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down together potluck: october 2012

2012 October 2
by dena

once a month the down together co-op opens up their home to friends, and friends of friends, and probably even some complete strangers to host the HOUSTON FAMOUS vegan/vegetarian pot lucks – most of which we have posted about on this here blog. i heard matt saying something about taking mini hiatus from these monthly gatherings for a while and ohmygosh you KNOW i lit into him – these pot lucks are often the highlight of my month (unless of course The Trimms happen to be playing and in this case both happened on the same freakin’ night). it would be a sad SAD last thursday of the month without them . DON’T QUIT THESE POTLUCKS – WE WILL PETITION.


first performance of the night (that we got to see at least): mom playing keyboard and singing “girls just want to have fun” while the two daughters danced around the dining room (wow – never thought about how this room is supposed to be a dinning room. weird) shortly after that set: the houston – famous klezmer band took stage and played some danceable tunes. thanks guys.

then there was poetry, of which makenie and i witnessed a little of … but then found ourselves outside enjoying the weather and talking to some new friends. pictured below: matt’s H-Town Downer: a freakin cool zine/events calendar/ house newsletter he home makes ever month.

me lookin hot and sweaty, well actually more like greasy. i don’t think i had washed my hair in a good while, but seeing that i was among fellow counter-cultur-ers – i fit in perfect with the crowd.

matt and matt gettin all sweet. and below is me and a few of my favorite people, some posing with me and some adding to the drum circle. are you by chance wonder what scott gregory is playing? (right side, red shirt, my new favorite person, can’t wait to live in a co-op with him. i like you a lot scott) well, i was so i asked him and it turns out he was keeping tempo on a paper cutter and forkinabowl. what a cool guy.

her is PHIL the other houston scene blogger, check out his blog HERE to see what we was taking a picture of in this shot. and while you’re there leave him some threatening comments about how he needs to post way WAY more often – he’s just too funny to not have in your life everyday. love ya phil.

here is mak and jared playing “therapist” in the backyard hammock – there friendship was rekindled this month after realizing they were both wearing some TEXASPRIDE belt buckles. welovetexas.

as for these last 2 pictures, well hummm. i just wanted you guys to see what the kitchen counter had turned into by the end of the night. weird plants someone picked on their way over here ? thats what i’m going to think of them as until someone leaves a comment and tells me otherwise. as for the photo below. makenzie was READY TO LEAVE and head over to our next stop … and decided to use this broken hanger a.k.a. pretend bug antennas (duhhh) to tell people what she was thinking. i was the only one who guessed correctly. guess its a thing about being best friends. as for phil – well his face says it all.

tomorrow i’ll share what we did the rest of the night. for a little sneak peak i’ll say one activity involved wearing headphones and the other involved wearing earplugs. guess you’ll just have to come back tomorrow and see what i mean!!!


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 2, 2012

    Oh man, I forgot the name but that weird plant on the table is found by the beach. It’s salty. I overheard Matt talking about it. -Peter Lee

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 6, 2012

    thanks for the insight – i need a nap

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