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austin road trip . fall 2012 . DAY 1

2012 October 15
by dena

it happened again. makenzie and me spending days and days hanging out NON STOP in a new place that we got to by car. or what everyone else calls ROADTRIPPIN’ awww yea we’re in lockheart/austin for the next few days and before you scroll down let me just make sure we’re all on the same page. austin is a fun place to travel to and stay a few days but it will NEVER COMPARE TO HOUSTON. so don’t even worry fellow houston-lovers we’re not plannin on movin anytime soon.

first stop was this random gas station with a cat !!! we were driving on empty in mak’s car and although we’re pretty stingy we’re not stingy enough to push the car. soooooo we broke down and bought something, in this case gasoline.

2nd animal encounter of the day. a grasshopper. (we LOVE sonic and will admit to stopping there twice in one day) so on sonic trip numero-uno we were just sittin in the car drinkin our drinks when i looked down at my toe and saw this grasshopper sitting on it we both screamed and i guess he got scared too because he jumped into our drink. it took FOREVER to fish him out and yes we were both still sorta screaming and laughing alot- and i think he pooped. but whatever, we drank it anyways.

right before we arrived at Pedernales Falls the freakin coolest part of the WHOLE trip happened. we were driving down 71 east, looking out for FM3232. we were crossing over a little bridge when we saw this homeless-looking guy walking the opposite direction. i screamed the second i recognized him – because i DID recognize him. it was “jesus steve” from houston FNB. we made a BIG ‘OL u-turn, parked, and ran up to him. he totally recognized us and we hugged and had a good 5 minute talk. until the mosquitos started biting makenzie and we had to part ways. makenzie = a whimp. it was so good to see him and totally totally random/ment to be (whatever way you want to look at it) that we saw this super obscure favorite homeless friend in another city. we looked for him on the drive back – but didn’t see a sign of him. at frist i was grumpy i didn’t get a picture to mark the occasion – but now i’m glad i was totally in the moment and will only have memories to remind me of the greeting. see you around jesus steve.

so here we are at Pedernales Falls. a VERY cool state park. we hiked a litte bit (and by little i mean tiny/ only what was necessary bit) and then spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing on the rocks. it was very serine and etherial and we are most definitely coming back her soon – hopefully with my bf for some camping. bf, i know you’r reading this so start packing this IS going to happen. soon.

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  1. October 16, 2012

    Ahh Texas! Awesome pictures!

  2. October 17, 2012

    Was the gas station by any chance named Hruska’s? And was that Sonic in LaGrange? This all looks very familiar! 🙂

    • October 17, 2012

      don’t remember the name of the gas station – but it was somewhere on I-10. and the sonic was at the Childers st. / Hasler blvd. exit on the loop 15- east …

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