTribe performed and we watched. you see, i may have said my personal opinion regarding these guys on the montrose rock revel review post and may have made some people roll there eyes with my response. so this is me redeeming myself. yep. we watched them and they blew our minds.

so 8eTribe is a sideshow freak show / band and they do crazy CRAZY stuff. i’m thinkin their catch phrase is ” we hurt ourselves so you don’t have to” or something like that. if you’ve never seen them, well we have. so …

after hammering a nail up this nose, this guy decided to go all out and use a drill. and then he mouse trapped his tongue, hand, and foot. i was NOT in the front row for this, i was too scared someone would make me volunteer.

up next, jumping on broken glass and then some of them taser-tricks. by tricks i mean lighting a cigarette with it (and then putting it out on his tongue.)

here is phil testing out the bedofnails. i touched it too, so i can vouch, it was pretty darn sharp. bed of nail’s activities include: laying on it. laying on it while people dance on your chest. laying on it while someone cuts a cantaloupe on your belly with a battle axe. laying on it while someone smashes a cinderblock with a sledge hammer on your torso.  i mean, what else is there you can do on a bed of nails. actually, wait don’t answer that. the answer i was going for was NOTHING.

then they asked for volunteers and the birthday boy (thanks david h) gave me a dollar bill so i could, you know, staple gun it to this guy’s face. i had pinky promised this one guy in the audience (if your middle name is austin, you know who you are) that i didn’t want to volunteer. but as you may have realized i don’t mind getting attention that much … so i did it. and without even thinking about it i pushed it into his cheek hard-core (ya right, like anything i do compared to this show is “hard core”) point is i really REALLY stapled it to his face. and then squealed.

by this time it was something after 1am and makenzie and i both had really REALLY important things to do the next morning around 8:30 notevenkidding. so we left and went to sleep. we missed at least one more act, maybe phil got some shots and posted on his blog (HERE) its worth checking out none the less.

on our way out we some how got phil and theyguywho’smiddlenameisaustin to do some of their party tricks. oh wait i don’t think we even asked for this – double bouns. guess 8eTribe got them in the mood or something. thanks boys !!!

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  1. September 18, 2012

    Cool post! Dena, you have a true gift for capturing evocative pictures.

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