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Utility Research Garden

2013 April 17
by dena

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Utility Research Garden with Andrew which I was very, very excited about having been missing “farm life” since leaving California. URG is a mid size working farm south of Houston. They have bamboo, water buffalo, chickens, and produce. Unfortunately, I had put my camera back in the car while we were working so no photos of us actually working on the farm.
Chickens, my favorite animals.









We worked with the interns/workers pulling weeds in the onion patch and we talked about living in touch with nature and making your way in the world without going the traditional path (i.e. is it okay to not have health insurance?). After we worked, the interns sent us on our way with some fresh strawberries and grapefruits. We also got to pet some water buffalo which are the 2nd coolest animals after chickens; they are docile and kind of look like dogs. They also have really long tongues and slimy noses. Ask me to do my water buffalo impression next time you see me.

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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    April 19, 2013

    Sounds like fun! Seriously!

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