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saturday craft fairs galore

2012 November 28
by dena

last weekend my other bff halie was in town and we spent most of saturday craft-fairing around houston. she’s from here but currently lives in kansas (she’s a KU-er) and was happy to be home for a few days. first stop was the post-thanksgiving re-market. i think mike and paloma are just one of the cutest MARRIED couples i have ever seen and GO THEM for organizing these monthly re-markets.

i ran into some rosalie haus-ers and we decided, on the spot, to rent our own booth for the january market. it’s that exciting! (and sneaky me i’m posting it on the internet so now everyone will know and we’ll have to do it, very “sneaky mom” of me and also very smart). next we went to the HOUSTON HOLIDAY POP SHOW at the summer street studios and it was SO COOL.

*all black n’ white pictures courtesy of halie. she was taking some for her photography class and you know me with my camera, and well, i’m just now thinking about how COOL we must have looked snapping all these pictures and all. NOT.

look at stacey representing the zine table and lookin cute, and yep makenzie was selling some too.

although the selection was SUPERB and prices were way reasonable, neither halie or I found anything we like had to have. so we didn’t buy anything. whamp whamp. see you at the next pop show. andwelovehouston. and btw we went to another craft fair in the heights  later that afternoon and although the stuff was cool it was an older and pricier crowd, so we just ate the free food and left.

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  1. December 1, 2012

    hey – you can sell the “trees” in your re-market booth – thank me later when you make some cash – dey

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