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fourth of july with panchoandleftey

2013 July 10
by dena

DSC_0154i wasn’t planning on being home for the holiday, but since the bike trip was a flop thanks to my accident, i was. this is halie’s first year having a swimming pool so we had to take advantage of it, well i already do like once a week, but we had yet to have a party there, so 4th of july being a hot summertime thing worked out perfect. and yes that was probably a run on sentence just now.

DSC_0152it was one of those nice parties where everyone kind of brought a friend of a friend and, since we’re all grownups, we could mingle and hang out and it wasn’t weird at all. a good mix of high school friends and work buddies and everyone’s bf.

DSC_0157makenzie made “layer dip”. yesthatsawaytogetaroudnothavingtomakeitexactly”7″layersandstillsoundcool. (and yes phil walk i did that no spaces thing for you)

DSC_0161this cake looks a little homely, but it tasted good and went with the red-white-and-blue theme. oh and below, just some chocolate coved oreos and cheesecake pretzels i made. pinterest WIN. (unlike our red-white-and-blue drink layering, btw that only works on the internet)


DSC_0162how did we coordinate outfits and not even plan it? it must be that same kind of thing where like girls get their periods in sync. in other words – magic.


DSC_0166we made friends with “clay” the grill guy (or more like the guy who was at the grill whose name was clay) and from there mooched off his already hot grill to make some veggie dogs.

DSC_0168and this picture, well sorry mak and niv for posting this not-so-attractive picture of y’all, but come on, it’s sort of endearing. or at least tony’s face says so.

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  1. Mak permalink
    July 12, 2013

    I look like I’m about to kill someone in that last picture.

  2. July 13, 2013

    That looks super fun Houston friends 🙂 Check out this amazing post we found of some really REALLY cool bike travelers in California!

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