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baton rouge, louisiana

2013 June 16
by dena

DSC_0024day 2 in baton rouge: red stick downtown farmers market. we were escorted by one of the city’s biggest bike activists. so far all we’d seen of the city was airline highway 61, and it was nice to ride down some of the backroads. as mark (our tour guide) waved and called each pedestrian we passed by name, i admired the quaint little houses along the bike route. the big oak and magnolia trees reminded me of home and the houses def gave off college town vibes.


DSC_0034we walked into the farmers market main asile and scattered immediately, i don’t think we’d seen some many like minded people in one place since leaving home. it was very comforting.


DSC_0065Mrs. Chauvin gave us each a free “shoe sole”, basically a flat pice of pie crust covered in cinnamon sugar, very much NOT VEGAN. we also shared a blueberry cream cheese muffin and a piece of homemade pecan pie.



DSC_0055here we are with mark. notice his facial hair, yep, pretty rad.

DSC_0070from there a few of us hit up “the” bicycle shop, i ended up having to get a new derailleur. so, $60 later, we made one last stop at LSU to see mike the tiger. pretty sad, but at least it’s ehhhhh, educational. right?

DSC_0076we’re here for a few more days: helping canvas petitions, working in a community kids garden, taking a toxic tour of ALL the refineries. from there we’re off to fordoche, opelousas, and finally lafayette.

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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    June 16, 2013

    Shoe Soles! Never knew the name for those delish little cinnapies!

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