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ride for the future: day 11: new orleans

2013 June 1
by dena

DSC_0118the past week+ has been a mega time warp. i can’t tell if it feels like i’ve been gone forever or if i just left home yesterday. i’m thinking that long term traveling just creates a parallel universe with your regular life, or thats at least the case when one of your bffs is living in your bedroom and you’re able to live vicariously through her. thanks gurl!

here is the team, ride for the future 2013, packin up and out sometime last week. i’m thinking it was the morning we went to green light new orleans (i can only tell because we have our trailers and because it looks as though it was a day we went outside, that didn’t really happen as much as expected). if you’ve been wondering what training has been like, look below. lots of hanging out with laptops near by and vegan banana bread in hand.



DSC_0101andddddddddd here’s the team. there are seven of us, college students + recent graduates and we’re from all over the world.


DSC_0103today was our first big travel day. we rode from our training housing to another church in new orleans. this new place is on the west bank (or the “wank” as tony’s friend likes to call it) so we got to ride the ferry across the mississippi! it was 9.5 miles away, not too bad for our first ride together with all our gear and trailers. we got here early, did a little unpacking, helped a community member sand/power wash her house, and are now napping/grocery shopping. i’m cooking tonight, and am looking forward to a game of catch phrase before bed. yaybikingridingacrossthesouth!

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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    June 1, 2013

    I didn’t know you would be towing a trailer, you could’ve borrowed the Casita! Enjoy the wank & stay safe.

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