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roadtrip: marfa part 1

2013 March 14
by dena

DSC_0890and then we got to marfa, tx. we had been driving all day and didn’t know what to expect when we got there. it was sometime after 9pm when we pulled into el cosmicio. and honestly, i don’t know what i expected, but well i guess i just don’t like going to tourist places because i feel like i just blend in with the rest. there seems to big a big disconnect between the gas station attendants/dairy queen employees/ prevalent boarder patrollers and the wafey hipster mid-20 year old artists. it didn’t seem very welcoming, but then again maybe i was just grumpy from riding in the car all day.



DSC_0797el cosmicio was not quite as cool as i expected. sorry to be a buz kill. maybe it’s just because it was almost freezing cold and VERY windy. didn’t make sleeping in the back of the jeep very pleasant. although i was much nicer than sleeping in our tent or one of their teepees or square tents.

DSC_0799after check-in on saturday night we enjoyed the experimental noise show and wifi and free coffee the next morning.

DSC_0816where some cool people slept …



DSC_0829where we slept.

DSC_0833i brought these seed bombs makenzie and i made in houston. i’ve been throwing them out the window every so often. feel a little guilty that i’m adding a possibly invasive species … but whatever. who doesn’t love wildflowers.

DSC_0837breakfast saturday morning was great. the time change sort of threw us off. but all that was fixed with some grits tacos from boys 2 men. i felt super cool that i actually baby-sit the nieces of the Bebe owner, oh and like go to this other brother’s shows on thrusday nights in houston. i even made a “boys 2 men tacos are better than tacos a go go’s” joke that he totally got. YAY houston!


DSC_0841tacos: toasted wheat tortillas, potatoes, cheese, GRITS! and an extra side of cheese grits.

DSC_0859after breakfast we went to do of one the 6 things you can actually do in this tiny town. (blame my attitude on the weather, seriously) the chinati foundation art area. we didn’t pay the $25ish entrance/ guided tour fee, mostly because it was so freakin cold and windy and also because the front desk guy didn’t even look up at us. so yep. we just waltzed right in. i was nervous the whole time, but to be fair we just walked around the grounds and didn’t really go in any closed doors. so i don’t think we scammed anyone.



DSC_0873thanks makenzie for loaning me your little red ridding hood pancho. oh, and if you noticed the sad, dead bird from the sneak peak post, we saw him here.



DSC_0886model bf. and he wasn’t even trying.


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  1. Mom permalink
    March 14, 2013

    I hope it got warmer and more fun in Albuquerque! Hope to hear stories in person soon!

  2. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    April 3, 2013

    You, grumpy? The Casita would’ve fit in nicely at Cosmico. Might’ve been able to sell it for a profit even!

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