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road trip: dallas // fort worth

2012 November 14
by dena

this past thursday night my bff, bf, and i set out on a mini-cation road trip on I45 north. the bf has parents in fort worth and makenzie has her aunt and uncle in dallas (or “dal – eye” as we like to call is, simply because we’re weird) point is, it was SO FUN and here are some pictures to prove it. oh and notice that maroon book under mak’s new hat ? yep, thats a hymn book i borrowed from my church. mak and i LOVE singing church songs a cappella  so the hymnal was a must for this trip – since the bf drove and we were both able to look at the words. my favorite song: i danced in the morning / lord of the dance. look it up on youtube – its SO good.

makenzie and i have NEVER EVER gone on a roadtrip together without stopping at a sonic, at least once. i wanted a cranberry slush (got strawberry brought out to me by mistake, but hey, not going to complain) mak got THE BEST and her FAVORITE strawberry cream slush and mozzarella cheese sticks and the bf shared with both of us.

as for what we actually did when we got there, well lets just say: a lot of talking, a lot of impromptu ipod playlist creating, playing bloccus, antiquing, eating cone pudding casserole and 7 layer dip twofomyfavoritefoodsofalltime, watching netflix in bed, cutting out felt texas’ (i’m reallying into crafting right about now), eating at a sweet vegan restaurant in dal-eye and ummm i don’t know – having like so much fun being best buds. duh.

one exciting thing was, makenzie’s aunt and uncle took us to the dallas arboretum. not only was the weather perfect and the nature up to par – but there happened to be almost a dozen Chihluy pieces on display through the gardens.  oh and, if you’re wondering what gardens in london look like, this place is a perfect example. from my perspective at least.

awww, aren’t we cute together.

after parkin’ at the park we did some sight seeing, joked about getting tattoo. don’t worry we seriously ONLY JOKED, i promise mom. anyway we went to the cosmic cafe. super great vegan indian food in a super rad setting.

the bf and i came home sunday morning in his jeep, while mak stayed on into the afternoon and eventually took the grayhound express bus back to houston. fun experience all around, oh and a little bit of good news. maybe if you know me in real life you know i’m wanting and currently in school right now to be a teacher. well, theres a very important “state of texas content area exam” i needed to take and pass in order to fulfill that dream. AND I PASSED. so looks like i am one step closer to changing the lives of thousands of students in my eventual future. so yep, thats some news from me. that’s all, life is good.


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