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Goodbye Art Barn // Rice Media Center

2014 February 26

Sunday evening I rode my bike over to the Rice Media Center for it’s last hurrah art storming.







I can’t explain it too well, at least not as well as THIS Glasstire article. But in a nutshell, the building compound is getting town down sometime really really soon. It will soon be a grass lot – at least they’ll be saving the oak tree Andy Warhol planted out front. Besides enjoying the music, videos, screen printing, wheat pasting, and obscure snacks – I was able to catch up with a real dear friend. We blabbed and blabbed for an hour, in the processes losing his girlfriend and my bike lock key. Found them both eventually. BYE Art Barn, never got to know you too well and now I guess I never will. Tearing things down, it’s just one of Houston’s favorite things I guess.

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