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chicago: bang bang pie shop

2013 August 31

DSC_0161this is the last of the chicago posts, and probably the most exciting. i was being a little bit whiney, it was hard traveling with two twenty-something boys and within three days and one pair of thin plastic shoes getting to see everything everyone had on their to-do list. so once again, i was a little bit whiney by the last day, but wasn’t about to leave this city without visiting Bang Bang Pie Shop. i didn’t know anything about it, except that we had driven by a few days prior and #1 i love pie, #2 chris had been snacking on a lot of hotdogs and i was jealous of all his food intake, and #3 it was just so freakin cute i knew i wanted to do a post about it. so tony drove out of the way, i’m just that special, to find the little shop and i treated the boys to three slices!



DSC_0164the owner was so soo nice and gave us descriptions of each flavor offered this week. in retrospect i’m sure he’d given those same descriptions to a few dozen other clueless customers through the week, but when we talked to us it was like we were special and he actually really liked us. either a really nice guy, or just a good actor, i say the first. (the group picture of tony, chris, and i below was actually taken by one of the owners himself. and i didn’t even ask, he offered, now¬†that’s nice.)




DSC_0179we shared three slices. don’ hold me to these descriptions, they’re more like one month later mere reminisce-ments of three decadent pie flavors. if they sound good to you, then yes these words were exactly what they tasted like (but even better if you can imagine that) and if they don’t sound good to you, then you can live knowing that i might have described one or two of them a little different than they actually were, in which case they probably tasted like you best description of these three names. the point is, anyone would have these to the utmost one can enjoy a pice of dessert.

  • smores: crunch graham cracker crust, layer of chocolate fudge like ganache, layer of homemade marshmallow-ness, and warmed via baby blow torch
  • summer pie:¬†homemade graham cracker crust, and key lime custard + ice cream filling, topped with fresh mixed berries
  • berry cheesecake: super rich homemade cheesecake, with a layer of blueberries



DSC_0199don’t worry, we split that last bite three way right after i took this picture, we didn’t let any of this go to waste. in fact i pulled out a dinky little houston yogurtland spoon from my purse and slurped up that berry syrup when no one was looking. i didn’t want these pie pieces to be over. ever. last thing: see those girls beyond the glass behind me? turns out they were some of tony’s old friends, the whole trip was pretty much just him running into old friends.

DSC_0204a few notes: i don’t know how we managed to get four forks, as pictured above, i swear there were only three mouths being fed. also, i thought it’d be cute to get a picture of tony and myself feeding each other bites, he wasn’t into that, hence his grumpy cat face. lastly, that dumb tattoo on chris’ hand is a glow in the dark temporary one from his gf, so don’t worry.

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