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bringing it all back home: your houston update

2013 February 4
by dena

I’ve been quite slacky on the blog as of lately. it’s this weird thing where, after coming back home from jamaica, i just hardly ever get online anymore. all i do is hang out with people in REAL LIFE, or sleep, or work. i all but quit reading the regular blogs i follow and am just not at all interested in facebook or netflix. maybe it’s just a phase, i don’t know.

But i thought it’d be fair to do a little houston update, since the last few posts have been about life abroad, time to rope it back in. the other reason i wanted to do this post is to highlight this super cool new thing happening in houston. this guy i know, raj, started (or is at least super involved) in a passing a “walkable streets” ordinance in houston. he, and everyone else who has signed the petition, is asking the mayor to close one street once a week to cars. the street will be open to pedestrians, bike riders, music, art, workout classes etc. if you want to learn more┬áread the houston chronicle article HERE. and if you’re into it, sign the petition HERE.

update #2. you know how makenzie and i have been involved in the houston chapter for food not bombs for a few years now. well, some super rad student’s at the university of houston made this video regarding the feeding ordinance. if you have 11 minutes and 11 seconds you should really watch this. it’s local people making a grassroots difference. not to mention i’m in it !!!

Share, Fight, Care: The Story of Houston Food Not Bombs from Josh Taylor on Vimeo.

lastly, check THIS link out regarding houston city council’s proposed ordinance feedback.

i promise i’ll post this week’s events calendar tomorrow. enjoy this sappy weather.


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