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This is my current life: Costa Rica day 2

2013 December 18
by dena


I’ve been in Costa Rica 32 1/2 hours and already feel like I’ve been here forever. Yesterday’s I was surrounded with onlyspanishspeakers which was about as much fun as it sounds. But today’s some more American wedding guests came in and it was like English overload – I even got so excited I started talking in weird little voices. I hope they tuned that out.
After my fit of English my mood was lifted, my mouth opened, and ton of gringo Spanish just spilled out. With that, and this BEAUTIFUL house I’m staying at for my Costa Rican co-workers wedding life is pretty dang bueno.




Last minute facts:
-I’m living off saltine crackers and knock off kraft cheese slices
-saw a dead snake on the side if the road, made up a song in Spanish about it and made two Costa Rican boys laugh
-watched monkeys jumping through trees over my head today – one have a baby on its back!!!
-to get places we often walk on the side of the highway – so that brings back bike wreck memories!

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