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sneak peak: dena’s ruth room

2012 November 4
by dena

time for another “sneak peak” post. this should be fun for anyone who wants to see what some random stranger or perhaps close friend or most likely acquaintance’s new bedroom looks like. i’m thinking that some fellow house-mates might even be into this post. i mean, i’m living with 14 other people, and i’m certain they have yet to all see my room now that it’s decorated. keep in mind i’ve only been here a few weeks and haven’t put to much time aside for completing the decorating process.

  • some rings . a little metal buffalo figurine from high school . some painted sticks (btw halie i’m still interested in that big one) . and a picture/paper doll cut out of my favorite house in houston .

  • frequent beauty products . ALL of my makeup (cream blush + mascara is all i ever use) . my grandmother’s hand mirror . and a baby and big mama bump-it  .

  • trip-tych mirror from a way cool estate sale sophomore year (the day makenzie and i got our grades back from sr. paula jean’s class research paper) . 1950s avon soap holder that i keep my bangle bracelets in . cute little hair band/bobby pin/ random things storage chests, jars, and tins .

  • quilt my great grandmother (on my dad’s side) made in the mid 1900s .

  • newspaper on the windows only to keep the snoopers out and until i make some real curtains .

  • patch i got at the anarchist book fair last year, have yet to find something to sew it to, thought i could just display it on a hanger in the mean time .

  • painted bottels . flowers from my boyfriend . some little do-das on my baby book shelf .

  • drawing of that same favorite house . old-timey picture (back says “dear mom, this little girl got scared up a tree by a bid bad wolf “) . tin sacred heart .

  • old timey picture i cutout and backed with wood in highschool . trout fish + crown drawing . little jar/box/wire dish . pink quarts rock from the bf .

  • some of my favorite felt creations, i usually just attach them to sweaters with a safety pin .

  • thermostat that just happens to control mine and 5 of my roommates bedrooms (who even puts a thermostat in a bedroom ?) . intercom system that doesn’t work anymore . picture of my great grandparents (the one who made the quilt) on their wedding day in 1921 .

  • more bf flowers . extra quilts/ blanket . more painted bottles . record player . “dena” art that makenzie made me randomly a few years ago .

  • mason jar drinking glass (didn’t even stage this, i was really drinking water out of it this morning) . little vase/ picture frame/ incense burner . lamp .

  • cool wire basket i found in our garage . record collection . towels i ACTUALLY use . mocassins i wear everyday .

  • i have 2 closets, this smaller one i use for clothes, the bigger one will EVENTUALLY be a desk/ shoe storage area but right now has turned into a baby junk room .

  • a rug that i found in my room when i moved in – thanks previous owner .
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  1. November 4, 2012

    Bavarian Polka Party? I thought that was a political group I didn’t know they released an LP.

  2. rachel c permalink
    November 4, 2012

    <3 do my room! 😉

  3. November 5, 2012

    14 roomates!!!! WHA!!!!!!!!???????

  4. November 6, 2012

    Ahh! You know how much I love these!!!

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